Luke 7:36-50; John 8:1-11

By Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer


Little boy, rock/sling shot, kills g-mo pet duck, sister sees, makes work, finally confess, g-mo knew, waiting, forgives


FORGIVENESS can be a hard thing to get hold of

        Pride keeps from asking God for it

        Fear keeps us from accepting it

        Insecurity keeps us from forgiving ourselves

Jesus came to earth to forgive

        He forgave more than He healed or taught



SCENE: Galilee

        Jesus just healed Centurion’s servant close to death

        Next day stopped funeral procession, son to life

        Rumors about young Rabbi flying everywhere!

        Last time in town Jesus preached in synagogue

                Prostitutes, gangsters, etc came – converted!

Rel rulers said too bad to be forgiven

        Simon (rel ruler) wanted to get to bottom of it all

                arranged dinner party to meet Jesus


Luke 7:36      Meal started, everything going well

unexpected guest -a woman (not allowed) -a prostitute


Lk 7:37-38  eat in open courtyard, others watch, show off

Recline on couches on side, eat with fingers

Servant wash feet, dirty from walk, not done for Jesus

                slipped in and started washing His feet herself

        woman knew rejected, unwanted –she touched unclean

love for Jesus greater!, wrong to neglect Him

came to see Him, hear of His love, acceptance

knelt with tears, showed her love of Him, He let her!


        KNELT at Jesus’ feet, He saw Her & smiled

                God loves all  Ps. l03:8-14;Num 14:18 

        Tears – guilt, love, shame, hurts

        Hair always bound, down = immodest

        Perfume – only resourced, around neck, expensive


Lk 7:39Assumed Jesus didn’t know kind of a woman it was

        Jesus no prophet, certainly no Messiah!

                1. Would know about the woman

                2. Wouldn’t let her touch Him. Unclean

Jesus knew all, what simon thinking


Lk 7:40-43a   BOTH debtors – neither could pay debt!

        Woman – large debt; Simon – small debt, but still debtor

    both debts forgiven, new start – if ask humbly for it

        -only woman has done so so far


Lk 7:43b-478

SIMON self-righteous, proud, didn’t see self/sin as God saw

WOMAN knew terrible sinner, humbled self for forgiveness

        most who followed Jesus terrible sinners         

She did what Simon should have done!

JESUS TO SIMON “Simon, think better than this woman!       

You’re wrong, she’s better than you!”


Lk 7:48   She didn’t ask for forgiveness, did she?

        She certainly did!  – before even anoint feet

Greek perfect tense: done awhile ago in past, results continue

   NOT: forgiven because she washed & anointed

   BUT: washed & anointed because she was forgiven!

Jesus just pointing out what had happened awhile ago!

HE paid for our sins on cross – forgiveness free & final

        God forgives & forgets, WHAT sin???

God forgives sins I Jn 2:1-2, 12

Prairie fire, go in burnt over place




Lk 7:49SIMON & others missed it


Lk 7:50Saved NOT by love, washing & anointing, etc

        BUT by faith in Him before entering


OTHERS would never accept her (you know how people are

        Jesus forgives & accepts her!

        Her record clean, as if she never sinned!!!!



Jesus always offering forgiveness

        Jesus removes, gives freedom & grace

Another similar example happened shortly before crucifixion:





Jesus in Jerusalem, cross near, RelRulers want to kill Him

   Feast of Tabernacles (1 of 3x all men to Jeru)

        Jesus went, into temple to teach, RelRul try to trap


John 8:1-6a

LAW: anyone caught in adultery was to be stoned

TRAP:     KILL HER: people not like, want to return death penal

              Trouble with Rome, contradict own teachings

        NOT KILL HER: break God’s law, not Messiah

BAIT: woman caught in adultery, flimsy tents everywhere


WOMAN: don’t know, not a prostitute, husband gone a lot?

Lonely, away from home, strange city

Drink too much, stranger nice to her

MAN: let go – law said stone both!

        Rel rulers not interested in fairness


Put self in woman’s place: wrong and sinful

        disheveled, not properly dressed or groomed

        embarrassed beyond words, totally humiliated

   Top men in all Israel and talk-of-the-town young Rabbi

        all gathered around her!

All eyes shift to Jesus?

        What will He do?

        How is He going to get out of this one?


Jn 8:6b-8a ‘katagraphein’  write a record against someone

             Perhaps Jesus writing the names & sins of rel rul

                THEY deserving of death, too!

                If cast stone, God uses same standard them


Jn 8:8b “Without sin” can also mean “without sinful desire”

        they just as lustful inside, just not do it/caught!

   NOT: don’t commit adultery – not all guilty

   BUT: don’t lust in heart – all are guilty!


Oldest more mature, better perspective

        can’t keep continually convincing self they’re OK

        knew best their own sinfulness


Jn 8:9-11aNoticed something different about this young Rabbi

        SIN pointed out, wrong, not overlooked

        SHE not rejected as person because of it

                 hated her sin, but not her!


Jn 8:11bNOT: “I forgive you” for she didn’t ask for forgiveness

        but not overlook her sin, either

    gives her a chance to repent and believe on her own

“You have a choice:  keep living as have been. Sin gets easier.

        Or repent (cahnge of mind & life) and believe/\.

        Ask for forgiveness.

        Use second chance to live for God, not self.”

Soccer, score for other team, want to quit, must come do best


Jesus stood up and talked to people still watching:

John 8:12 Called woman & people out of darkness into light!


Ps 32:5  Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD”– and you forgave the guilt of my sin.


I Jn 1:9  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.  



        What did the woman do with second chance?

        Don’t know – romantic in us says she believed.(????)

More important question: what about YOUR 2nd chance?

SIMON: Self-righteous, not see need for forgiveness?

                Live by leaglism, focus on others’ sins

        RELIGIOUS RULERS: know sinful too, walk away

WOMAN IN ADULTERY: met Jesus, get 2nd chance —

PROSTITUTE: See sin, no matter how bad, humble self

                for forgiveness and cleansed?





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