Most battles are one or lost before they are fought.  Those who are alert and prepared to fight will win.  Those who aren’t will not.  Before God led the Jews to enter the land and fight for their rights, He told them to prepare themselves (Joshua 1:10-11).  The Jews spent 3 days preparing themselves and their possessions to enter the land and fight.  During this time 2 spies were sent into Jericho to gather information about it as well (Joshua 2).  It’s easy to wonder why they bothered doing this.  If God is sovereign and He promised them the land, then why bother sending in spies and getting everything ready?  Its because God expected Joshua (and us) to trust Him as if everything depended n Him but to prepare and fight as if everything depended on themselves.  We must totally 100% trust in God while totally 100% doing our very best.  As parents we will protect and rescue our children, but we expect them to do their part to the very best of their ability.  The same is true of our heavenly Father.


The Jews also had to renew their commitment to God (Joshua 3:5).  It’s important for us to make sure our commitment is continually renewed (Romans 12:1-2).  The battle is won or lost in our mind before it is actually fought.  That’s why its important to have a special time to connect with God by prayer and Bible reading each day.


Most of our battles are lost because of lack of preparation.  We aren’t ready when attacked.  We haven’t prepared.  We don’t know God’s Word.  We have sin in our life and our armor is faulty.  We are spiritually weak.  Then we wonder why we are defeated.  We aren’t prepared.  Preparation means knowing when and where to expect attack.  Do you know your weak areas, what leads you to sin?  What are your plans and preparations to be ready when attacked?  Jesus was ready when Satan attacked Him in the wilderness.  He knew just what Bible verse to use to counter Satan’s lies.  Are you aware of what lies Satan uses to get you to sin?  What verses do you have ready to battle his deception with truth?  God told the Jews to not let His word depart from their mouth, to meditate on it day and night and to do everything written in it (Joshua 1:7-8).  When that happens, God assures victory (Joshua 1:8b).  Are you ready for the battle? It will come – prepare now for it, don’t’ be surprised!    Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Resist him, standing firm in the faith” (I Peter 5:8-9) 


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