Now it is time to START GATHERING INFORMATION.  Before a doctor writes a prescription or gives treatment he first gathers all the facts he can.  He will then know by the symptoms and patterns what to prescribe and how to proceed.  The same is true in spiritual warfare.  These are some of the questions I ask those I am counseling.  Other questions might arise depending on their answers.

Can you briefly tell me what some of your earliest memories are?  (this can shed light into childhood events, trauma, etc., that may have contributed to the demonizing)

When did your problems and difficulties begin happening?  (going back to the start is very helpful in understanding why they began.  If they’ve always been there then generational spirits can be assumed)

Do you know of any event that may have caused the first one? (this can show an opening that needs to be taken back or a sin that needs to be confessed)

How long have you been a Christian?  (make sure they understand what it means to be a believer and really have trusted Jesus.  Seeing when they became a Christian in relationship to when the demonizing started is helpful as well.)

Does anyone else in your family or any ancestors have/had the same things happening to them?  (this shows generational demonizing)

Where are your parents spiritually?  (this can show if it is generational as well as how the person was influenced)

Are you married?  Where is your mate at spiritually?  (through the sexual union and through soul bonding demons can claim access to the other person)

Have you ever been sexually involved with anyone outside of marriage?  (through the sexual union and through soul bonding demons can claim access to the other person)

Is there any sin you are allowing to remain in your life? (God will convict them of this.  If they aren’t honest not much good will proceed from here.)

Have you experienced any trauma in life?  (abuse, car accidents, extreme fear can break down a person’s defenses and take control of their lives out of their hands, thus creating an opening for the demonic.)

Do you have a church you attend?  (the Bible commands we are to not forsake the assembling of ourselves.  If this command is being broken it is sin and disobedience and must be changed for God to work in their lives.  Only in very extreme, rare circumstances is it all right to not be attending a church.)

What denomination is it? (this can tell you something about their beliefs and practices.)

Were you ever involved in occult or demonic activities?  (many people have used Ouija boards of something similar in the past and this is a definite opening to demonizing.)

Do you speak or pray in tongues?  (I and many others in spiritual warfare have found that a false tongue, really a demon, is present and entered through one asking for a spirit of tongues)

Did anyone ever lay hands on you to receive the gift of tongues, healing or any other reason?  (when someone lays hands on another and prays for them, anything demonic he or she may be open to can be transferred to the person they are praying for)

Write the answers to the questions that apply to you (above).  The answers will help show openings, patterns or anything to pray about or deal with. 

(If I can answer questions or offer personal counsel, or if you would like a free copy of my Spiritual Warfare Handbook, email me at or download it from  My next book, Spiritual Warfare in the Bible, which is a more advanced treatment of spiritual warfare, is also available there for free.)


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