The Day it All Began (Adam & Eve 1)


The Bible is the best book on spiritual warfare that there is, so let’s see just what it has to say about the subject.  We’ll start in the very beginning, with Adam and Eve.  Pause for a minute here and read Genesis 3:1-7.

Very shortly after Adam and Eve were created, their free will was tested.  Satan twisted God’s words and put doubt of God’s goodness in Eve (Genesis 3:1).  The battle started in their minds, and continues so today (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).  He implied God was withholding something good from them, a lie he continues to use with good success even today.

LESSON FOR TODAY 1:  Sin has been described as “meeting a legitimate need in an illegitimate way.”  When we look for ways to meet our needs for peace, pleasure, comfort, support and satisfaction outside the plan and will of God we sin.  Instead of waiting for God to provide for our needs in His way and time, we try to find a way to do that ourselves.  Satan’s lie that maybe God won’t do it, or that God is withholding something good from us, still is successful today.  He does the same thing today, putting doubts into our mind about why, if He loves us, God would allow pain, suffering, injustice, poverty, rejection, lack of mate or children, lack of job, etc. When we face trials or painful situations then doubts of God’s goodness abound.

But God has proven His goodness by leaving heaven and going to the cross so we can spend eternity with Him.  His goodness is no longer in question.  We may not understand His plan or His timing, but we must trust that a God so good He would literally die for us certainly has our best interests in mind, wether we understand His workings or not (Matthew 7:10).

Thank God for the free will He gave you to choose to follow Him.  Make choices today that would polease Him.  Choose to obey Him and love Him.  You have a free will, and the only thing you can eve give God is your choice to serve Him.  It’s the best gift we can give.  It’s the only gift He wants from us!

Adam chose to believe Satan’s lie and act on it, and thus sin entered into the human race (Romans 5:12).  Humans, too, used their God-given free will choice to opt for sin.  Immediately there were consequences: shame (Genesis 3:7) replaces innocence (Genesis 2:25), guilt and separation from God (Genesis 3:8, 22-24), deception and lies (Genesis 3:10), blaming each other (Genesis 3:12) and continuing consequences of sin in daily life (Genesis 3:16-24).

LESSON FOR TODAY 2: Angels had a one-time free will choice and that decision is now locked for all eternity.  They cannot change their choice.  As human beings we have a chance to choose God throughout our lives on earth, but then when we die our choices are locked in, too, and cannot change.  While alive God allows grace to give mankind another chance.  Demons have no such alternative.

LESSON FOR TODAY 3:  When Satan challenged Eve she responded by getting into a debate.  The trap was set (Genesis 3:1-6).  Jesus, however, only responded to Satan’s temptations by stating “it is written” (Matthew 4:10).  When a demon puts a temptation or thought in your mind, or gives you an opportunity to sin, never discuss your options, think about it, try to talk yourself out of it, etc.  Always respond with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

When involved in deliverance with someone who is demonized, never allow the demon to speak out loud through the person.  Never get into a debate or argument with them through thoughts they put in the person’s mind.  Never have any communication with them.

Do you believe God is now withholding something good from you?  Have you believed that in the past?  What would you say to a friend who felt God was withholding good from them?

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