Is Spiritual Warfare Really Necessary?

There are those today who say Christians aren’t to get involved in spiritual warfare, but instead we are to just trust God and think only of Him.  While God is always to be our only focus, He has given us tools to use to bring victory in this area.  He has provided medical knowledge for us to use in the physical realm. He has also provided spiritual knowledge to help us in the spiritual realm.  Paul tells us to make sure we aren’t ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:5-11).  We are to understand and use these resources which He has provided.  I believe God commands us to be involved in spiritual warfare (I Timothy 6:12).  Here are some reasons:


“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, etc.”  Ephesians 6:10-12

“We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices”  II Cor. 2:11

We are to understand our enemy before battling him (count the cost) Luke 14:31

Armor in Ephesians 5 – why would we be given armor if there wasn’t a spiritual battle going on?

IF GOD IS SOVEREIGN, WHY DO WE NEED TO FIGHT SATAN?  If God is sovereign, why do we need to witness, pray, believe, work for our money, drive carefully, go to a doctor, or any of those things?  If we trust in God, why lock doors at night? There are some things God expects us to do, in His strength.  By doing these we learn to trust Him more. The Jews were given the land of Canaan but had to learn to fight to live in it. We praise Him more when we see His provision, might and deliverance.  We are better able to pray for and give guidance to others.  Also, we see the awfulness of sin and its consequences so we can better turn from it.  We see His glory as He uses us for victory.  Others see it and He is glorified in their sight.

2. JESUS USED SPIRITUAL WARFARE  Jesus talked about Satan & demons more than anyone in Bible.  He cast out demons.  He taught and commanded His disciples to fight Satan and cast out demons (Matthew 10:8; Luke 10:1, 17-20).  He was disappointed when they were unable to deliver a demonized boy without Him (Mark 9:14-29).  The religious rulers accused Jesus (Mark 3:22) and John the Baptizer (Luke 7:33) of being demonized.


DANIEL prayed spiritual warfare prayer for three weeks (Daniel 10:2-6,12-14).

JEREMIAH’s whole ministry was one of spiritual warfare.

PAUL was twice involved in casting out demons (Acts 13:6-12; 16:16-18) and writes much about spiritual warfare (Ephesians 4:26-27; 6:10-13; Galatians 2:10, 13; etc.)

MOSES was challenged by Satanic forces (Jannes & Jambres, Exodus 7:1-11, etc.).

Many examples in church history show the involvement of God’s people in spiritual warfare.

4. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE SUPPORTS SPIRITUAL WARFARE  The testimony of many who have been involved in spiritual warfare support and validate its importance as an important tool for Christians today.  It is not our only tool, for different tools are needed for different jobs.  Spiritual warfare is one tool among many (prayer, witnessing, counseling, praising, etc.) that God gives us to use at the proper time.

5. LAST DAYS EMPHASIS OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE  The closer the rapture comes the more spiritual warfare will increase.  There will be MUCH of it in the tribulation as Satan’s forces are released.  As the days until Jesus’ return grow fewer and fewer it is all the more important we learn how to wage spiritual warfare and win.

We Are in a battle if we want to be or not.  Having deserted Satan’s army to join God’s army means we must fight.  D.L. Moody put it this way:     “When I was converted, I made this mistake: I thought the battle was already mine, the victory already won, the crown already in my grasp. I thought the old things had passed away, that all things had become new, and that my old corrupt nature, the old life, was gone. But I found out, after serving Christ for a few months, that conversion was only like enlisting in the army–that there was a battle on hand.”

The good news is that we don’t fight alone.  We have God’s angels fighting for us and God Himself on our side.  We’ll talk about that in the next blog.


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