Nancy’s Notes

(Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014)  We had a very good day at one of my very favorite places on earth – Koduru.  I have many good friends there from my years of going there.  Once I stayed there for a whole week living with Pastor Barnabas.   We have 2 more 2-day pastors’ conferences left.  It will be hard to leave these fine people in less than one week!  Please keep praying for us!   The rest of the blog is from Nancy:


As filthy as the environment is, women are the opposite in cleanliness, strikingly colorful, meticulously groomed and manicured.  The common woman doing  her wash could just as easily be going to a prom.  They are always adorned with perfect hair, neatly braided. Their  smooth, flawless, chestnut  skin makes their colorful saris all the more striking.  They are always feminine, soft, gentle, soft-spoken and modest, oozing with femininity.  Their femininity has nothing to do with sensuality.  It is pure 100% beauty.  Even in the poorest village they wear their saris – 6 yards of art.  They are sleek and slender and move graciously, gliding effortlessly wherever they move. A few are very petite.  I can’t help but stare in envy at their grace and beauty.  I hope India’s movie industry called ,Bollywood, does not redefine such beauty with sensuality. But from the looks of their films, they already have switched to a male defined sensual beauty.


Normally cultures that are tied to Britain are obsessed with time.  Somehow India has escaped that obsession quite well.  Their culture is not structured around the concept of time.  They don’t save time, make time, be on time, lack time, have time, be ahead of time, lose time, gain time, run out of time or have no time.  They have few  clocks and no watches and don’t seem to miss them.  They have the sun, so it must be daytime.   


There are many statues in India.  They can be broken into 2 groups.  If they look like a man they are a political character.  If they look like a cartoon character, they are an idol.  Neither of which have any real character!


Driving in India is a continual game of chicken – the one closest to death yields.


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