Saul was the first king over Israel.  He was the choice of the people for he was tall and good looking (1 Samuel 10:23-24) – external traits being all the Jews cared about.  He didn’t follow God nor did he lead the people to victory in their battles.  Pride and insecurity turned him from a shy, humble man to a self-centered tyrant.  His insecurity and fear opened him up to demonic oppression.

Stage 1 demonizing  The first stage of his demonic oppression was mild.  When he was tormented David’s music brought relief (1 Samuel 16:14-23).  He opened himself to the influence of demons by his sin.  When he allowed his fear to manifest itself in anger and rage, demons fed on his hate and injected more fear and anger into him (1 Samuel 18:10-22; 19:9-10; 20:30-33).  He only found relief when David played and sang to him.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  God assigns angels to protect us, and He does it in an organized way, not haphazardly.  So, too, Satan is methodical in assigning demons to attack us as well.  Certain ones are assigned to focus on defeating us, perhaps also to other family members as well.  They get to know us and our weaknesses so that they are better able to find chinks in our armor and attack us either head on or in new subtle ways, which often are more successful.  They have had thousands of years of experience doing this so we are no match for them.  God alone knows us better than they do and only He can help us have victory. 

LESSON FOR TODAY:  Sin opens the door to demons.  Sinful desire is like a prayer, a request which demons are more than willing to fill.  Anger especially leads to demonizing (Ephesians 4:26-27; Matthew 18:34; II Corinthians 2:10-11). We voluntarily lose self-control and the anger becomes like a prayer, a seeking for something ungodly to empower us.  Confess any anger as sin and take back any access you have given to Satan through it. 

LESSON FOR TODAY:  Christian music is a good way to have victory over demonic oppression today as well (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16).  Not only does it reset our mind and thoughts with God’s truth, but demons hate hearing Jesus praised and avoid places where that is happening.  Playing music that lifts up Jesus when you are attacked is a good way to help win the battle.  It is also a profitable practice at night for those who have thoughts and dreams that aren’t from God.  Letting Christian music play quietly in your room can help with that.  If a certain part of your home or property seems to be especially under attack leave some music playing there all day and night.  Leaving a light on can have the same affect for demons love darkness and hate the light.


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