By Jerry Schmoyer

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Showing how God created the constellations to reveal His plan of salvation to mankind.



The Story of Redemption in the Stars?

Duane Spencer, in his book “The Gospel in the Stars”, (page 8-9), give the following true account. “Several years ago when I was a speaker for the Congress on Prophecy at the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles, I pointed out that Paul claims in Romans 10:18 that all men have heard the gospel. Then I explained the Biblical basis for the apostle’s statement. After the service was over a dear saint of God said to me, ‘Dr. Spencer, I heard this from a missionary fifty years ago. She went up into the back country of Japan one day where no missionary had ever been. She began to tell the story of Redemption. When she had finished an old lady got up all excited and said: “That’s it! That’s it! I’ve read this story in the stars and told my people about the Savior, but I never knew His name before this!” She also explained how redemption is built into the picture characters of the oriental alphabet.'”

This whole idea of the stars conveying the plan of salvation at first seems odd to people, but it makes perfect sense. It’s something that has interested me personally for a long time. It is a tremendous tool for evangelism. It leads believers to praise and worship God. It shows His love and sovereignty in a great way. It is a great approach to astronomy and a study of the stars with children. It really lifts up God and His power. Lets go back to the beginning and see how God originally created this.

Antiquity of the Original Names of the Stars & Constellations

Aristotle, Polybius , Neander and other ancients believed that the knowledge of divine things had been passed on to man from earliest times through the stars, but was changed and perverted by Greek mythology. We know Satan has perverted this knowledge today in the form of astrology and horoscopes (Deut. 18:10-12). When we go back to the original names and meanings of the stars and constellations we can clearly see how God created and named them to convey His plan of salvation to mankind.

The Hebrew word to describe the constellations and 12 signs of the zodiac is ” mazzaroth ” (Job 38:32; II Kings 23:5). ‘Zodiac’ is a Greek word, coming from the Hebrew ‘ Sodi ‘ which means a “way” or “step” and refers t the path in which the sun appears to move amongst the stars in the course of the year. Twelve is the number of divine manifestation of God in the world (12 tribes of Israel, apostles, months, gates & foundations for New Jerusalem)

The sun appears to travel through these. That doesn’t really happen, but from our perspective in the northern hemisphere looking up it appears that way — as God intended it to appear.

Proper understanding of the meaning of the stars and signs depends on going back to the original names God gave them. That God named them in the beginning is seen by the fact that all ancient cultures in various parts of the world start with the same shapes and names for the stars and constellations, something that would not just ‘happen’ if man were naming them. Records of the Romans, Central Americans, Scandinavians, Aztecs, Hebrews, Babylonians, Norsemen, Indians (in India), Persians and Greeks all go back to almost 4,000 BC and are exactly the same. The ancient ages of these star charts is proven by the fact that the north star has slowly changed over the last 6,000 years. They use the north star of 6,000 years ago. (By the way, Bible chronological dates set creation about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago.)

Josephus records ancient traditions as saying God gave man before the flood His message through the stars. Cassini in his ancient “History of Astronomy” says, “It is impossible to doubt that astronomy was invented from the beginning of the world; history, profane as well as sacred, testifies to this truth.” In fact, ancient Persian and Arabian traditions ascribe the beginning of astrology to Adam, Seth and Enoch. They would have gotten it from God. Many ancient writers attest to the fact that the stars were named to convey divine information.

The importance of the stars to early man is attested to by the fact that the days of our week and months of our year are named after them. The pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and many other ancient sites were built focusing on the stars and planets.

What Does the Bible Say?

Of course our final authority is the Bible, God’s Word. To it we must turn for final clarification. God’s Word has more to say about this that we at first realize.

Genesis 1:14 says God created the stars for “signs, seasons, days and years.” And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years.” The word “signs” (Hebrew ‘ othoth ‘) means ‘to show things which are to come.’ It is used this way in Jeremiah 10 ;2 , and also for the plagues in Egypt and Jesus’ miracles. Thus the stars and constellations are signs God gives man about His plan of redemption, the Messiah that was to come.

The word translated “season” (Hebrew ‘ moed ‘) is never used of seasons as we think of them (seasons of the years). It is always used of an “appointed time period.” It is used of Israel’s feasts and Abraham’s time to have a son (Gen. 17:21; 18:14; 21:2). Here it refers to the appointed time of God’s dealing with man’s sin – when the Messiah comes to earth

If you’ve ever looked closely at a chart of the constellations you’ll immediately notice several serpents near or under the heels of strong men (half man-half God). This is the first prophecy in the Bible, Genesis 3:15. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” This summarizes the conflict through all history: Satan against Jesus.

The tower of Babel, too, fits into all of this. Genesis 11:4 says they built it “with a tower that reaches to the heavens.” They weren’t so dumb that they thought they could go high enough to contact God! Literally the Hebrew says ” its top with the heavens.” Archaeologists who have found similar ziggurats in Babylon say they have signs of the constellations on the top roof. Thus this phrase would have nothing to do with its height, but rather its purpose: a special building built to glorify astrology and contact the gods through its worship (as people use astrology and horoscopes today). Jude 14 testifies to the fact that man before the flood knew about Christ coming to earth. Verbal tradition as well God’s plan written in the stars explains how they knew this. The sin of the tower of Babel was their trying to destroy their knowledge of the stars’ message. They (Nimrod) purposely perverted it to change it from God’s plan of salvation to a man-made system of religion.

While astronomy (the science of the stars and other heavenly bodies) is true and accurate, astrology (a pseudo-science claiming to foretell the future by studying the supposed influence of the stars on human affairs) is Satan’s perversion of God’s truth. That’s why God so severely judged it, He would not let His truth be silenced. When His greater revelation, the written Word (Bible) was recorded and passed on, He no longer needed the lesser revelation of the plan of salvation in the stars. He now jealously guards and protects His Bible from destruction and error, too. It is interesting to note, though, that in remote parts of the world even today where there is no Bible people still know the ancient names and message of the stars, thus making them “without excuse” (Romans 1:18-21; Psalm 19:1-2).

Another important Bible passage that is often misunderstood is Genesis 15:5. He took him outside and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars– if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” “Count” means literally “list in correct order of sequence” (as in Psalm 147:4 and Isaiah 40:26). God is telling Abraham to remember what the sequence of the constellations reveals – God coming to earth to provide salvation. This verse doesn’t refer to the number of descendants Abraham has. This truth is given in the prophecy of his descendants being as the sand of the seashore (Gen. 22:17; 32:12). Galatians 3:16 refers to this verse but clearly says that ‘seed’ is singular. “The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. The Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ.” Thus it is obvious God says Abraham’s seed would fulfill the promise spoken of in the stars.

It is interesting to note that Job, the oldest book in the Bible, speaks about the constellations more than any other Bible book. The names and shapes they had then are the same as today (Job 9:9; 38:31-32; 26:13). See also Amos 5:8 and Acts 28:11.

There are other passages I’ll just mention in passing. Psalm 19 says that knowledge of God is revealed each night, as creation reveals God during the day, too. It also talks about God’s greater revelation in the Bible. Romans 10:17-18 quotes this as saying the message in the heavens tells men about Christ.

Psalm 147:4 says “He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.” “Call” refers to giving proper arrangement to the stars. Naming them means God used them to communicate His story to man. Not only did He give the names of the stars to Adam who passed them on, but He also named the constellations. There is no other way of explaining how the constellation animals and objects could have been the same through the whole world. No one could look at the stars and see a lion, woman, ram, snake, horse, harp, etc. They don’t make sense unless you understand God named them for a specific purpose. Isaiah 40:26 says these same things. Psalm 8:3 also says God put the stars in their specific locations. Luke 1:67-70 and Acts 3:20-21 say God has had His holy prophets since the world began (before man was created). This would be the stars. Romans 1:18-21 say heaven and creation have clearly revealed God to man.

Thus God plainly and obviously has revealed enough about Himself to man for man to pursue a relationship with God. He has revealed the basic truths of the plan of salvation in the stars. While this isn’t the time to go into it, it is also said that God has revealed His plan of redemption in the Chinese writing system.

Which Sign Comes First?

If these 12 signs tell a story, but they form a circle, how do we know where the story begins? Horoscopes today start with Aries, the ram, but that’s not how God intended it. Those who have studied this believe the sphinx gives the answer. “Sphinx” means “to bind closely together,” and could refer to the beginning and end of the constellation path. The sphinx has the head of a woman (Virgo, the first sign) and the body of a lion (Leo, the last). The Bible starts with prophecy about Jesus the seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15) and ends with the Lion of the tribe of Judah returning in triumph (Rev. 5:5). There is other ancient and star evidence to support this, too. What a great God, who goes so far out of His way to reveal His truth to mankind!

Next we will look at each of the 12 signs and the message God revealed through them.



There is nothing in the patterns of the stars themselves to indicate the meanings attached to them. Who, without charts and diagrams, can look up into the sky and immediately identify a woman, lion, fish, harp, etc. I can hardly do it with all kinds of aids! Once we discover it and see it a few, times, though, it becomes more and more obvious. Picture ancient people, sitting around a campfire at night, with no TV or other distractions. All there is for them to see is the fire (except in warm or fuel-deficient areas where there isn’t even a fire) and the stars in the sky. They constantly change through the night and the year. Much of their conversation must have centered around the stars and the stories taught by the names and constellations. This was God’s way of keeping His plan of salvation right in front of the people and passed on from generation to generation.

The story would start with Virgo, known in tradition as the “virgin mother.” Studying her and the 3 constellations with her give the first chapter in the story of redemption. Actually, this opening chapter is really a summary of all that is to follow. All salvation, and the detailed story of the 12 signs, is summarized in this first set. John 1:1-14 does this same thing in God’s written revelation, the Bible.

VIRGO: Prophecy of the Promised Seed of the Woman

Virgo means ‘virgin’ (Hebrew ‘ Bethulah ‘) and is used of Israel (Isa. 37:22; 23:12 ; II Ki . 19:21 ; Jer 14:17 ; 18:12 ; Amos 5:2) as well as Mary (Isa 7:10-14; Mt. 1:23). Jesus came from both these ‘mothers.’

She is bringing corn in one hand and wheat in the other, both crops where life comes from death. Jesus used the same examples of Himself (John 12:23 -28). This truth is expanded in Capricorn. The star in Virgo’s left hand is ‘ Tsemech ‘ in Hebrew, ‘Al Zimach ‘ in Arabic. Both mean ‘Branch’. In Hebrew there are 20 words used for ‘Branch,’ but this is the only one used of Christ! It is used in Jeremiah 23:5-6 (Jesus as King, same as Matthew); Zechariah 3:8 (Jesus as Servant, same as Mark), Zechariah 6:12 (Jesus as Man, same as Luke) and Isaiah 4:2 (Jesus as God, same as John). The current name is Spica . It is only 5 times as large as our sun, but 1,000 times as bright. It is 190 light years away. Thus the virgin is bringing the Branch (Jesus). Al Mureddin (Arabic) and Vindemiatris ( Chaldean ) in her right hand refer to ” The one who shall come down/have dominion” (Psalm 72:8) and “the branch who is coming.”

Zerah , the large star in her right hand, means “seed” in Hebrew. Christ is to be the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:16 ; 16:5; Gal. 3:16 ). That is His first name/title in the Bible

Put all this together and we see the Branch/Seed (Jesus) is coming by way of the virgin.

COMA: The Desired of All Nations

Coma (Hebrew) means “longed for, desired.” This very word is used of Jesus in Haggai 2:7: “The desire (coma) of all nations shall come.” The Egyptian name, Sheshu , has the same meaning.

Coma is another picture of Virgo, the virgin. The Persians, Chaldeans , and Egyptians all saw Coma as an continuation of Virgo. Coma shows how the Branch/Seed is to come – as a baby !. The baby’s name everywhere was ” Ieza ” (Hebrew for ‘Jesus’). It pictures Him coming as a baby ( Lk . 2:40 ).

Some say that the star which the magi (wise men) saw which brought them to Jerusalem appeared in Coma. It pictured God’s Shekinah glory leaving heaven to come dwell on earth as a baby. There was a well-known traditional prophecy in the east which has been preserved and handed down about a new star appearing in Coma when He whom it foretold would be born. Balaam referred to this prophecy (Numbers 24:17). That a very bright new star appeared in the constellation about the time of Christ and later faded is attested to by Roman, Greek and even Chinese astronomers. The magi knew from Daniel, who was their leader at one time, that the promised Messiah would be born in Israel . Thus they knew where to look but not when. The appearance of the star in Coma told them when. They went to the capital of Israel asking for the new King. God sent an entirely different star (His glory) to lead them from Jerusalem to Bethlehem .

Thus Coma signifies that the Branch/Seed (Jesus) would come to earth through a virgin ( Israel in general, Mary specifically) as a baby.

CENTAURUS : The Despised Sin Offering

The original Hebrew (” Bezeh “) and Chaldean (“Al Beze “) names for this constellation both mean “The Despised.” Isaiah 53:3 says Christ “is despised ( bezeh ) and rejected of men.” This constellation was also called Asmeath (Hebrew for sin offering). The Greeks called him ‘ Cheiron ‘ (“The Pierced”). In Greek mythology he was a great immortal god who gave up immortality so others could become as he.

The largest star, Toliman , means “The Now and Hereafter.” Christ “is the one who is and who was and who is to come ” ( Rev. 1:8). Today this star is known as Alpha Centauri, a very bright yellow star, actually a double star, 4.3 light years away. A little above it is Beta Centauri, 190 light years away and 1500 times as bright as our sun.

The horse is important in symbolism. It was a picture of glory and military might. Thus this horse-man is really a God-man. It speaks of Jesus as the despised sin offering (dying on Crux, the cross, as a man) but also God Himself (the horse and Toliman ).

BOOTES : The One Who Is Coming

The final constellation in this first set completes this quick overview of the plan of salvation. Bootes (Greek), Bau (Egyptian) and Bo (Hebrew) all mean “The Coming One.” Psalm 96:13 says “He comes ( bo ) to judge the earth.” The sickle is a sign of this coming in judgment (Rev. 14:15-16). In Egyptian he is also known as ‘ Smat ‘ (” One who rules, subsides and governs”).

Bootes shows the fulfillment of Gen 3:15. The star in the spear point, Al Katurops , means “The Branch treading under foot.” Other stars mean the same thing. Nekkar means “The Pierced” and Merga “The One who bruises”. Mirac means “The coming forth as an arrow.” ” Muphride means “The One who separates.”

The largest star, Arcturus , means “He Comes.” That is the most ancient name for Bootes and is used of him in Job 9:9. This star is close, only 40 light years away. It is 25 times as large as the sun and 100 times as bright. Its the first star seen in May, June and July. It opened the Chicago World’s Fait in 1934 by shining on a photoelectric cell.

Bootes , then, speaks of Jesus coming again in judgment on sin.

Thus this first set of constellations centering around Virgo speak of the Branch/Seed who had been born of a virgin (Virgo) as a baby (Coma) and grew up to the God-Man who sacrificed Himself for our sin ( Centaurus ). He is coming again to bring judgment ( Bootes ).



When Belshazzar defied God by using the holy cups from His temple for a pagan orgy in Babylon, God intervened and wrote on the wall. He said Belshazzar had been weighed in the balances and was found lacking (Daniel 5). Actually all men are found wanting in God’s scales, as Libra shows (Isaiah 40:10-15).

LIBRA: The Required Price Paid

The truth behind Libra is clearly seen in its names. It has been called Mozasnaim (Hebrew: “weighing”), Al Zubena (Arabic: “purchasing, redemption”), Lambadia (Coptic: “place of propitiation”), Agora (Greek: “redemption”) and Libra (Latin: “weighing”).

On the right side of the scale is a star called Zuben Al Genubi which means “the price which is deficient.” It reminds us that man doesn’t meet God’s demand of sinless perfection but is found lacking in God’s balance scales (Psalm 62:9; 49:7; Dan 5:26-31; Rom 3:23; 6:23).

To balance out man’s deficiency, though, is God’s work in our behalf on the left scale. Zuben Al Chemali means “the price which covers.” The Hebrew name is Kaphar , the Old Testament word for “atonement.” The star is also sometimes called Al Gubi which means “heaped up,” showing the infinite value of Christ’s redemption for man. The other star on the left is Zuben Al Akrab , meaning “the price of the conflict.” Christ bought our redemption with His own life. This is more clearly shown in Centaurus and Victima , constellations near by.

Thus Libra, the scales, shows man comes up lacking in God’s evaluation/expectation, but then He Himself made up the deficiency for man. That this was accomplished on the cross is seen by Crux.

CRUX: The Cross Endured

How interesting that one of the constellations would be a cross! The Crux (cross) is also called the Southern Cross. It was last seen in the northern latitude at Jerusalem at the time of Christ. Due to gradual recession of the polar star, it is no more seen in the northern latitude.

The Hebrew name for this constellation was Adom (“cutting off” – used of Jesus in Daniel 9:26) and Tau (“a limit, a finish” – tau was the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet). Although the cross meant death for Christ, for us it is a symbol of life (Ephesians 2:13; John 5:24).

The location of Crux under Centaurus is significant, too. It is Jesus as God-Man (horse and man in one) who was cut off on the cross for our sins, to pay for our deficiency.

LUPUS( VICTIMA ): The Victim Slain

Lupus means “wolf.” The type of animal here is unimportant, but that it is being killed is very important. Victima means “victim,” which is the significance of the constellation. The Hebrew name ( Asedah ) and Ara b ic name ( Asedaton ) both mean “to be slain.”

The animal pictures Jesus, the one slain on the cross for our sins, to pay the price for our deficiency. The interesting part is that it is Centaurus who is taking Lupus’ life! That would mean Jesus is taking Jesus’ life! That’s totally true. Jesus said, “I lay down my life for the sheep … no man takes it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down and to take it up again.” John 10:15-18. Hebrew 9 says Christ “offered Himself to God” (v. 9) and “He put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” (v. 26). See also Isaiah 53:7 and Philippians 2:5-8.

Thus Lupus shows us that Jesus’s death on the cross to pay for our sin deficiency was voluntarily done. That makes it all the more significant. It was motivated by love for us (John 3:16). What a thrill that must have given the ancients as they contemplated God’s great love and voluntary sacrifice for them!

CORONA : The Crown Bestowed

Almost every time Paul writes about Jesus’ work of redemption for us he gets carried away in praise and focus’ on God’s greatness and Jesus’ glory. The constellation Corona shows this very same truth. The Hebrew name is Atarch (“a royal crown”) and Arabic Al Iclil (“an ornament”). The largest star in it, Al Pecca , means “the shining.”

It speaks of Christ crowned in glory because of His death and resurrection for us (Heb. 2:9; Rev. 5:9; Isa 28:5; Zech 6:11-12).

Thus Libra and the 3 constellations with it shows Jesus (who came as a baby through the Virgin to conquer and judge sin) is crowned with glory (Corona) because He voluntarily (Lupus) died for our sin on the cross (Crux) to pay for our sin deficiency in God’s sight (Libra). What a beautiful truth! What a wonderful God to do such a thing, and to so wonderfully reveal these special truths to man from the beginning of creation! Truly it takes a very special medium to convey such a very special truth! What better than the vast array of stars to proclaim such wonderful news!

Vastness of Space

If a cannon ball was shot at 500 miles per hour, it would take 13 million years to reach the nearest star. Light travels 186,000 miles per second. In one second it could go to California and back 31 times. In one second light could go around the whole earth 15 times. It takes light 8 1/2 minutes to get here from the sun. It takes light hundreds or thousands of years to get here from the stars. Some light we now see started when Adam was on earth. Some of the stars you see light from may no longer even exist! When God created the universe and stars he made it so light was already reaching the earth. This is one way the earth was created with the appearance of age (also: the trees had rings, rocks and soil had layers, etc.). This vastness is God’s way of showing He is even greater than all this, for He created it and controls it!



The conflict between God and Satan has been going on since before the beginning of time. The first battle was when Satan tried to usurp God’s throne and rule in heaven (Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28). The first prophecy in the Bible was bout this conflict (Genesis 3:15 ) ” And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” The rest of the Bible shows this carried out: Cain kills Able (trying to end the line of the Seed). Satan tried this other times, too: by Athaliah (II Kings 11) ,. by Haman in Esther’s time (Esther), by Pharaoh in Moses’ time (Exodus 1-2), and by Herod when Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Mt. 2). The battle continued between Jesus and Satan at Jesus’ temptation and on the cross, with many other skirmishes in between.

Today man may wonder who really won, God or Satan, for Satan seems to be in control of this world. However the final battle is yet to come – the Tribulation. At the end of the Tribulation when Jesus comes back He will totally remove Satan and his forces. That is what the set of constellations around Scorpio taught man thousands of years ago.

SCORPIO: The Mortal Conflict

Scorpio is a scorpion, a deadly enemy with poison in its sting. It is used in the Bible as a picture of Satanic activity (Rev. 19). In the skies it is seen attacking that which stands for Jesus’ voluntary work on the cross to make up for our sin deficiency, for that is what buys us back from sin and Satan. To keep that from happening we see Scorpio trying to stop that work.

Ancient names for Scorpio included Akrab (Hebrew: “scorpion,” “conflict, war” – Psalm 91:12; 44:1), Isidis (Coptic: “the attack of the enemy” – Psalm 17:9) and Al Akrab (Arabic: “wounding him that is coming” – Genesis 3:15). The Sumerian name means “the lawless one” which is a name for the antichrist, II Thes. 2:9)

The main star in Scorpio is Antares (Arabic: “the wounding”) and is located right where the Scorpions heart is (Genesis 3:15). It is a very bright star of the first magnitude. It is red and its name today means “rival of mars.” It is 300 times the size of our sun, 3,000 as bright, and is 300 light years away.

SERPENS : Satan the Serpent

Snakes and serpents have always been a picture of Satan from Eden on to today (Gen. 3:16; Rev. 12:9). Serpens here is a serpent. He is also called Alyah (“the accursed”) and Cheleb (“the serpent enfolding”).

Notice what the serpent is after -Corona! He is after Jesus’ glory, which is why Satan rebelled and was cast out of heaven in the first place (Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28).

OPHIUCHUS : Strong Man Struggles with the Enemy (#1)

Ophiuchus is the first of several ‘strong men’ we see in the stars. They all speak of Jesus (Psalm 19:5 – ‘champion’ in NIV). They clearly show Genesis 3:15 in picture form. The star in Ophiuchus ‘ right foot is Shuph (“to bruise”) while the star in his left foot, on Scorpio, is Daka (“to crush underfoot”). Other stars in his feet are Triophas (“treading under foot”), Siph (“bruised”), Carnebus (“the wounding”) and Megeros (“contending”). Satan bruised Jesus (a painful but not deadly wound to the flesh) on the cross. However Jesus crushed and destroyed Satan’s power with His resurrection. Satan’s doom is sealed now. He will be removed when Jesus returns at the end of the Tribulation (Revelation 19:20; 20:1-2 – Armageddon). Satan is pictured as a Scorpion during the Tribulation, too (Rev. 19).

Satan has tried to do all he could to cover this clear message of his defeat. The Greeks called Ophiuchus by the name of Aesculapius , the son of Apollo. Having restored Hippolytus to life, he was everywhere worshipped as the god of health. Even today Serpens entwined around his staff (the Caduces ) is used as the symbol of the medical profession. Thus Serpens tries to steal God’s glory (crown) and take the glory for himself!

HERCULES: Strong Man Struggles with the Enemy (#2)

In Greek mythology Hercules is always seen destroying some malignant foe: Nemean lion, boar of Erymant , bull of Crete, 3-headed Hydra, etc. Lycophron , who knew the Old Testament, started the legend that Hercules was in the belly of a sea monster for 3 days and nights. While Hercules still has a reputation as a conquering strong man, Satan changed it so he was no longer seen as a picture of Jesus. Still, this is his main significance.

The Egyptians called him Bau (“who comes” – Jesus coming to destroy Satan). The Arabs called him Al Giscale (“the strong one”). The Jews called him Gibbor (“strong man”). The names of the stars also show he is Jesus, bruised in the heel by Satan (right heel is raised as if bruised) but crushing Satan’s head (left foot crushing Draco’s head – a picture of Satan, Rev. 12:9). Ras Al Gethi means “the head of him who bruises.” Kornephorus means “branch,” “kneeling.” Marsic means “the wounding.” Caiam means “treading under foot.”

In the very center four brightest stars form a keystone (Jesus the keystone of His people – I Peter 2:6-7). Inside this are 100,000 stars clustered closely together. These refer to God’s people. Hercules the strong man (King of Kings, Rev. 19:11-16) pictures Jesus coming to destroy Satan (the many-headed monster in his left hand, a picture of Satan, Rev. 13; Daniel 7; 8) and bringing He people with Him (Revelation 19:11-16).

Thus this set of constellations obviously shows the conflict between God and Satan, a conflict that God (Jesus) will clearly and decisively win! No wonder Satan hates the truth conveyed by the stars and has worked so hard to change it — it plainly advertises his ultimate defeat! He can try to change the teaching of the stars today, but he can’t change the truth that he is a defeated enemy awaiting his final and total demise!



If you were God years ago and you wanted to communicate to man 7,000 years ago by picture form that you were coming to earth to be a man but you would still be God, how could you communicate this? God did this by using a horse’s body with man’s head (as in Centaurus ). The man showed His humanity (as the other strong men also show – Psalm 19:5). The horse showed His deity. The horse is powerful yet gentle, majestic yet approachable, dignified yet humble. It is quick and can cover great distances. It is very useful to man in many ways when tamed, but always greater than man in power and majesty. What animal better can show God? Larger, fiercer animals bring fear and destruction. Smaller, tamer animals lack the power and independence. The horse does it perfectly. From the beginning man has seen these horse-men as representing God. Roman and Greek mythology saw them as deified, but drew the attention to them instead of the God-Man (Jesus) they represented.

SAGITTARIUS: The Redeemer’s Triumph

Sagittarius is a Latin name (as our most of our current names for the constellations) meaning “the archer.” The Hebrew ( Kesith ), Syriac ( Kesith ), Arabic (Al Kaus ) and Greek ( Toxotes ) names mean this, too. The Coptic name shows a different aspect. Pimacre means “the beauty of the appearing/coming forth.” All speak of Christ. “I saw a white horse and He that sat on him had a bow … and He went forth conquering and to conquer.” (Rev. 6:2; Ps. 45:3-5). “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war.” (Rev. 19:11). See also Psalm 56:7-10; 45:3-5; 66:7-10.

The names of the stars in Sagittarius tell this same story. Knem (under the right hind foot) means “he conquers” referring to Gen 3:15 again. Naim (Hebrew) means “the gracious one” ( Psalm 45:2 ). Nehusthta (Hebrew) means “the going, the sending forth.” Al Naim (Arabic) means “the gracious one.” Al Warida (Arabic) means “who comes forth.” Ruchba Er Rami (Arabic) means “the riding of the bowman.” Nunki ( Akkadian ) means “prince.”

One more observation about Sagittarius. Notice who his arrow is pointed at – Scorpion (Satan)! The arrow hasn’t been released yet, but it will be at the end of the Tribulation (Revelation 19:11-18)

LYRA : Praise for the Conqueror

As we saw with Paul’s writings and Corona, ever time Jesus’ greatness and victory are mentioned praise automatically follows! It should in our hearts, too. Lyra stands for a lyre, a small harp such as David used to praise God (II Sam. 6:1-5; II Chron 5; Ps 57:8; 150). A Hebrew name for this constellation is Gnasor (“harp”), but they also called it Nesher (“an eagle”) and sometimes it is pictured as an eagle ascending toward heaven carrying praises. The Egyptian name, Fentkar , means “the serpent ruled” (Genesis 3:15).

The brightest star (5th brightest in the whole sky) is Vega meaning “he shall be exalted” (Ex. 15:1). It is relatively close (23 light years) and can be seen at some time any night of the year (praise always going up to God). This is the first star ever photographed .

Other stars are Shelvuk (“an eagle”) and Sulaphat (“springing up” or “ascending”).

The harp stands for praise to Christ for going forth (as the horseman) and conquering judgment, Satan and unrighteousness (Psalm 55:1; 21; Rev. 11:17; 19:7; 5:13-14). “Alleluia” means “praise to God” and that is what this harp is doing (Rev. 19:1-3; Ps. 104:35). Scattered throughout this plan of salvation in the stars God has breaks to call for praise and worship for Jesus (Corona, Lyra , etc.) for He wants His people to pause and praise Him regularly!

ARA : Consuming Hell-Fire Prepared

While God’s people are praising Him ( Lyra ) for their deliverance, those who reject Him find a different fate. Ara is a fire pointing downward to tartarus (“the abyss,” “outer darkness”). It speaks of hell fire from God’s judgment (Rev. 19 – 21; Psalm 21:9).

The Arabs called this Al Mugamra (“the completing, the finish”). Greeks called it Ara (“cursing”). Egyptians called it Bau (“he comes” – for judgment Isaiah 63:1-5). Jesus’ first coming was as a lamp for the slaughter. His second coming will be as a lion for judgment.

DRACO : Satan Cast Down From Heaven

Draco , the dragon, is another obvious picture of Satan. “The great dragon was hurled down– that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” (Rev. 12:9). Many scriptures refer to Satan as a dragon: Psalm 74:12-14; 91:13; Isaiah 26:1; 27:1. Draco is a Greek word meaning “trodden on.” Jesus will tread on him and destroy him (Gen 3:15). Psalm 91:13 says “You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.” The Jews called this constellation Dahrach (“to tread”). When you look at Draco’s head you’ll notice it is right under Hercules’ (Jesus’) foot as if about to be crushed (Genesis 3:15). Hercules’ other heel is shown as if it has been wounded (Genesis 3:15).

The largest star in Draco , Thuban (Hebrew: “the subtle”) was the polar star 4,800 years ago. Satan was originally pictured as the ‘god of this world’ ( Ephesians 2:2). He wound himself around the pole of this world as if indicating his subtle influence on all worldly affairs, starting in Eden. However it is slipping from his grasp – Thuban is no longer the polar star!

Other stars include Rastaban (Hebrew: “head of the serpent”), called in Arabic Al Waid (“who is to be destroyed”). Ethanin means “the long serpent/dragon.” Grumian (Hebrew) means “the subtle.” Gainsar (Hebrew) means “punished enemy.” Al Dib (Arabic) means “reptile.” El Athik (Arabic) means “the fraudful .” El Asiem (Arabic) means “the bowed down.”

Quite obviously, then, Draco pictures Satan who will one day be destroyed by Jesus.

This fourth set of constellations centers around Jesus the God-Man (Sagittarius) being praised ( Lyra ) for sending Satan ( Draco ) to hell ( Ara ) forever . He certainly deserves all our praise for that!



The death and resurrection of Jesus are the heart and core of the New Testament and our salvation. If it is true we have all things forever. If it isn’t true we are the most foolish of all men (I Corinthians 15:14-17). It isn’t surprising that this important truth was conveyed in the stars, too. Capricornus and the three nearby constellations that are part of it tell this truth.

CAPRICORNUS : Life Out of Death

While Capricornus means “goat” in Latin, the ancient names help our understanding of its significance. The Egyptians called it “the place of sacrifice” ( Hupenius ). Jews called it “the kid cut off” ( Gedi ). Arabs called it “the sacrifice” (Al Gedi ).

The head is that of a goat. The goat and lamb were the main sacrificial animal in the Old Testament. Lambs and goats were often used interchangeably (Ex. 12:5). The goat was seen as a sin-bearer (Leviticus 10 ;16 -17), a substitute for man (Gen. (Gen 15:9; 22:13). Capricornus is pictured with its head bowed as though falling down in death. Its right leg is folded under its body, as if unable to rise (wounded on the heel – Genesis 3:15). Stars in this part of the constellation are Al Gedi ( :the goat”), Maasad (“the slaying”) and Saad Al Naschira (“the record of the cutting off”). Three stars have names which mean “the sacrifice slain”: Al Dabik , Dabih , and Al Dehabeh .

The back half of the goat becomes a fish, however. This is more clearly explained in the fish Pisces. The constellations around the fish tail reveal its significance as being that of resurrection. The tail pointing up shows life coming from death, the same as the seeds Virgo carried (John 12:23-24). When the Jews sacrificed a goat on the Day of Atonement, a second goat was set free, signifying the taking away of their sins (Lev. 16:22). Jesus died and rose again, coming back to life showing our sins were taken away.

By the way, the sun was in Capricornus , by the star Al Gedi (“the goat”) when Jesus was born. Jesus came to be our ‘Scapegoat’ (Lev. 16:22).

SAGITTA : God’s Arrow Sent Forth

Sagitta is an arrow. However there are many other stars in the heavens which form a much straighter line and would better serve as an arrow. Why here? It just proves God chose these, not man, and that He chose them for a purpose: to communicate His truth to man.

The Hebrew name for this constellation is Sham (“destroying, desolate”).

This arrow is pictured in mid-heaven, alone, shot forth by an invisible hand. It is seen in its flight through the heavens. It isn’t Sagittarius’ arrow, for his is still in his bow. This arrow is from the hand of God, showing that redemption is all of God. Man didn’t kill Jesus, neither did Satan. It only happened because it was God’s plan. “For your arrows have pierced me, and your hand has come down upon me.” (Psalm 38:2). “ The arrows of the Almighty are in me, my spirit drinks in their poison; God’s terrors are marshaled against me.” (Job 6:4). “ Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:4-5) See also Zech. 13:6

AQUILA : The Smitten One Falling

Aquila shows the effect of the arrow from God. It pictures a pierced, wounded and falling eagle, gasping in its dying struggle. The eagle is often used as a picture of God: majestic, flying above all else, graceful, wise (Deut. 32:11; 28:49; Isa. 40:31; Jeremiah 4:13; Lam. 4:19; Ezek 1; Rev. 4).

The names of the stars in Aquila show that this eagle is wounded and falling. Al Rair (Arabic) means “the wounding”. Al Shain (Arabic) means “bright, scarlet” as of the blood shed for sin – Joshua 2:18. Tarared means “wounded, torn.” Al Cair means “the piercing.” Al Okal means “wounded in the heel” – Genesis 3:15.

DELPHINUS : The Dead One Rising Again

As we know from the Bible, God put Jesus to death for our sins. He didn’t stay dead but came back to life. This is seen clearly in Delphinus . It is full of life, head upwards, rising /leaping/springing up. Since it is a sea creature it is assumed it is leaping up away from the sea (which is used as a picture of God’s judgment in the Bible, that’s why there will be no sea in the New Jerusalem and eternity future – Rev. 21:1).

Different nations had different names for this, but all meaning basically the same thing. Dalaph (Hebrew) means “pouring out of water.” Dalaph (Arabic) means “coming quickly.” Scaloon (Arabic) means “swift, as the flow of water.” Rotaneb ( Syriac ) and Rotaneu ( Chaldee ) mean “swiftly running.”

This isn’t the first the resurrection of Jesus is seen in the stars. The corn and wheat coming back to life in Virgo (John 12:24) and the fish tail following the goats head in Capricornus also show this. What great hope and peace this must have given those who accepted God’s plan of salvation written in the stars! What great hope and comfort it can give us today, too.

Jesus’ death and resurrection is clearly seen in this constellation group. Capricornus (goat head), Sagitta (redemption from God) and Aquila (Jesus slain) tell of His death. Capricornus (fish tail), and Delphinus (springing back to life) clearly show the resurrection. Thus the basic truth that we have conquered death with life because Jesus conquered death with life is clearly seen here (I Corinthians 15). This important eternal truth is as true now as it was 7,000 years ago when God first revealed it!

The Number of Stars

Ptolemy counted 1056 stars. Tycho Brache counted 777. Kepler said there were 1005. The Bible says there are too many to number (Jeremiah 33:22; Isaiah 55:9; Job 22:12 ). Scientists agree, saying there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and over 100 billion galaxies.



The night before He died Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would come and continue the work He had started (John 15 – 16). Over and over the Bible says the Holy Spirit will be “poured out” onto God’s people (Isaiah 44:3; Joel 2:29; Acts 2:17-18). Often the Holy Spirit is referred to as water (John 3:5; 4:14). In fact, God promises to pour out His blessings on His people in future days (Malachi 3:10). This is the truth Aquarius reveals.

AQUARIUS: Our Blessing is Assured

While Aquarius gets a lot of attention today (“age of Aquarius”), that is another attempt by Satan to steal God’s glory for himself. Aquarius pictures Jesus, as do all the ‘strong men’ (Psalm 19:5). The names of this constellation focus on what he is doing: pouring out water. Hebrew (Deli: “the water bucket”), Latin (Aquarius: “the pourer forth of water”), Arabic ( Delu : “the water bucket”), and Egyptian ( Hupei Tirion : “the place of him poured forth”) all show Jesus pouring out His blessings for us (Num. 24:7; Isaiah 44:3; 33:17-21).

The stars which form Aquarius tell this same truth. Saad Al Melik means “the record of the pouring forth.” Saad Al Sund means “who goes and returns, the one pouring out.” Scheat means “who goes and returns.”

PISCIS AUSTRALIS : The Blessings Bestowed

Actually Piscis Australis is part of Aquarius, being inseparably connected by the water pouring forth. This water is poured directly into the mouth of Piscis Australis , the fish. The Arabic name Fom Al Haut means “the mouth of the fish.” The Hebrew name means “multitudes.” This fish, of course, stands for God’s people who are receiving the blessings from Jesus. Just as surely as the blessings are sent, so they will be received by God’s people.

The large star at the fishes mouth, Fomalhaut , is 13 times as bright as the sun. It is only 22 light years away. It is first seen in mid September when the leaves start to turn color.

PEGASUS: The Blessings Come Quickly

Pegasus comes from two Hebrew words. Pega means “the chief, first” and ” Sus ” means “horse.” thus Pegasus is the “chief horse.” Winged horses are unknown in nature (as are half-horse, half-men). The wings show intensified speed for this horse, which is naturally fast anyway. It stands for Jesus bringing our blessings quickly.

The stars tell this also: Markab (“returning from afar”), Scheat (“who goes and returns”), Al Genib (“who carries”), Enif (“the water”) and Matar (“who causes to overflow”).

CYGNUS: The Blesser Returns

Cygnus repeats, reemphasizes and reaffirms the glorious truth set forth in the preceding signs, that Jesus will bring our blessings quickly. This constellation is a most brilliant and gorgeous asterism of 81 stars. It contains 5 variable stars, 5 double stars, and one quadruple star. The star marked “61 Cygni ” is known as one of the most wonderful in the whole heavens. It consists of 2 stars which revolve about each other and yet have a progressive movement through the heavens. Seven of the stars in the neck & wings form a cross (Rev. 1:13-16).

While some see this as a dove (picturing the Holy Spirit coming: Mt. 3:16-17; John 14:15-19; II Cor. 3:17-18; Gal 5:22-25), usually Cygnus is seen as a swan. Swans belong to earth and water, not the air, and that is where this one is headed. It is swiftly coming from heaven to earth. Both doves and swans are gentle, pretty, clean, beautiful birds. The Egyptian name for this constellation, Tesark , means “this from afar.”

Denub is the main star in this formation. It means “the judge”. It is also called Dige (“flying swiftly”). This star can be seen at some time every night of the year. It is 10,000 times brighter than the sun, but 1,000 light years away. Other stars in it are: Al Bireo (“flying quickly”), Sadr (“who returns as in a circle”), Azel (“who goes and returns quickly”), and Fafage (“glorious shining forth”).

Thus this set of constellations shows Christ (Aquarius) sending His blessings (water) to us ( Piscis Australis ) quickly (Pegasus, Cygnus). The blessings: the Holy Spirit and all His works, gifts, ministry, leading and blessing!


Get a good book that has the constellations pictured (library, book store, borrow from a friend, etc.). Find some common, simple constellations with a meaning you like (for example ones of Jesus, not Satan). Use one of the following ways to teach younger children. Older children can learn by helping in their creation.

Get an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll. Tape aluminum foil to one end. With a pin punch holes in it to form the constellation (as it would appear when you look through the tube). Label it and pass it around, letting children guess which it is. Make several and have contests.

Use old slides or frames and cover with paper, masking tape, or whatever will cover them yet not be too thick. Prick the design of the constellation in them. Use your slide projector to show them on the wall and guess which one it is.

You can just draw white dots on black paper or black dots on white paper, too.


For many years we have had constellations on our children’s bedroom ceiling. We buy glow-in-the-dark stick-on stars (science or educational toy stores carry them). We put them on their ceiling so they can see their whole ceiling full of stars when we turn the lights off at night. What a way to not be afraid of the dark! Its just as men for centuries did at night, laying and contemplating the message in the stars. My children pick their favorite constellations and we put them up, not in any particular order. This becomes a real reminder to them of the truths taught, as well as learning the constellation shapes. Best of all, it reminds them of God’s power and presence.

It gives me a thrill every time I turn off their lights and see Hercules guarding their door, a silent reminder to them and any power of darkness that might try to enter, that Jesus is present and guarding this room! Its not something the enemy wants to see and be reminded of!



From our perspective it is easy to understand that God has two groups of people who are His own in a special way: Israel and Church Age believers. However this wasn’t revealed until Paul received the information by special revelation and then passed it on to us (Ephesians 3:9; Romans 16:25; Col. 1; etc.). In Pisces we see two peoples of God. Is this prophetic of the Church and Israel, or just coincidence? I can’t say for sure either way. Decide for yourself.

PISCES: The Blessings on God’s People

While other constellations represented Jesus in His work for us, this one represents us! The Egyptians called it Picot Orion (“the fishes of him that is coming”). In Hebrew it was called Dagim (“the fishes/multitudes”). The Syriac name was Nuno (“the fish, lengthened out in posterity”). Basically the fish refer to multitudes who will enjoy the redeemer’s work (Gen. 48:26; Ezek. 47:9). If these two multitudes of God’s people refer to Jews and Church or just God’s people in general I don’t know.

Some say the fish pointing upward refers to Israel. The Jews are of a heavenly calling (Heb. 11:10-16; 3:1; I Pt. 1:1-2) and are upheld by God (Isa. 41:8-10). There is a star in it called Al Samaca which means “the upheld.” When the sun is in Pisces, ALL the signs which refer to Satan are above the horizon (when God works in us, Satan does all He can to oppose it).

If the upward-pointing fish refers specifically to God’s people Israel than the other fish would refer specifically to God’s people the Church. It is separate and distinct from Israel (Eph. 2:15; Heb 11:40) but made equal to Israel in God’s sight. A star in it named Okda means “the united.” This fish points toward the coming sun, showing that those outside Israel also turn to Christ for salvation. Jesus Himself spoke of His two distinct but equal groups of believers (John 10:16).

The truth taught here that we who have accepted Jesus’ work on the cross for us are part of a multitude that is united together and bound to each other and to Christ. What a beautiful truth for man thousands of years ago as well as for us today!

THE BAND: Bound, but Binding the Enemy

The band that unites the two fish is a constellation in its own right. The Arabs called it Al Risha (“the band, bridle”) while the Egyptians called it Uor (“he comes”). Its shows that God’s people are bound. First we are bound to each other. In Christ we are one (Eph 2:11-22). Second, we are bound to God by cords of His love (Hosea 11:4). Third, we are still bound to sin. Note the band is attached to Cetus (Satan). While the fish are pulling away, they are bound. We believers today strain against Satan and sin, but won’t be free in this life. Note too, though, that Aries is reaching his foot to release our bonds to Satan!

ANDROMEDA: The Redeemed in Our Bondage

To make sure this truth about our being free in Christ, yet bond in sin, is clearly understood God revealed the same truth in Andromeda, a constellation right alongside Pisces. In Egypt this constellation was called Set (“set up as a queen”). The Jews called her Sirra (“the chained”). In Persia she was called “the stretched out.”

Stars which form her are Al Phiratz (Arabic: “the broken down”), Mirach (Hebrew: “the weak”), Al Maach (Arabic: “struck down”), Adhil (“the afflicted”), Mizar (“the weak”), Al Mara (Arabic: “the afflicted”), and Desma (“the bound”).

Right in the middle of her is the Andromeda Nebula, the furthermost the human eye can see. It is a galaxy of 100 billion stars (like our Milky Way) which is 2.7 million light years away. This multitude refers to the same group as the multitude of fishes — the large number of God’s people.

The message is the same as the band. God’s people are still bound and not completely free from sin or Satan. Satan is defeated, but not destroyed yet. We are victorious but not freed yet. Satan’s destruction comes at the end of the Tribulation. Our ultimate freedom comes at death or in the rapture, whichever comes first.

CEPHEUS : The Redeemer Coming to Rule

Cepheus , in Hebrew, means “the branch.” It is the same as used in Virgo. He is also called Pekuhor (Egyptian: “this one comes to rule”) and Hyk (Ethiopian: “a king”). He is Christ the King, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Jeremiah 31:1 ,9 ; Ex. 4:22-23; Ps 33:11; Rev. 19). He is coming to release His people from bondage to Satan and sin.

The stars reinforce this: Al Deramin (“coming quickly”), Al Phirk (“the redeemer”) and Al Rai (“who bruises” – Genesis 3:15). How He brings this deliverance is actually the topic of the next sign, Aries, and will be seen in more detail there.

Thus Pisces and the adjoining constellations refer to God’s people (Pisces) bound in sin (Band; Andromeda) but awaiting release by Jesus ( Cepheus ). That describes our situation today, too, doesn’t it?

Our Sun as a Star

The sun is our closest star. It is small as far as stars go. Some are four hundred times as large! The sun is a picture of God (Psalm 84:11) in that it provides life. God forbids worship of the sun, though (Ezekiel 8:16 ). God created the sun (Gen. 1). He controls it. He makes it rise (Job 9:7) and can keep it from setting (Joshua 10). He can even cause it to move backwards (Isaiah 38:8). In the future there will be no more sun (Rev. 21:23 – 22:5) for His Shekinah glory will provide much better light for all eternity.



Because of the procession of the equinoxes, the sun (Christ – Psalm 19), at the time of the Exodus from Egypt, had receded into the sign of Aries (Lamb of God slain for sin, pictured by Passover lamb killed in Egypt). When Jesus died on the cross the sun had still further receded and on the Passover day that Jesus was crucified the sun stood at the very spot marked by the stars El Nath (“the pierced,” “the wounded,” “the slain”) and Al Sheratan (“the bruised,” “the wounded”)! During the noon-day darkness for 3 hours while Jesus was on the cross, any who looked for where the sun was last seen would see these very stars instead. For many centuries they had spoken of this coming time of bruising of the woman’s seed (Genesis 3:15), this time when the real Lamb of God (of which Aries foretold) would die! Was this all by chance? No! “When the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son.” Galatians 4:4

ARIES: The Blessings Enjoyed

The Hebrew ( Taleh ), Arabic (Al Hamal ) and Syriac ( Amroo ) names for this constellation all mean “the lamb.” The Egyptian name ( Tametouris Ammon ) means “reign, dominion.” The Akkadian name ( Baraziggar ) means “the sacrifice of righteousness.”

The names of the stars carry this same significance. El Nath means “slain.” Al Sheratan means “bruised, wounded” (Genesis 3:15). Mesartim means “the bound.”

Throughout the Bible Jesus is called the lamb of God (Jn 1:29; Rev. 5:12, etc.). His one leg is bent under him, as if wounded (Genesis 3:15) while the other is on Cetus (Satan) as if pushing him down (Genesis 3:15). He also seems to be releasing the band which binds us to sin and Satan.

CASSIOPEIA: Deliverance of the Captive

This name, Cassiopeia, is Egyptian meaning “the enthroned,” “the beautiful.” The Arabic Ruchba and Chaldean Dat Al Cursa also mean “enthroned.” The Arabic name, El Seder, means “the freed.” The stars Schedir (Hebrew: “the freed”) and Caph (Hebrew: “the branch” as in Virgo) are also present.

Cassiopeia is the same as Andromeda, who was bound, but now is free by the power of the slain lamb (Aries). She is enthroned, freed by Christ who is alongside her ( Perseus ).

In 1572 something very interesting happened in this constellation. A man named Tycho Brahe discovered, right under the arm of the chair, a new star which shone more brightly than Venus. It was an old star which exploded, forming a supernova. Christians thought it might be a sign of the Second Coming, but in a couple years it faded and disappeared.

CETUS : Great Enemy Bound

Cetus is a clear picture of Satan (Rev. 20:1-3). It is the largest constellation, a sea monster, the natural enemy of fish (picturing God’s people – Pisces). The same word is used of the fish that swallowed Jonah.

The names of the stars are Menkar (“the bound/chained enemy”), Diphda (“overthrown, cast down”), and Mira (“the rebel”). This last star is very variable. For 331 days it will shine brightly, then fade to where it seems invisible to the naked eye, finally becoming bright again. This variableness speaks of Satan in his unsteadiness and changing appearances.

When God’s people on earth are finally freed from sin and ruling & reigning with Him (as Cassiopeia is), Satan will be bound for a thousand years (Rev. 20:1-3; Ps 79:12-14; Isa 26:1; 27:1). This will be done by the Lamb of God (Rev. 17:14). Christ the Lamb will bind Satan (Isa 51:22-23; 26:21 – 27:1; 26:11; Rev. 20:1-3). Man cannot do that (Job 4:1-10).

Thus in Cetus we see Satan bound by Jesus.

PERSEUS : Delivering the Redeemed

This Greek name means “the breaker,” as does the Hebrew name Peretz . This same Hebrew word is used of Jesus in Micah 2:12-13. The Egyptians called him Kar Knem means “he who fights & subdues.” All this refers to Jesus destroying His (and our) enemies.

Star names include: “who carries away” (Al Genie), “who breaks” ( Athik , in his foot – Genesis 3:15) and “who helps” ( Mirfak ).

The head Perseus is carrying is that of Satan. It sort of resembles David with Goliath’s head (I Sam 17) which also pictures this same truth. Stars in it are “trodden under foot” (Genesis 3:15), “the head of the adversary/Satan” (Hebrew: Rosh Satan), “the subdued” (Arabic: Al Oneh ), and “the evil spirit” (Arabic: Al Gol ). This last star is VERY variable. In 69 hours it changes from almost invisible to very, very bright. What causes this is that it is actually two stars together (“Binary”). When the darker one is in front it appears dark, when the lighter on is in front it appears light. Most of Satan’s signs have variable stars, for this fits his character well. He goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8), then subtly changes into a deceitful serpent (Gen 3:8) or an angel of light (II Cor. 11:14) — anything to confuse, distract and destroy.

Thus Jesus (Aires, Perseus ) defeats Satan ( Cetus ) and sets His people bound to sin in this life (Pisces and the Band; Andromeda) free (Cassiopeia).

Purpose of the Moon

God created the moon for a four-fold purpose (Gen. 1:14-18). It illuminates the night (v. 16, a picture of God’s light which removes Satan’s darkness). It marks the passage of time (v. 14). It is a sign of God’s character & attributes (v. 14). It shows God’s sovereign power as creator (Psalm 19; Jeremiah 31:35-36) and also that He can and will judge, as eclipses foreshadow (Joel 2:10, 31; Rev. 6:12). It is also for ‘season’ – allotted times in God’s cycle, i.e. feasts and festivals of Israel , who went by a lunar calendar. The moon is like us, having no light of its own. It was created to reflect the sun’s light into areas of darkness. That is also true of us.



That God’s people will never face His wrath and judgment is something the Bible is clear about, assuring it will never happen, that Jesus took all the judgment and wrath we deserve (Romans 8:1; John 3:18). Noah saved from the flood and Lot from Sodom are examples in history. The stars tell us this same truth.

TAURUS: Messiah Comes to Rule

Taurus the bull is no tame, gentle pet but a charging, powerful beast. While in most ancient nations he was called “the bull” ( Caldee : Tor ; Arabic: Al Thaur ; Greek: Tauros ; Latin: Taurus; Hebrew: Reem ) it is because the bull was seen as a lofty, exalted, powerful animal. The name Abram, meaning “pre-eminent father”, has this ‘ reem ‘ Hebrew ending.

Other ancient names include Isis (Egypt: “who saves, delivers”), Apis (Egyptian: “the head, chief”) and Shur (Hebrew: “coming and ruling”).

The names of stars in this constellation help show it refers to Christ coming to rule. Al Debaran ( Chaldean ), the left eye, means “the leader/governor.” It is 36 times the sun in size and 100 times brighter. It is 57 light years away. El Nath (Arabic) means “wounded, slain” (Genesis 3:15). Palilicum (Hebrew) means “belonging to the judge.”

There is a cluster of stars in the middle called Pleiades (Job 9:9; 38:31-32; Amos 5:8). This is composed of 6 stars (there used to be 7). At one time man thought this was the center of the universe. The name in Greek and Hebrew means “the congregation of the judge/ruler.” It pictures Jesus’ people, the multitude coming with Him (Jude 14-15; Revelation 19:14). This was seen in the fish and with Perseus , too.

Notice the bull has his head down, rushing or pushing. It pictures Jesus in His second coming to crush and destroy ( Dt 33:17; Ps 44:5; Isa 13:11-15; 34:2-8; 26:21), not coming as a sacrificial lamb in His first coming (Aries).

ORION: Light from the Redeemer

Orion is the most brilliant constellation in the sky. It is referred to in Job 9:9; 38:31 and Amost 5:8. It teaches the same truth as Taurus. It is called Hagat (Egyptian: “this is he who triumphs”), Oarion (Hebrew: “coming forth as light”), Urana ( Akkadian : “the light of heaven”), and Chesil (“a strong one, a hero” – Psalm 19:5).

Orion is full of many bright stars. Betelgeus means “the coming of the branch:” (Malachi 3:2). Al Nitak means “the wounded” (Genesis 3:15) and is right next to Mintaka (“a sacrifice”). Saiph , “bruised,” is the same word used in Genesis 3:15. It is in Orion’s right leg, which is bruised by Lupas (Satan) who is on it. Note, though, that his left leg is lifted as if to crush Satan’s head (Gen 3:15). The star in that foot is called Rigel which means “the foot that crushes” (Genesis 3:15) as does Thabit (Hebrew) and Al Rai .

Other star names include: “the branch” (Arabic: Al Giauza ). ” the might” (Arabic: Al Gebor ), “the ruler” (Arabic: Al Mirzam ), “the prince” (Arabic: Al Nagjed ), “the mighty” ( Chaldee : Niphica ), “the strong” (Hebrew: Nux ), “coming” ( Chaldee : Heka and Hebrew: Missa ).

The picture here is of Christ coming to prevail over His enemies (Isa. 42:13-16) and fill the world with His glory and light (Isa. 40:1-3; 11:9; Num. 14:21).

ERIDANUS : Redeemer’s Enemies Face His Wrath

This is a strange constellation. It is a river of God’s wrath and judgment pouring forth onto His enemies. The Egyptian names for it Pehtat (“the mouth of the river”) and Eridanus (“the river of the judge”) show that.

Stars include Achernar (“the after part of the river”), Cursa (“bent down”), Zourac (Arabic: “flowing”), Pheat (“mouth of the river”), and Dzha (“the going forth”).

In Greek mythology today it has retained its original meaning: a river of fire. The Bible often speaks of this river of fire coming out from God in judgment (Dan 7:9-11; Psalm 97:3-5; Hab . 3:5; Isa. 30:27-33; Nahum 1:5-6; Ps 50:3; 80:3; Isa 66:15-16). This fire will flow into hell, with those carried along with it, and hell will be burning fire forever (Rev. 19:20).

Notice that Cetus (Satan) seems to trying to stop this flow but is unable to. God’s final judgment will not be stopped, but will destroy Satan, too!

AURIGA : Redeemed Are Safe From Wrath

After all this picture of coming judgment on His enemies, God now inserts a constellation to remind and reassure His people that they will be safe from judgment. The Hebrew name, Auriga , means “a shepherd.”

The stars bear this out. Alioth (Hebrew) means “a she goat.” Menklinon means “chain of the goats” – the goat is united to Christ forever. El Nath means “wounded, slain” (Genesis 3:15). Aiyuk means “wounded in the foot” (Genesis 3:15).

This goat pictures us, God’s people, the multitude seen in Taurus (Pleiades), Perseus , and the fish. We are safe and secure with Christ. Auriga (sitting on the Milky Way) holds the goat who looks down in concern at the terrible onrushing bull. As believers we’ll never see the anger/judgment side of God ( Ezekiel 34:22). Jesus took all of that on the cross for us. Isa 40:10-11 says: “See, the Sovereign LORD comes with power, and his arm rules for him. See, his reward is with him, and his recompense accompanies him. He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

Jesus pictured as a Shepherd is common (Psalm 23; John 10). He is the good shepherd who gave His life for the sheep (John 10:11). He is the great shepherd brought again from the dead (Heb 13:20). He is the chief shepherd in the days of His coming glory (I Peter 5:4).

Thus we see here that Jesus will protect His flock ( Auriga ) when He comes to judge those who aren’t His (Orion, Eridasnus , Taurus). Which are you – one of His or not?



In Roman and Greek mythology the Gemini twins are both heroes of particular and extraordinary birth — sons of Jupiter. They supposedly had cleared the seas of pirates and were looked upon as the patron saints of navigation (which is why the ship Paul sailed on was named after them – Acts 28:11). The common practice of taking oaths and swearing by their names has descended even to our own day in the still-surviving vulgar habit of swearing “By Gemini.” Of course this is Satan’s counterfeit, his confusion to mask the truth these twins are to convey. What is so important that Satan works so hard to hide? Gemini and the constellations related to it teach about Christ’s victorious return. Do you see why Satan has changed the meaning? Lets see what these stars told when God created and named them.

GEMINI: Messiah Reigns as prince of Peace

The name of this constellation means “united in brotherhood” in Coptic ( Pimahi ), Hebrew ( Thaumim ) and Arabic (Al Tauman ). They are both strong men, as seen often before (Psalm 19:5). They represent Christ in His two comings.

The twin on the left is known as Hercules or Pollux today. The star in his head means “who comes to suffer.” In his foot is one called “hurt, wounded, afflicted” (Genesis 3:15). In his hand was originally a palm branch (signifying peace). Stars there were “the palm branch” and “branch” (same as in Virgo’s hand). This twin stands for Jesus as the Son of Man, the suffering servant come to die for our sins.

The other twin, the one on the right, is known as Apollo or Castor. A star in his head is known as “ruler” or “judge.” One in his knee mans “treading underfoot” (Genesis 3:15). Another means “seed” or “branch” (as in Virgo). He has a bow and arrows in his hand, but not ready for use. He’s holding them up as if victory has already been won! This twin stands for Jesus as the Son of God, the righteous judge come end sin and set things right (end of Tribulation). We’ve seen this same truth in several previous constellations (Scorpio, Ophiuchus , Sagittarius, Andromeda ).

LEPUS : The Enemy Trodden Under

While this figure is often seen as a rabbit, don’t think of it as a cute, innocent pet! It isn’t! Persians saw it as a serpent. The Egyptians had an unclean bird standing on the serpent. All are symbolic for Satan. The rabbit in pagan history has always stood for fertility. Ishtar ( Ashtoreth , from which our ‘Easter’ today has developed) was called the “Queen of Heaven.” She was worshipped with hot cross buns, eggs, bunnies and other fertility symbols. God sternly warns His people to stay away from all of this (Jer. 7:18; 44:15-30). This is no pet rabbit, but a symbol of Satan himself!

The star names support this. Arnebo (Hebrew) and Arnebeth (Arabic) mean “the enemy of him that is coming.” Nibal means “the mad.” Bakis mans “the bound, with a chain.” Sugia means “the deceiver.”

The location of Orion’s (Jesus’) foot over Lepus ‘ head speaks of Jesus treading down, crushing Satan (Genesis 3:15; Mal 4:3; Ps 60:12; Isa 63:3-4). The other foot, by the way, seems to be wounded by Lepus (Genesis 3:15).

CANIS MAJOR ( SIRUS ): Coming Glory of the Prince of Princes

The type of animal here again isn’t as important as what it signifies. It is a picture of Jesus in His second coming. In Egypt it was a hawk ( Apes: “caused to come forth swiftly”), which is the natural enemy of the serpent. It has a pestle and mortar on its head, indicating he will crush the serpent’s head (Genesis 3:15). In Persian, Hebrew and Arabic it was a wolf because of it’s speed and quickness ( Zeeb , “coming forth swiftly”). The Akkadian name was Kasista , meaning “leader of the heavenly host.” Thus the figure, whichever it used, speaks of Jesus coming quickly.

The star in the nose, Sirius (meaning “the prince”), is the brightest star in the whole heavens. It is one of our closest neighbors, only 8.5 light years away. In ancient languages ‘ sur ‘ meant ‘prince.’ In English we still use it as a term of dignity and respect, as ‘sir.’ In Egypt it was ‘ osiris ,’ Hebrew ‘ sirai ,’ Etruscan ‘ aesar ,’ and Indian ‘ aswara ,’ all meaning “prince”.

Other stars are Mirzam (“the prince, the ruler” – Dan. 8:23,25), Wesen (“the bright, the shining”), Adhara (“the glorious”), Aschere (Hebrew: “who shall come”), Al Shira (Arabic: “the prince of the right hand” – Rev 19:16), Seir (Egyptian: “the prince”), Abur (“Hebrew: “the mighty” – Isaiah 9:6), Al Habor (Arabic: “the mighty”) and Muliphen (Arabic: “the leader, chief” – Isa 55:4). Thus Canis Major speaks of the glorious coming of Christ the Prince.

Canis Major was, by the ancients, always associated with great heat because of its location at that time of the summer. Though that is no longer true because of the procession of the equinoxes, we still call the hot days of summer “the dog days.”

CANIS MINOR ( PROCYON ): Exalted Redeemer

Here, too, the animal isn’t as important as what it signifies. The Egyptians saw this as a hawk ( Sebak , “conquering victorious”). It speaks of the same thing as Canis Major – the glorious coming of Christ the redeemer (Isa 49:24-26; 59:19-20; 53:12).

The large star in the center, Procyon (“redeemer”) is the eighth brightest stars in the sky. A close neighbor (10.5 light years away), it is 5 times as bright as the sun. Other stars are Al Gomeisa (Arabic: “the burdened, loaded, bearing for others”), Al Shira (Arabic: “the prince/chief of the left hand”), Al Mirzam (“the prince, ruler”), and Al Gomeyra (“who completes or perfects”).

While Canis Major and Minor show similar truths about Jesus’s coming, Canis Major focus’ on Christ as Prince while Canis Minor focus’ on Christ as Redeemer.

Thus Gimini and the constellations nearby show Jesus’ victorious return as prince ( Canis Major) and redeemer ( Canis Minor) in His second coming ( Gimini ). When this happens Satan will be trodden down & defeated ( Lepus ).




Satan is the great deceiver (John 8:44), for he knows God’s truth sets men free (John 8:32). Therefore he substitutes his lies and half-truths. He does all he can to change God’s truth, or at least cover it over so man doesn’t see it. He attacks the Bible and tries to undermine man’s faith in it. He attacks God’s revelation in the sky by changing as much truth as he can. He changes the meaning of the signs and symbols. He also changes the symbols themselves if he can. That’s what we see in the group of constellations around Cancer.

CANCER: Messiah’s Redeemed Possessions

While Cancer is shown as a crab today, that is not the original sign. The Egyptians and Hindus had a beetle, the emblem of the resurrection body. Other names refer to “who holds, binds” (Arabic: Al Sartan and Syriac : Sartano ) and “holding, encircling” (Greek: Karkinos and Latin: Cancer).

This constellation includes Asellus Boreas (northern donkey) and Assellus Australis (southern donkey). The donkey was the animal ridden by Jesus for His victorious entrance into Jerusalem (Mt. 21:5).

In the center is a bright cluster of stars called Praesepe , meaning ” a multitude, offstpring .” This refers to God’s people who are safe with Him (as with Taurus, Perseus , etc.). This is the main teaching of this — God’s people are secure in His care (John 10).

Other stars reinforce this: Tegmine (“holding”), Acubene (“the sheltering/hiding place”), Maalaph (“assembled thousands”) and Al Himarein (“the lambs”).

URSA MINOR: The Lesser Sheepfold

Again, the bear seen today is not the original sign here. No bear is found in ANY Chaldean , Egyptian, Persian or Indian zodiac. No bear every had a tail like this! The Hebrew name summarizes it best: “a fold, security and rest” ( Dohver ). The Hebrew word for bear is Dohv , and perhaps this is why the switch was later made to picturing this as a bear.

Al Ruccaba , the polar star, is in the bear’s tail. It means “the turned on.” The interesting thing is that it wasn’t the polar star upon which all turnd when God named it – the polar star was in Draco . God named it this, though, knowing it would one day be the polar star. When Draco (Satan) is cast down from heaven, Ursa Minor (God’s sheepfold) will still be safely there.

Other stars are Kochab (“waiting him who comes”), Al Pherkadain (“the redemed assembly”) , Al Kaid (“the assembled”) and Arctos (“stronghold of the saved”).

Just exactly who is this smaller sheepfold? Probably the same as the fish (Pisces) pointing straight at the polar star (heaven) — Israel (Heb. 11:10 -16; etc.).

URSA MAJOR: The Fold and the Flock

Ursa Major teaches the same spiritual truth as Ursa Minor — God’s people are secure in Him. Today this constellation is known best as containing the Big Dipper ( Ursa Minor is the Little Dipper). While most people can’t find the other constellations, the Big Dipper is one many people can locate. Tracing a line north from the front edge of the pan/dipper one can locate the polar star (and Little Dipper).

While Ursa Minor is a smaller sheepfold, Ursa Major is a larger sheepfold. The Hebrew name (Ash) means “the assembled” (Job 9:9; 38:31-32). The Arabs called it Al Naish (“the assembled together”).

Stars comprising the Big Dipper (counter-clockwise) are Dubhe (“a herd of animals, a flock”), Merach (Hebrew: “the flock”; Arabic: “purchased”), Pheda (“guarded, numbered, visited” as a flock – God’s sheep, like the stars, are both numbered and named by God, Psalm 147:4), Alioth (“she goat”), Mrar (“separate, small”) and Benet Naish (“daughters of the assembly”). The tail of the bear is the handle of the Big Dipper. Bears, however, don’t have tails like this! The American Indians saw these 3 stars in the tail as 3 hunters chasing a bear.

Other stars include Al Kaid (“the assemblied “), Al Cor (“the lamb”), El Alcola (“the sheepfold” Psalm 95:7; 50:3), Cabd al Asad (“multitude, many assembled”), Annaish (“the assembled”), El Kaphrah (“redeemed, ransomed”), Calisto (“the sheepfold appointed”) and Duybheh Lachar (“the latter flock”).

Who is this greater sheepfold? Just as Pisces shows the two peoples of God, so does the two sheepfolds. If the lesser sheepfold ( Ursa Minor) refers to Israel, then the greater sheepfold ( Ursa Major) refers to other believers (the Church today). Jesus said He had two groups of peoples. “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.” (John 10:16 ) .

ARGO: Redeemed Pilgrims Arrive Safely At Home

Argo completes these last several constellations which show that God’s people are safe and secure in Him. It shows the redeemed pilgrams safe at home (heaven).

Argo means “company of travelers.” Stars are Sephina (“the multitude”), Tureis (“the possession”), Asmidiska (“the released who travel”), Soheil (“the desired”), and Subilon (“the branch” – as in Virgo). The main star is Canopus (“the possiession of him who comes”). It is the second brightest star, 2,000 times brighter than our sun, and 100 light years away.

Argo is the ship of the Argonauts of which Homer sung 1000 years before Christ. The “golden fleece ” for which the Argonauts went in search tells of a treasure that had been lost. Jason ( the Greek & Hebrew equivalent of Joshua or Jesus) is the great captian who recovers it from the serpent which carefully guarded it. No one else had been able to rescue it. While it is obvious Satan has succeeded in changing this to take the glory from Jesus, still it is evident that the original truth is still there under the confusion.

Thus Cancer and its associated constellations talk about us believers being secure in God (Cancer, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major) and being assured of making it to heaven (Argo).



One of the many names for Jesus is the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” Rev 5:5 says: Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals ” ( see also Gen 49:9). This truth is so special God revealed it to everyone years ago in the stars.

LEO: Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Egypt, India, the Orient, and everywhere else the ancient world used a lion for this sign. In Egypt he was called Pi Mentekeon (“the pouting out” of divine wrath on the Old Serpent – Hydra – Satan). In Syria he was A Ryo (“the rending lion”). The Arabs called him Al Asad (“a lion coming vehemently”). In Hebrew there are six words for lion. The one used here ( Arieh ) is the strongest, referring to an adult lion hunting down its prey.

The names of the stars reinforce this. Regulus means “treading underfoot” (Genesis 3:15). Denebola means “the Lord who is coming.” Al Giebha means “the exhaltation .” Zosma means “shining forth.” Minchir (Arabic) means “punishing by the lion.” Deneb Aleced means “the judge coming who seizes.” Al Dafera (Arabic) means “the enemy put down.” An unusual name for a star is Sarcam (Hebrew) which means “the joining,” signifying that this is where the end of the zodiac joins the to the front (Virgo).

Its very clear that this is Jesus crushing Satan (Hydra) (Genesis 3:15; Rev 5:5; Isa 42:13; Amos 3:4,8; Gen 49:8-9; Num 24:8-9).

HYDRA: Satan Destroyed

Hydra is the last of several snakes seen in the constellations. This refers, of course, to Satan (Genesis 3:1-7; Rev. 12:9-10). Hydra means “he is abhorred.” Stars are Al Phard (“the serpent put away”), Al Drian (“the abhorred”) and Minchar Al Sugia (“the piercing of the deceiver”). Although he wounded Christ in the heel (cross) he is crushed by Jesus (Gen 3:15).

Rev 12:9 says “The great dragon was hurled down– that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” These same names/descriptions are used for Satan in the constellations. Draco (Dragon) shows Satan cast down from heaven. Cetus (Sea Monster) shows Satan bound. Hydra (Old Serpent) shows Satan being destroyed.

CRATER: Judgment Upon Satan

Crater stands for the cup of God’s wrath poured out on Satan (Hydra). There are 13 stars in the cup, the number of judgment. This cup of God’s wrath being poured out on Satan is seen throughout Scripture (Rev. 14:10; 16:19; Ps 11:6; 75:8). It won’t be poured out on us because Jesus drank it for us (Mt. 26:39; Mk. 14:36; Jn. 18:11).

CORVUS : The Enemy Gone Forever

The Egyptian name for this is Herna (“the breaking up of the enemy”). Stars are Al Chibar (Arabic: “the curse of the afflicted”), Al Goreb (Arabic: “the raven”), and Minchar Al Gorab (Arabic: “the raven tearing to pieces”).

Revelation 19:17-18 talks about his: And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God, so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and mighty men, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, small and great.” (See also Prov 30:17; I Sam 17:46; Jer 25:30-33).

Thus Leo and the associated constellations show the certain eternal judgment and punishment (Crater, Corbus ) of Satan and unbelievers (Hydra) by Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe

of Judah (Leo).

Astrology is a Sin!

Satan took God’s truth in the stars and counterfeited it. Like in everything, he tries to get the glory from God by focusing on himself instead of God. He deceives whenever he can. Using the signs of the zodiac to determine the future, paying attention to which sign you were born under, all of this is sin and strongly condemned by God (Deut. 18:10-12; 13:1-5; Acts 13:1-12). Astronomy, the legitimate science of the study of the stars and planets is fine, but anything having to do with astrology or horoscopes is sin! Satan’s power is behind it.

Days Named After the Stars & Planets

Sunday = SUN-day

Monday = MOON-day

Tuesday = TUISCO -day (Anglo-Saxon name for Mars)

Wednesday = WODEN’S -day (Anglo-Saxon name for Mercury)

Thursday = THOR’S-day (Anglo-Saxon name for Jupiter)

Friday = FRIGA -Day (Anglo-Saxon for Venus)

Saturday = SATURN-day

“The Bright and Morning Star”

Read Revelation 22:16; Numbers 24:17 and Matthew 2:2-9. Jesus is called the “Bright and Morning Star.” Why is this a title for Jesus? What does this tell us about Jesus? Why are these two words used together?



Now that we’ve seen how God put His plan of salvation in the stars, and what the 12 signs of the zodiac and 36 related constellations reveal about redemption, lets put it all together. Starting with Jesus’s birth as a baby (Virgo) and culminating with His second coming to remove sin and Satan forever (Leo), God’s plan for man is revealed in the stars. Not all the details about Jesus’ life and ministry are given, of course. Still, enough is revealed to know beyond a shadow of doubt that if one is seeking God he can find Him and salvation.

Plan of Salvation in the Stars

First, man’s need of salvation is shown (Libra, man deficient in God’s sight). Next God’s provision of Christ (death for sin and resurrection conquering sin) to meet the deficiency is clearly and repeatedly shown (Virgo, Centaurus , Libra, Crux, Lupus, Capricornus , Sagitta , Aquila , Aries, Perseus , Gemini, Canis Major). Man can’t add anything to this, can only accept it ( Sagitta ). When man does make a free-will decision to put faith in God for salvation and not in his own works, then he receives it. ALL sin is removed (Pisces, Andromeda). There is never any fear of judgment, only security ( Cancer, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Argo). God sends many blessings quickly (Aquarius, Pisces Australias , Pegasus, Cygnus).

Genesis 3:15

God’s first prophecy in the Bible is about Jesus, Genesis 3:15. “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” This is clearly seen in Virgo, Crux & Corona, Ophiuchus , Hercules, Capricornus , Orion, and Leo & Hydra.

Satan – the Defeated Enemy

Much is shown about Satan. Scorpio and Serpens shows him attacking Christ. Draco shows he is cast down. The Band shows him working against believers. Cetus shows him bound. Lepus shows him trodden under foot. Hydra shows him destroyed.

Jesus – the Victorious One

The main focus, of course, is on Jesus. Virgo shows He is to come from Israel and Mary. Coma foretells He will come as a baby. Centaurus reveals His death for our sin. Bootes talks about His return as judge. Libra focus’ on His sacrifice for sin. Crux shows this work will be done on the cross. Lupus focuses on Him voluntarily giving Himself for sin. Corona foreshadows the coming crown Jesus will receive. Ophiuchus and Hercules proclaim his defeat of Satan. Sagittarius proclaims Christ the conqueror. Capricornus focuses on His death and resurrection. Sagitta teaches redemption is from God. Aquila brings out the truth that Jesus was slain by God. Delphinus pictures the resurrection of Christ. Aquarius relates Christ’s blessings which will be poured forth. Pegasus and Cygnus reports Christ quickly bringing blessings. Cepheus describes Christ releasing believers from Satan. Aries portrays Him being slain for sin. Perseus depicts Christ destroying Satan. Taurus explains Christ coming to rule. Orion imparts information about Christ conquering all. Auriga reminds that believers are protected by Christ. Gimini reveals Jesus in His two comings, as Servant and Judge. Canis Major and Minor reveal Christ as Prince and Redeemer. Leo announces Christ as the Lion crushing Satan.

Throughout the Ages…

There is no way of knowing the impact this revelation of God’s plan of salvation in the stars has had throughout the years. We don’t understand or appreciate it now because we have God’s greater, clearer revelation in the Bible. Still, for thousands of years (and still today in some parts of the world), God’s message of hope and freedom from sin was conveyed in the stars. Satan has perverted and silenced their message to us today , but God makes sure His word goes out anyway. He no longer needs the stars as the main revelation of His truth. Still, by looking at it and understanding it we can better worship and praise God and His greatness. Its a good way of better understanding God’s plan for us (by the figures and signs which clearly reveal God’s truth). Just as God reveals His truth by objects in the Tabernacle, so He does the same thing with the stars.

Zodiac and the Tabernacle

In fact, the signs of the zodiac were arrayed around the Tabernacle. Each tribe had a flag with its name and symbol on it. The symbol corresponded with a sign in the sky (Gen. 37:9; 49; Num 23; 24; Deut 33). That Judah was symbolized by a lion (Leo) is common knowledge. The other tribes seem to be: Issachar (Cancer), Zebulon (Virgo), Simeon (Pisces), Reuben (Aquarius), Gad (Aries), Ephraim & Manasseh (Taurus – 2 horns), Benjamin (Gemini), Asher (Sagittarius), Dan (Scorpio), Nephtali (Capricorn) and Levi (Libra).


“The Gospel in the Stars,” by Joseph A. Seiss , Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids , Michigan , 1972

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“Stories in the Sky,” by Thomas Thigpen, Chariot Books, David Cook Publishing Co., 1986 (This uses constellations to teach Bible stories, not making any claim to God’s original purpose. It can be a fun way for children to enjoy the constellations and learn Bible stories.)

If you come across some information or insights about this whole subject of salvation in the stars I would be very interested in seeing or hearing about it. Please contact me at: Jerry Schmoyer, 252 W. State St., Doylestown, Pa. 18901. Phone is .

I encourage you to teach this to your children. It combines Bible study, worship and science. God bless you as you use this information to bless others!

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