Telling God’s Voice From Satan’s 3


            Further, God chooses while Satan captures.  God’s voice brings us freedom, there are no strings attached.  “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  Following Satan’s voice brings bondage, we are trapped and taken prisoner (2 Timothy 2:26). 

            Satan says, “Do your own thing, do what you want to do.”  God says, “Consider the effects of your behavior on others.  Live a selfless, self-giving life.”  Satan says, “Live for the moment.”  God says, “Live with an eye on eternity.”  Satan says “Don’t concern yourself with what others say.”  God says, “Receive godly counsel.”  Satan says, “You’re as mature as you ever need to be.  You’re grown up.”  God says, “Continue to grow and mature and to become more and more like Jesus.”  In all these Satan’s advice, while appealing to our flesh, leads to bondage and defeat.  God’s will, instead, brings freedom and life.

            God convicts while Satan condemns, God clarifies while Satan confuses, and God confirms while Satan contradicts.  God chooses while Satan captures.

            In addition, God constrains but Satan constricts.  God draws us by His love and gives us a desire to want to live for Him.  “For Christ’s love compels us” (2 Corinthians 5:14).  Moving from sin to following God is like taking a shower when we are really dirty because we know how good we’ll feel afterwards.  Satan’s communication does not bring that.  It constricts, limits, makes us feel dirtier and ineffective.  We feel discouraged and hopeless. 

            Satan is like the salesman trying to force us to make a decision we aren’t quite sure of, telling us if we don’t buy now it’ll be too late.  God respects our free will and doesn’t force us.  He gives us time to think the alternatives through.  When we feel forced, pushed or in a hurry we can know Satan is speaking, not God.  God is never in a hurry/

            So in summary we see that God convicts while Satan condemns, God clarifies while Satan confuses, and God confirms while Satan contradicts.  God chooses while Satan captures.  God constrains but Satan constricts.

            The way to tell Satan’s voice from God’s voice is to run what you hear through the following test:

            1 – Is it consistent with the word of God? Does this solution fit the principles that are in the Bible? Does it violate anything in the Bible?  Would Jesus do it?

            2 – Is it a wise decision? In your own heart and mind is it the type of solution that Jesus Christ himself would agree with? Would Jesus implement this solution himself?

            3 – Are you confident in asking God to enable you to achieve this solution? Can you look upon this solution as one that God would send into your life?

            4 – Do you feel that it is a God given solution? Deep within your heart do you feel or sense that this solution is the will of God?

            5 – Does this solution fit a child of God? From all that you know about God, does this solution or this answer fit a person that truly loves, believes, and trusts God?

            6 – Does the solution fit God’s overall plan for your life? Does this solution fit in with God’s guidance and direction of your life?

            7 – Does this solution honor God? Does it bring glory and praise to Almighty God?

            Have you been able to recognize any of these traits of Satan’s voice in communication you have been hearing?  Make sure you don’t follow anything that doesn’t come from God!

            Are you now better able to discern God’s voice from Satan’s voice?  If you really want to hear from God only and not be deceived, He’ll make sure you have the discernment you need.  Just ask Him.

By Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer  © Copyright 2019 Christian Training Organization.   

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