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Never believe it, fake – couldn’t happen, a trick

GOD says all we have as Christians don’t believe, either

SALVATION, then live like others, like before

An American Indian legend tells about an eagle that was raised by turkeys, and never got to soar.

CHRISTIANS TODAY sad, defeated, struggling

        Trying to impress God, others, self

Ephesians 1:1-6 shows what we have in Jesus


I. In Christ We Are Significant   Eph 1:1-2


saints.” = all believers.

 Greek word hagios, which literally means “holy.”

Not by our actions but what Jesus did for us

Called that 240+ times in Bible

Unbelievers called ‘sinners’ 330+ times

We can and do still sin But God sees us as forgiven in Jesus,

Confess sin and forgiven, forgotten by God (I John 1:9)

        Harder to forgive ourselves and others


In Colossians 3:1-4 our position is described

“hidden with Christ in God.” Our position, How God sees us

PARENTS: we love our children, don’t like to see them

Afraid, struggling – must know they are loved and special to us, that we will do everything we can for them.



1. In Christ we are Significant

2. In Christ we are Sufficient



II. In Christ We Are Sufficient   Eph 1:3


 “HAS blessed us”= already done, already done at salvation

        Not something we must earn, ours forever no matter


 “with EVERY spiritual blessing”= not just some but every

        Not every PHYSICAL blessing, but SPIRITUAL

        Spiritual more important, last forever

2 Cor 5:17  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!


 “new creation”= old gone, new in Christ

Join a group = rights and privileges of the group

Become Christian = rights and privileges of that

Part of a family by birth or adoption, all family has is yours

Become Christian by birth/adoption, all Jesus has is ours


 “in Christ” = key phrase repeated over and over in Eph.


210 things happen at moment of salvation – all given by HS

I am God’s child (John 1:12)
I am Christ’s friend (John 15:15)
I am united with the Lord(1 Cor. 6:17)
I am bought with a price(1 Cor. 6:19-20)
I am a saint (set apart for God). (Eph. 1:1)
I am a personal witness of Christ  (Acts 1:8)
I am the salt & light of the earth (Matt.5:13-14)
I am a member of the body of Christ(1 Cor 12:27)
I am free forever from condemnation ( Rom. 8: 1-2)
I am a citizen of Heaven. I am significant (Phil.3:20)
I am free from any charge against me (Rom. 8:31-34)
I am a minister of reconciliation for God(2 Cor.5:17-21)
I have access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18)
I am seated with Christ in the heavenly realms (Eph. 2:6)
I cannot be separated from the love of God(Rom.8:35-39)
I am established, anointed, sealed by God (2 Cor.1:21-22)
I am assured all things work together for good (Rom. 8: 28)
I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit  (John 15:16)
I may approach God with freedom and confidence (Eph. 3: 12)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)
I am the branch of the true vine, a channel of His life (John 15: 1-5)
I am God’s temple (1 Cor. 3: 16). I am complete in Christ (Col. 2: 10)
I am hidden with Christ in God (Col 3:3).

I have been justified (Rom 5:1)
I am God’s co-worker (1 Cor 3:9; 2).

 I am God’s workmanship (Eph 2:10)
the good work God began in me will be perfected (Phil 1: 5)
I have been redeemed & forgiven (Col. 1:14).

and been adopted (Eph 1:5)

POOR MAN begging on streets, not aware father $$$$$

God gives us all we need and more


Child on trip, mother packs, child trusts all child needs

US on trip in this life, God gives all we need until home heaven


NOT sent on trip and have to make do on own

God not expect us to live Christian life alone.


He promises to always be with us

He tells us we can talk to Him and ask for needs.

He assures us we are unconditionally loved forever

He gives us power and authority over demons

He will help us have victory over sin

He gives us the fruit of His Spirit

He assures us we will be with Him forever when we die

He takes all fear of the future

He promises that we will have salvation, can’t lose it

He deals with us in grace, not works

He sais that everything that happens He will use for good

He will be with us and help us whatever we face



1. In Christ we are Significant

2. In Christ we are Sufficient

3. In Christ we are Secure



III. In Christ We Are Secure   Eph 1:4-5


 “He chose us”= we didn’t pick Him, He picked us

        Before world created chosen for salvation!

        Sent Holy Spirit to show your need


 “He predestined us to be His child”= chose our future


 “He freely bestowed His grace on us”= all by GRACE

        Not fear, works, etc.

        Part of His family, Jesus elder brother


Your only child brings home an orphan friend he loves like a brother, parents accept and treat new one like own son

Same with us and Jesus, God


“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1).



        No matter what we do or don’t do

        Sin makes Him sad but still loves us

        Disobedience hurts parents, but still loves child


Nothing can ever separate us from that love  Rom 8:37-39



GIFT – nothing to earn/deserve, nothing to lose

BIRTH, born again, new babies, etc – Can’t be UNborn


Can’t change being physical son, irreversible

God won’t reverse adoption proceedings

PETER denied Christ 3 times, never lost salvation

CARNAL BELIEVERS – Christians living by flesh, sin;     still believers, didn’t lose salvation

LOST SHEEP stray from flock, but still legally part of that flock


Shows He is able/willing to complete what He started Phil 1:6

Must live, then, to bring honor to our great family



1. In Christ we are Significant

2. In Christ we are Sufficient

3. In Christ we are Secure


It is as if someone made an anonymous and secret deposit into your checking account. If you did not know about the existence of that deposit, you would never be able to draw upon it. But when you came into the knowledge of that truth, then you would immediately have access to that resource.



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