There’s Still Victory in Jesus (Moses 1)


During the time of Moses we see the greatest series of power encounters between God and Satan recorded in the Old Testament.  It is a time of miracles (burning bush, 10 plagues, Red Sea opening) and direct conflict with the forces of darkness in the form of Jannes and Jambrees (2 Timothy 3:8; Exodus 7 & 8).  These demonized magicians were able to perform counterfeit miracles in order to blind Pharaoh to God’s superior power.  God put a limit on their ability to counter His works (Exodus 8:18), but it was enough for Pharaoh to allow himself to be blinded to the truth (Exodus 8:19).

God used a series of 10 plagues to battle the gods of Egypt and defeat each of them in their areas of strength (Exodus 7 through 11).  The idols the Egyptians served were powerless to protect themselves or the people who worshipped them.  It was a time of great spiritual warfare.  Not only were the plagues physically painful, but God allowed Satan’s demons to attack those who weren’t following Him.  He used these demons to inflict fear, pain and destruction (Psalm 78:49).  This is one of many examples in the Bible where God uses the destruction caused by Satan and demons for His ultimate plan and purpose.

LESSON FOR TODAY 1:  God does not prevent the battles we have with Satan, but He does give us victory through them.  God protected and provided, but the Jews had to learn to fight their battles in His strength.  God delivered them, but after deliverance (salvation) they had to learn to fight, as must we.  We are not exempt from warfare and never will be, but we have His promises of ultimate victory when we trust Him and follow Him.  Don’t waste energy and prayer time asking for the battle to be milder so you can manage, instead ask for greater strength so you can fight and win.  Don’t try avoiding the battle, face it right on.  And most of all, don’t compromise or give in.  Being taken captive by your enemies will NOT make your life any easier!

While these battles seemed to be between Pharoah and Moses, the Egyptians and the Jews, what was happening on earth was really just a reflection of the battle going on in the heavenlies between God and Satan, angels and demons.  Pharoah is a picture of Satan who holds God’s people in bondage and tries to destroy them.  This began when he tried to destroy the male babies, thus hoping to end the line of the Messiah who would one day crush his head.  It continued through slavery and culminated with his army attacking the unarmed Jews at the Red Sea.  Each time God victoriously protected His people and the line of the Messiah.  Egypt is a picture of the world and of Satan’s power while the Jews are a picture God’s people in bondage.

Deliverance came through innocent blood being shed to cover the sins of the guilty. Passover was, and still is, a picture of salvatiion in Jesus.  The Red Sea delvierance was God’s victory over Satan and the world in freeing His people from bondage.  God delivers by blood (Passover lamb, Jesus the Lamb of God on the cross) and power (opening Red Sea showing His power over all, opening the grave Jesus was in showing He was alive).  Deliverance is available for God’s people, but death and judgment for those who use their free will to turn from Him (Exodus 12:12).

LESSON FOR TODAY 2:  What we face in this life is a refelction, a reverberation of the battle going on in the heavenlies between God’s forces and Satan’s forces.  It is often acted out on earth.  By our faithfulness and perseverance we are showing the enemy that God is greater than these attacks and ultimately will bring Him glory through it.

Think of some of the greatest spiritual battles you had to fight in your life.  Did jesus come through for you?  Take some time to thank Him for His deliverances in the past.  Thank Him for present and coming victories as well.


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