By Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer  jerry@schmoyer.net 




        arrogant        self-righteous

        stubborn       manipulative

        take but not give     sneaky & deceitful

        not face you man to man like us Romans

We hated them as much as they hated us!- MORE!

We took away all their freedom & privileges:

        -heavily taxed

        -couldn’t execute without permission (stone)

that’s why they got me involved in their miserable murder plot!

                        NOT just permission

                        BUT force me to do dirty work!

                                Oh how I hate them!

Worst thing I ever did

Biggest mistake I ever made

Changed my whole life: on earth & for eternity         


I. TRIAL BY PILATE # 1 (Trial 4)



Illegitimate son of German king

Roman education, good ability, well liked

Murdered man at party, sent to BLACK SEA

Put down revolt – excellent military job

Left wife to marry CLAUDIA (dau of Augustus & prost.)

Capture province “Ponchus” – title “PONTIUS”

Military hero – made gov of JUDEA

        top Roman official in whole area

Better leading soldiers in battle, courageous in battle

Weak moral courage, prideful,


THE DAY I WAS TALKING @ STARTED LIKE ANY OTHER but it didn’t stay that way long -never forget it – Friday, April 3, 33 AD


6 AM night report from duty officer – arrest in Gethse

Shortly after 6 my AID informed me rel rulers see me

        -this their most special, holy day of the year!

        -why make selves unclean by coming in?

Temple police, mob, top leaders there!

        Man bloody, bleeding, beat up!

        Tied hand & foot

                -couldn’t have walked away if free!

        Police looked like afraid of armed attack to free

Wouldn’t come in to me – self-righteous

                kill this man, but not in Gentile home!

        Illegal: court proceedings on feast day

                Pilate out to them, but gave in

Set mood/pattern for whole day, downhill from there

        lost 1st power-struggle without aware of import.


PAST RUN-INS WITH JEWS didn’t turn out well..



        image of emperor (a god)

        Jews protested, crowd hounded me 5 days

        surrounded in amphitheater, disperse or die!

        knelt down, bared necks – couldn’t kill so many

        had to give in, remove standards!


        needed $ for water system

        riots in streets, soldiers killed many


JEWS tattled to Rome constantly @ all this

        told me “Keep things quiet or you’re out!”

        they had me where they wanted me

Ready to use that leverage against me today

Obvious don’t want justice — just Roman approval

STILL I had final say, didn’t have to give in

        -oh how I wish I wouldn’t have!!!

                I really hate those Jews!


BACK TO THIS MAN they brought

        Audacity of them – had no charges to give!

        Wanted me to just TRUST them, blank check

                Acted injured, hurt that I wanted reason!

        OK – I gave Roman approval for Jewish trial!

                Turns out already had their trial!!!

                What want is approval for execution!





        Anti-Caesar – claiming to be a king

   I didn’t believe them – He seemed incapable of harm

   Too serious charges to ignore if some truth (esp #3)



SHOULD HAVE said NO and ended it right there

        What was the stoning of one more Jew?

     Their arrogance and contempt of me hit my PRIDE

        Not about to cooperate with them! – Still had to settle matter fairly


So I asked him “Are you the king of the Jews?”

        “Yes” He answered

   Now I had to investigate further

        but not before this mob!

Brought this man inside




“Are you guilty of what they say?”

        Seemed sensible man

        More honest, direct than rel rul

        If revolt brewing I’d have known it

        This bloody, swollen man a king?      

“Depends on what kind of a king referring to.”

“Do you take me for an idiot, thinking someone like

        you could be a threat to Rome!  If you were

        a revolutionary I’d have known about it!”


“I am a king, but no threat to Roman rule.  If that is what I’d had in mind I’d be leading soldiers against you, not standing here like this.  I’m a king of an entirely different realm!”


CONFUSED me, getting impatient, frustrated

        can’t just release someone claiming to a KING

        but WAS He claiming to be a king?

“How can a king not be a king?  Its either yes or no!”

“If it has to be yes or no, then the answer is YES – but I’m no threat to you or Rome!

       In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth.  Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”


“What is truth!” frustration coming out, irritated

        can’t get truth from Jews or this man!

        Much rather lead troops in battle than do this!

     (shrug shoulders, dismiss whole subject, walk away

   Just want to get out of this mess politically clean

        -no nasty reports to Rome about me!



Back out to rel rulers, with findings

“There’s no accusation against this man, no indictment, and I can’t find anything wrong He’s done.”


        SHOULD HAVE released Him and ended it all

        Used soldiers to scatter crowd

        Do what was right, even if not political expedient

        INSTEAD listened to their backtalk & complain

        FEAR of their manipulative power

        Look for COMPROMISE way out

                Heard one yelling @ his act. in Galilee

                Send him to HEROD!!!

                        Knew not right, but try anything!

                   Illegal: I had authority, not Herod

                                If innocent must release

                                Herod – no court in Jeru.



        1 ‘little’ lie, sin, etc

        1 little sin grows: gambling, drinking, etc

        getting someone to spy – not ask him to sell secret documents right off, just get some innocent info like list of names, which all know anyway, then ask for more and more — get hooked




Hasmonian palace

Son of HEROD the GREAT (kill Beth babies)



Ruled 30 years, since then

Good administrator, people prospered

Cleaver man (“fox”)

Power-mad, fun loving playboy (never grew up)

Took brother’s wife, HERODIAS

        Beheaded John the BAPTIST @ it


Not get along with me – opposites in temperament

Resentful losing half of kgdm to outsider (under me!)

Sending this man to him mended things

        -took it as my recognition of his position!


Herod CURIOUS, heard @ Jesus in Galilee

Afraid he was John Bapt come back to torment!

“Are you John come back to accuse me?”

“How do you do those miracles?”

“What about person back to life?”

“What are you in trouble for?”

Bored, wanted some excitement (fun, not a trial)

Prisoner didn’t say a word

Herod insulted, mood spoiled

        obviously not John Baptizer!


Find own form of entertainment with Him

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: ridicule, mockery

PHYSICAL ABUSE: blindfold, hit (who did it?)


Man obviously not guilty of any crime deserving of death!

   Should have released Him, but didn’t

Sent Him back to me!


Disappointed when came back!

        Wanted out of it all


            Me: no religious person, but superstitious!

                not going to mess with any ‘god!’

                Understand rel rul motive: jealousy!

“Don’t bring Him back here!  I told you I found Him innocent and so did Herod.  Just let the man go!”


III. TRIAL BY PILATE # 2 (Trial 6)


I’m frustrated & impatient, not going as I like

        Same true of rel rulers!

            Want Him dead before town awakes hears

            Already people gathering not under their pay

                What if Galileans revolt, take by force!



 There’s my way out!  let the people decide (not rel rul)

        Not overly pleased with solution, but why not?

Always released prisoner on top feast day – today!

        Usually later in day, but why not now?



        Son of well known rabbi

        Insurrectionist, murdered Roman soldiers

        Terrorist, Mafia-type gangster

        Public enemy # 1

        To be executed today

        Surely people pick Jesus over this scum-bag!


PLAN to release Barabbas insteadof Jesus


STARTED OUT WELL, I read the newly-gathered crowd right, supportive of releasing Jesus

   Then another of those little things that changes history happened






   CLAUDIA PROCULA, my wife, sent me a note

        Release Him, He’s innocent and godly

        Convert to Judaism, understood Messiah proof

        Woman of faith and belief in God

        Tormented in dream because of prisoner

                Found out His fate in my hands

        Sent note, just arrived

        Dream superstitious omen, warning to release

Bad timing!

        Rel rulers used break to influence crowd!

        -releasing Jesus would PLEASE Pilate!

        -threatened EXCOMMUNICATION

        -$$$ to any holdouts

    Crowds are so fickle, easily led!




My thoughts PULLED BACK TO PRESENT by crown      calling for “BARABBAS” !!!

    no more time @ silly woman’s dream!

Tried to reason with them, talk them out of it – nothing!

        COLD SWEAT breaks out on body!


CONDEMN innocent one

RELEASE knowingly guilty man

        (Sometimes wonder what ever happened to Bar

        (How did this affect him, if at all?

        (How feel @ Jesus dying on cross in his place!





Then I made another mistake:

“OK, you’ve got Barabbas, now what do you want me to do with Jesus?”

        Yelled in frustration, not serious question


        Like vultures, sharks smelling blood!

                out of control!

        STONING: quick, merciful death – by Jews

        CRUCIFIXION: worst death imaginable

                -administered by ME!

                        (rel rul pushing ME do dirty work)

“Why crucify?  What’s He guilty of?”



        shout so loud no one hear me, or reason!

Later I learned prisoner’s mother and aunt there

        wonder how all this affecting them?

At the time only thinking @ self! get out of this!


PRIDE: not want to let rel rulers get own way

FEAR: complain to Rome, me out of job!




If crowd not listen to reason, appeal to sympathy

        Beating better than death, so commanded it

6 large soldiers took turns (hatred for Jews like        Barabbas who murdered their friends)

Whip: leather, bone, steel

Jesus suspended from ceiling by hands

        naked, 2 at a time whip, take turns

        skin into long ribbon-like segments

        (already whipped twice, not as bad)

   back only part of body can live thru this

   too skillful to kill, just remove skin & muscle

   raw tendons & nerve endings exposed to air

   shock from loss of body fluids

“Half death” = more dead then alive when done

SALT rubbed into back when done to revive!

ROBE plastered against back to stop bleeding


Took Jesus to another room to revive, bleeding stop

TEAR ROBE OFF (bleeding start), put purple on

        (King’s color, done in mockery)

        old, faded, rough burlap-type material


CROWN needed on King!

        make one of weeds nearby (3” thorns)

        beat down on head with club

        head bleeds much and long


SCEPTER, old staff = mockery of rulership

        soldiers faked bowing in worship, big joke!

        “No one will worship you?  We’ll make you

                feel better and worship you!”


PHYSICAL ABUSE: spit, hit, beaten

        contest: who hit hardest, most often!

    pull out handfuls of hair & beard (who get most)

        (like some evil, Satanic force filling, pushing,

        motivating to supernatural evil & strength)




Soldiers motive: take hate out on a Jew

My motive: evoke sympathy from crowd

        (hope His mother gone by now!)


Jesus barely stand up

        advanced shock

        cold, pale sweaty skin

        blood pressure falling

        pulse pounding

        respiration shallow, barely perceptible



PEOPLE touched, moved, ready to stop, too

REL RULERS blood-thirsty, cried for blood

        others picked it up, all shouting

   -Rel Rul push to have ME do dirty work




JESUS standing there taking it all in, alert

strange: no anger, cursing, hate from prisoner

        calm, dignified, in control of it all

   perhaps this Man really divine in some way!

     Rel Rulers said he was king/god

     Jesus Himself said he was king/god

        FEAR of having flogged a god!

           greater than fear of Jews/loss of job

                now we’re talking ETERNAL conseq!



“Are you really a god?  I mean, I know you’re from Nazareth, but are you from where gods come from, too?”



Knew my mind made up

        -put my NECK before my SOUL

Not willing to do what is right, just want fear removed

Like He was DETERMINED to die

        not try to convince me He’s a god so I’ll release

Silence bothered me more than any words would have!

Tried to INTIMIDATE Him to get me off the hook

        Cool, controlled, said:

   “God is in control of this all.”

   “Any power you have is from God or you wouldn’t         have it”

   “I won’t absolve you of your guilt in this.  Others are      more accountable and guilty than you, though.” 




Back outside, told Jews I wanted to release Him

                “He’s Your KING!!!”

   not sure just what kind of king, but believed it!

                (SIGN ON CROSS SAYING SO)

        they refused to allow it

        threatened to go to Rome, say I was disloyal

                THEY were disloyal to Rome, not me!

                Hypocrites, manipulating me

                        Oh how I hate them!


WASHED MY HANDS to show I was absolving myself from guilt

     (water didn’t do it – kept washing hands rest of life)

        hands not dirty, conscience unclean!


SAVED MY NECK  (Temporarily).

        Jews didn’t report me to Rome then

        3 years later did – killing rebellious Samaritans

        removed, forced to take own life preserve honor



        guilty, hardened, bitter, fearful rest of life

        killed James, leader, disc Jesus (almost Peter)

        separated from God for all eternity

        my questions then answered

                that man Jesus WAS a King!

                everyone on the other side of grave knew

those with Him for eternity: accept Him

those separated from Him for eternity: reject Him

        I had clear chance to recognize this, didn’t



PRIDE  – not want to submit, give in, want to be first

FEAR – what others think, say;


                seems answer, but only temporary lp

                short-term help, long-term worse off!

                Next time must compromise more & more

        put my neck BEFORE my SOUL

    learn from me – don’t do that!


He IS KING, I know that now!

       He didn’t act like one then, another purpose


       He will act like it next time returns to earth!

       And He will come back – as king!!!

              Revelation 19 tells about it




When I won military victory would return to Rome and parade thru town on main street, me on white horse in front –

        KING JESUS do same thing!


LOCATION: Mt of Olives (not Rome)

BATTLE:  Armageddon starting, Jesus defeats all


Rev 19:11I saw heaven standing open –dramatic, big entry

and there before me was a white horse,

        white: purity, holiness

        horse: war, power, glory

                #1 rode DONKEY into Jerusalem

                #2 ride WAR HORSE into Jerusalem


whose rider is called Faithful and True.

        Faithful: keep all promises @ coming king

        True: remove all untruth, deception

With justice he judges and makes war.

        Justice: finally all fair, right; sin removed

        Judges, makes war: #1 lamb to die

                                #2 lion to kill, reign


12   His eyes are like blazing fire,

        Eyes: see everything, motives of heart

        Fire: burning vengeance, righteous indig/anger


and on his head are many crowns.

        Many crowns: sovereign ruler of all nations

                #1 crown of thorns

                #2 crown of glory, honor, authority


 He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.

        Name: character, nature – unknown before now


13   He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood,

        #1 covered with own blood, for believers

        #2 enemies blood shed in judgment, unbel


and his name is the Word of God.

        #1 “Jesus” – Savior, deliverer, come to save

        #2 “Word” from His mouth destroys, judgment

                Like in Gethsemane, all pinned to ground

                Not SILENT to enemies, destroy w/ Word

14   The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean.

        Believers and angels! – holy in Him!


15   Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them withan iron scepter.” He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.

        No grace, mercy    #1 grace, mercy, love

                                #2 judgment, terror


16   On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

        #1 rejected as King, except for a few

        #2 ALL see, recognize




How do you see Him?  (point to some & ask)


I don’t just mean on Sunday morning

        Saw enough hypocrisy from Jew rel rulers!

I’m talking about in day-to-day life

        No one watching

        Hidden thoughts of own mind/heart

        THAT’S where throne is now

                #1 = provide salvation, mock King

                #2 = King to rule over all forever


King of your heart now???




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