A Pastor’s Testimony

My name is _______,  young son of  Pastor ______. I was born and brought up in a poor Christian family. In my very young age, I was up bring by my parents in reverence of God.  Since my childhood onwards I have been participating in my father’s mission field like singer and drummer also. I too in that atmosphere  grown up. I was made up with the Holy Spirit of God.  I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart as my savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I obeyed to the word of God and take water immersion Baptism in 1980 June 6th.  I great desire is to serve Lord and I was waiting for His ministry for His call. The spirit of God specifically spoke with me through dreams, visions and through prophesy. The every moment I gave my life to the Lord, the meaning of the God’s call in the ministry became to clear to me. I then had dedicated him self to the preaching of the Gospel. Then I left my study in the time of BA final year. I was sent prayerfully by my father  to COTR  Bible institutes Vizag for Pastor Training.  I received a good anointing conducted a good seminar.  Till now, I was fully committed to God and became full time minister.

According to Gen. 2:18, I got married to ___________.    After my marriage, I was sent prayerfully my father to ______ along with  my wife and two children Moses Paul and Rachel Glory in 1986 in this new place. The village is one of the remote village called _______. Then I started my ministry work in one of place called _________.   The people were non-Christians especially idolaters. Most of them hardness of hearted people. I started first Sunday worship under a tree at that shore of drainage. After I cleaned some place on  shore of drainage and build a small shed, and conducting prayer meetings on Sundays and another days in week. . In this mission we face very bitter and unforgettable experiences such as beatings, mockery starvation and many such anxieties. But we are persistent in our efforts, with a zeal and enthusiasm for the extension of the kingdom of God. I have received third blessing of Samuel Paul from God in 1988.

I am doing ministry independently among the non-Christians especially idolaters. In this mission I face every bitter experience such as beatings, mockery starvation and many such anxieties.  But I am persistent in my efforts with zeal and enthusiasm for the extension of the Kingdom of God. I really believe that God has plan of His and He guides me where He wants me to go. In fact the ministry I have established us is an outcome of prayers, tears, fasting and strenuous, struggle.  I really worked hard to spread the gospel. Many idolaters saved from their worshiping idols traditions of their forefathers. God helped in every way of my trails.

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Revelation 12:11 They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.


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