A recent survey shows that almost half of the pastors interviewed are seriously considering quitting the ministry.  This is higher than any other survey in the past.  Many pastors feel burned out, fed up or overwhelmed.  They struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, disappointment and other issues.  Many churches are losing members and the leaders face criticism from their remaining members.  These are hard days to minister for Jesus.

In addition, many of these same leaders say they don’t have enough personal time in Bible study and prayer.  They say they aren’t able to adequately prepare their messages and they are unable to care for their own personal spiritual needs.  And therein lies the real problem.  They are not attacked to their power source.

Ministry will never be easy, not if you are faithfully serving as God wants.  We face opposition from the world, Satan and his forces and the sin nature in us and our people.  We are soldiers in enemy-occupied territory trying to rescue captives from the grip of the enemy.  We are in a war, on the front lines.  Of course, it won’t be easy.  It takes energy to fight.  Everything is a drain.  There is only one way to keep our batteries charged and that is by spending quality time with God.

When we spend time in the Word and prayer, when we meditate on God and worship Him and when we let Him recharge our batteries with His power and might, we will be able to keep on going.  If we don’t do this we will be ministering in the energy of our own flesh and not His power and strength.  When we try to do spiritual work and fight supernatural battles with our own physical and emotional energy, we will come up empty every time.  The flesh is totally inadequate to win battles of the spirit.  We will lose every time,  That’s why we need to spend quality and quantity time with God, even when we don’t feel like it.  Especially when we don’t feel like it!

The real battle is not what we do in ministry, it’s what we do before ministry.  The battle is to have intimate time with God regularly.  That’s where the battle is won or lost.  Satan knows that when you connect with God, he is no match for you.  So, he’ll do anything he can to keep you from that daily time of prayer and Bible study.  He knows that’s where the battle is won or lost.  We need to know that as well.

The better the time we have with God, the stronger our batteries are charged and the more we are able to serve Him and others.  The problem people and situations, the difficulties and obstacles won’t be removed, but we will be able to face them with strength and confidence.  We will still be in the battle, but on the winning side instead of the losing side.

So, if you are discouraged or worn out, don’t give in and don’t quit.  Connect to your power source and you’ll be able to keep going.  Keep your focus on Him instead of your circumstances and get back into the battle.  Keep your spiritual battery fully charged at all times!

Acts 1:8 you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Spend some time now honestly pouring out your heart to God in prayer, telling Him about all your struggles and difficulties.  Sit quietly and let His Spirit bring healing and strength to you. And don’t ever let your connection with Him weaken!


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