What Not to Do In Spiritual Warfare

WHAT NOT TO DO IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE   (Capernaum Synagogue encounter 3)

We have been learning lessons about what to do to have victory over Satan and his demons.  We have seen examples in the Old and New Testament.  We can also learn from what they didn’t do.  There are some things Jesus didn’t do with demons when He faced them, and neither should we.  We can see this from the story of the demonized man in the Capernaum synagogue (Mark 1:21-28; Luke 4:31-37).

LESSON FOR TODAY:  While the demon(s) in this man try to bait Jesus into communicating with them, He refuses to do so.  Do not converse with demons, either by having them give messages to a person’s mind or to speak verbally through a person’s vocal cords.  The object in deliverance is not to get in contact with demons but to remove them. It is not to get them to speak but to cause them to be silent!   Communication with them makes you a medium and God’s words forbids that (Deuteronomy 18:9-13).

There are good reasons God forbids communication with them.  Neither Jesus (Mark 1:25) nor Paul would (Acts 16:17) encouraged them to speak.  They are liars and deceivers (John 8:44) and you can’t believe what they say.  God wants you to be in touch with Him only (Deuteronomy 4:24).  Through the Holy Spirit we have access to all truth and power (John 8:31-32; I Corinthians 12:7-11).  By communicating with demons you give them recognition, allow them to stall and deceive, give them the focus and attention they crave, make things much harder on all people involved, and open yourself up to pride. Communicating with demons can be a temptation to pride and we can find ourselves drawn into working by the power of our own flesh.  We don’t need any information they might give us, we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).  The only time Jesus ever talked to a demon was for the purpose of showing those who were watching how many demons were involved and therefore how great His power was (Mark 5:9). Eve got into a dialogue with Satan and was deceived by him (Genesis 3:1-16 – for more about this see THE BATTLE BEGINS Genesis 3:8-15).  If there is something you need to know, God will show it.  Don’t ever expect a demon to give information that will lead to his own defeat!

LESSON FOR TODAY:  When the demons left this man they shook him and caused him to scream loudly.  Sometimes demons will try to manifest in ways that are intended to bring fear to a person, but Jesus never allowed demonic manifestations to get out of hand and neither should we.  In Jesus’ name bind them, take away their power to resist, and command them to obey immediately and quietly when commanded in Jesus’ name.  We do not have to put up with their antics for they are only done to distract and to cause fear in us and recognition of their power.  We know God is greater than they are (I John 4:4).    


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