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“My husband and I went to Pastor Jerry’s marriage retreat in March of 2015. This was our first marriage retreat and we enjoyed it for several reasons. First of all, it gave us time to be alone, without the kids. I’ve been neglecting my husband for kids and ministry, so this retreat allowed me to give full attention to him. Second reason is that we met other couples and learned that they have similar issues to ours. I got great advice from other women who have been married much longer than I and have gone through the stages I’m in now. The retreatt was out in the country, with lots of nature and relaxation. This was a great change of environment for us, plus a great chance to just spend time together, which we haven’t done well for years. I highly recommend this retreat to any married couple reading this. A happy marriage doesn’t happen automatically. It has to be cultivated and this retreat is the perfect place to do that.”   Kira Shcherbakova, Singer/Songwriter

“We have been married for 49 years and going to this Marriage Retreats for quite a few years.  They are all so great!!  Each one is very different, and God speaks to us in a different way each time we go! I always think I can’t know anything else, and each time, He opens my heart and Spirit to what He wants me to see.  We always have a great time.  We laugh, eat, and have special times with everyone, and especially our spouse.  There is a lot of free time for you to be with your spouse and enjoy each other’s company.  The Marriage Retreats are great and renew us each time we go.  I would recommend them very much!!! Lancaster is beautiful, and we get to see a lot. They have a great restaurant on the premises.  Come and join us.  It is a very relaxed, informal atmosphere.”


“When I first observed there was an upcoming marriage retreat, about 6 months prior to the retreat, my wife and I thought it a great idea.  But we also did not know what it was all about.  We trusted in the Lord, and Pastor Jerry.  The first day, Friday, we drove through snow and rain to get there.  When we arrived at the Bird In Hand Inn, we were pleased with the accommodations.   The first night we met most of the other couples.  Some were from Main Street Baptist Church, most were from other churches.  My wife and I found all of the other couples were very nice, and cordial.   We found Pastor Jerry’s words inspired by God.  We laughed a lot, sometimes we cried, but mostly we found the Word inspirational to the way God wants us to relate to our spouses.  As Christian couples, we all can use timely tune ups in this area.  It really made me think about the way I treat my wife, and how I can treat her in a more Godly way.  We both loved it.  We have started nightly devotionals.  We thought the marriage retreat was a success, and we have signed up for the 2016 marriage retreat Thanks you Pastor Jerry for a great time.  I would recommend the marriage retreat to any married couple no matter how long they have been together.”

“We had such a peaceful time at our marriage retreat.  Isn’t peace that passes all understanding what we all desire.  We needed time to be a couple.  NO work, no constant worries about our children.  Just us two. Who are sometimes in the trenches and found out we are not alone.  Marriage gets lost in the day to day living and it was so good to remember who we are as a couple. Thank you Kira for your gift of song and Rev Schmoyer for everything you are.  Most of all Thank you God for sending the HOLY SPIRIT. Your peace and healing were deeply felt.”

“My husband Peter and I have been married for 29 years. We have a very unique relationship in that we grew up together. As the oldest female in both our families I was often left in charge of the other children when our parents went out. It was very difficult for me to surrender my authority to my husband in our marriage and be the submissive wife I knew God wanted me to be. We have done almost all of Pastor Jerry’s marriage retreats. Every year he uses Biblical couples, TV and comic strip couples, as well as examples from his own life, to teach us spiritual truths about marriage. Pete and I have been so blessed by his ministry that Pete committed to a missions trip with Jerry to India last year. Jerry’s love and commitment to his family has provided a Godly example to us and we often quote the things we have learned from him in our daily lives. I truly believe I am a more submissive and understanding wife because of the things we have learned on these retreats. We have made wonderful Christian friends outside of our own church at the retreats and are hoping other couples from our church will join us this year and be blessed by this ministry.” (9-18-2013)

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