Tricks and Traps of Spiritual Warfare in India

(Every year I spend 3 to 5 weeks in India leading pastors’ conferences and ministering to people and churches.  I teach about spiritual warfare, which is very real in India, as this blog shows. Prayers for my ministry there would be greatly appreciated.  For more information see  Spiritual Warfare in India 13

Everyone loves my magic tricks here in India.  They look forward to them and come to see the ‘man who does tricks.’ The right visual demonstration at the right time can bring home a truth in a special way.  I have about 30 tricks with me and use them in various combinations and for different lessons.  I estimate I do about 250 or more tricks in my time here.  I enjoy doing them, except when they don’t work right (which is always my own fault).

            When I perform a trick correctly what I am doing is deceiving the people.  I trick them into thinking one thing while I am really doing something else.  They assume something is happening when I just make it seem that way, it really isn’t.  Actually it’s not hard to fool people if you can get their thought processes to go in the direction you want.  In effect, I like to the people.  I get them to believe a lie, assuming it is the truth.  When that basic principle is understood performing magic tricks becomes much easier.  For me, and those watching, it is entertaining and a lot of fun.  People actually like being tricked by me.

            That, however, is the same way Satan works when he tricks people into sin.  He is the master deceiver, a liar through and through (John 8:44).  He takes our thoughts going in the direction we want them to go, that this action will really be beneficial for us despite the fact that God says it won’t.  He deceives us into believing his lies, “It’s not really that bad,”  “It’s no big deal,”  “No one will know,” and an all-time favorite since the Garden of Eden, “God is withholding something good from you but I can help you get it!”  My tricks are innocent and fun, but Satan’s purpose is to bring misery and destruction.  He’s quite good at what he does, as can be attested to by the millions who have ruined their lives by sin.  He never says “I want to destroy you” but “I want to please you” and we buy that lie. We buy it because we want it to be true.

            You can look carefully at my tricks and train your mind to not go in the direction that seems logical, and then you can avoid being tricked.  But it’s much more crucial that you train yourself to be able to pick up on Satan’s lies and deceptions.  He’s good at hiding his intent, but with the Spirit’s help you can become alert to his lies and avoid them.  What lies does he most commonly use to get you headed in the wrong direction?  Which tricks will he try to use against you today?  Will you fall for them?  Make sure you don’t!  (Tuesday 10 PM, Jan 17, 2012 – Vijayawada, India) 

John 8:44   You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

What are some of the lies Satan uses to deceive and mislead Christians today?  Which of those work best against you?  How can you overcome being influenced by those lies?  Write down some of the main lies that defeat you and then cross it out and write God’s truth behind it.


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