A Typical Day for Me in India

(Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013)  What does a typical day for me look like?  Let’s see if I can describe it.  I usually am up by 6 at the latest, depending on if I am able to go back to sleep when waking up during the night. It does give me a good opportunity to pray for there are many things to pray about.  There are certain Psalms and passages that God provides on each trip, often through what others like you share with me, which bring comfort and assurance.  I often read through them as well, bed time or awakening.

After getting ready for the day I send the blog I have prepared the day before.  If possible I IM with Nancy through our Google email account.  That is an important way for me to start  the day.  We then have a free continental breakfast in the hotel restaurant: lots of fresh fruit and juices, bran flakes with milk (usually hot, for its all they have), toast, and various India breakfast foods (ones not too spicey).

Moses and I return to the room pray, and leave for the day.  We leave about 8 AM (which is 9:30 PM the previous evening your time).  We drive usually an hour or two, sometimes more, to the site of the pastor’s conference for that day.  Moses takes care f last minute details and I set up for the day.  If there is time I stroll around the village and take some pictures.

After singing and testimonies I present my first message: What Does God Expect of Pastors. Then after a chai break I talk about Marriage and Ministry – what God expects of husbands and wives, and apply it to pastoring as well. We have an hour break for lunch, fresh home-made Indian food cooked right outside the door.  I always eat whatever they make. I have as shorter session on How To Tell If You are Growing Spiritually, 10 questions for themselves and their churches.  The final session, on spiritual warfare from Mark 5 and  the demonized man in the Gadarenes, is our most powerful.  It ends with all praying for themselves, their families, homes and churches to be free from anything demonic.

Each session is 45 minutes to one hour, depending on how the schedule is flowing.  I use 3 or 4 magic tricks with each presentation and that is very well accepted.  We do this 6 days a week.  Usually one day a week we will be at a group of pastors who have come in the past.  In that case I go over different subjects, depending on the group.

At the end of the sessions we give a certificate saying they have attended, copies of my books, and a small amount of money to help with their travel expenses coming and going.  Many of them will come up to me afterwards, asking me to lay hands on them and pray for them.  That is a great blessing and privilege.

By then I am really exhausted.  The four hours of standing and focusing so completely on what I will say next, culminating with the intense battle the spiritual warfare teaching and prayer always is, always really drain me. The heat doesn’t help. I think of Paul’s words about being poured out (2 Timothy 4:6) and understand a little better what he was talking about.

On the way home we often stop at one or two of the churches of the pastors who came so they can show us their ministry and have us pray over them and it. That’s very rewarding, and humbling!

We then drive back to the hotel, arriving between 6 and 7.  We used to have one or two church services in the evening with pastors who would invite us.  That was very enjoyable, but it meant we got back at 10 or later so we have not been doing that this trip.

Driving back I’ll download my pictures, audio and video recordings, organize and catalogue them.  I’ll write a blog, too, if possible. In the evening I’ll use the ‘exercise room’ in the hotel if there is time, IM with Nancy if possible, and read my emails.  That is a special time for me to refresh and reenergize.  Many thanks to you who email; it is a wonderful link to all of you at home.  I also unpack and repack for the next day, getting ready for what I will be doing.  If it is new or different I’ll review my notes as well.

We’ll often go to the hotel dining room for supper, although I won’t eat a lot.  Big, late meals are traditional in India but not with me.  I’ll eat a little something or some of the food I brought from home.  I try to get to bed between 8 and 10 at the latest, depending on what time we get back.  Lying and reading for a few minutes is a great joy.  Then I get up and do the same thing again.

Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Think of your ‘typical’ day and thank God for it.  Thank Him for His faithful love and compassion so that you are not overwhelmed.  Thank Him for providing it anew every morning, if you notice and appreciate it or not.

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