Saul allowed himself to be demonized when he opened himself to the influence of demons by the sin in his life, especially his anger and jealousy of David.  That was like a ‘prayer’ which demons gladly ‘answered’ by feeding more anger and jealousy into his mind.  It didn’t end there, though.  Their power and influence over him continued to grow.

Stage 2 Demonizing  The second stage then followed.  Saul became more violent, even trying to kill David while he played music (1 Samuel 18:10-11; 19:7-17; 20:30-33).  This shows how demons hate music that praises God and will do anything to silence it if possible.  As the demons gather more control over Saul by his continual sin they are able to incite him to seek to kill David.  Those in this stage start acting out in their sin area – in violence, greed, lust or whatever area they have opened in their life.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  Violence and rage are common effects of demonic presence.  That is not to say that Saul, or anyone who has rages, is not responsible for their actions – they are.  But at this point it takes more than just “trying harder” to have victory; it takes confessing the sin and rebuking the work of the demons in your life.  Then ask God to fill that void.  The battle will then begin for they will seek to retake the property in your life they have gained.  Using God’s word by quoting His promises is the only way to have sustained victory.

Third Stage Demonizing  The third and final stage of demonizing is then evident in Saul’s life.  Deeply destructive and totally ungodly behavior begins as Saul goes to a witch at Endor for advice (1 Samuel 28:8-15).  Despite the fact that he knows God forbids this (Deuteronomy 18:9-13) he wants the witch to call up the spirit of Samuel so he can find out information about the future.  Assuming a demonic manifestation would appear counterfeiting Samuel, they were both shocked when God allowed Samuel himself to manifest to them.  Samuel foretold his future as he wanted, but it was one of death for disobedience.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  While God has a plan for our lives that includes life, joy and peace, Satan also has a plan but it includes misery, destruction and death.  He can only do what God allows.  If he had his own way all Christians would be cruelly killed.  He can only do what God allows (Job).  Demons seem to bring that which is good for us, but like Satan’s deception in Eden it is really for our destruction (John 8:44).  Therefore there can be no compromise in our warfare with Satan and his forces.  We cannot give one inch of ground but must tirelessly battle for total freedom.  


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