We are involved in several ministries to the pastors, Christians, and orphans in India.  You can find more information below or click on the links above.


The main thrust of our ministry in India is to train pastors, especially those in the rural areas and villages where there is no training available for them.  I make a yearly trip to India and spend several weeks traveling and holding a new conference in a different place each day.  We also have a 3-day conference where we bring pastors who oversee numerous churches and pastors together.  The purpose is to train them to work with the pastors in their areas throughout the year.  We have regular follow-up meetings throughout the year in the places where I spoke.  Local pastors and leaders conduct these.  they are to continue the training as well as provide support and encouragement for the pastors. We give 8 free books we make available to the pastors and Christians, and are adding a new book every year. They are:

What God Expects Of Pastors (English) Marriage And Ministry Studying the Bible (English) Preaching and Teaching the Bible (English) In addition, we are putting Bible and leadership subjects on this site to be available for pastors and others.  They can correspond with us as they progress through the subject.  This is a free resource for those who can use it. We also provide financial support for pastors who need a supplement to their income so they can provide for their families while ministering to their church.  We are in need of donors who will sponsor a pastor and his family for $25 a month.  That may not seem like much to us, but it is one-third of their total monthly income and makes a large difference in their lives. You can donate through PayPal on the home page or email me to find out more information.


We seek to support and equip churches in India through our ministry to pastors as well as training individual Christians.  When visiting India we minister in many local churches.  God uses them to bless us as He uses us to bless them.  Our purpose is to help and support the Christians in India and those who are planting new churches. We also do children’s programs in India.  I dress in costume of a Bible person to teach lessons from their life.  I also use many Christian magic tricks to communicate the truths I am teaching. We have started having 2-day marriage conferences when in India as well.


I have written two books for pastors and Christians in India.  They are available in English and Telugu.  They are “Spiritual Warfare Handbook” and “What God Expects of Pastors.”  They can be downloaded from the ‘Books’ tab for free.  To receive a printed copy email me at Jerry@christiantrainingonline.org


We have had the privilege of financially supporting several orphan children for the last 5 years.  Watching them grow in their faith as they receive healthy food, safe housing, and a good education has been a real blessing.  We need donations to help with this important ministry.  You can contribute through PayPal on the giving page or for information about how to contribute tax-exempt by sending a check.

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