As you proceed be sensitive as to who the MAIN RULER (strong man) is.  Sometimes it is best to attack him first for he holds the other demons there.  Other times he is too entrenched and must be weakened by first casting out the lesser demons, the ones creating the symptoms of sin and difficulties in the person’s life.  Ask for wisdom and be sensitive as to how God would lead you in this important step.

Usually it is best  to BIND THE MAIN RULER FIRST (Matthew 12:29), then in Jesus name bind up any and all demons involved (Matthew 16:18-19).  Demons never work alone.  Search out the “root” spirits (the rulers) and pray against them. Quite often this will be a demon named ‘Death’ for that is Satan’s ultimate plan against all of us.  Other powerful rulers may be ‘Fear,’ ‘Pride’ or similar works.  Each name describes the work of the demon.  You can know their name by seeing what they do in the person’s life.   Remember, behind every demonic problem lies a flesh problem.  By identifying the flesh problem that is at the root of everything the identity of the main ruler can be discovered.  However that flesh problem must be completely confessed and renounced.   Get rid of the garbage and you’ll get rid of the rats!

You can WEAKEN THEIR STRUCTURE by breaking up their organization, for they do feed off each other.  Break off her children and claim them in the name of Jesus.  Take back any access through blood line, name, etc., and set them free.  You can separate the power structure in her from that in their mate, parent, or whomever you sense is involved.  Just bind the demons into those people and forbid them to bind together or help each other in any way.  They are often the same demons who share the person but limiting them to one person helps.  Divide and conquer.  Forbid any other spirits to come take their place or help from without.  Satan’s tactic is to isolate us, cut us off from other Christians and God, and then when we are weak work against us.  The same strategy works against him, too.

Also continue to be sensitive as you proceed to sins that the counselee needs to confess.  If God pricks your thoughts go along with this and make sure you stop to deal with any sins that come up.  Sins of attitude must be dealt with as well: fear, unforgiven, guilt, pride, revenge, jealousy, etc.

Ask God to give you wisdom and insight into the ruler and other demons working against you.  Weaken their control by making sure there is no unconfessed sin and by praying against any sin the ruler(s) might be inciting you to commit.

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