All Attacks are Father-Filtered


Satan not only attacks God’s kingdom on a world-wide scale, but he opposes individuals who are part of that kingdom as well.  Job is a prime example of this. He lived around the same time as Abraham.  He is a picture of a righteous man, following God, facing his own warfare because he is faithful to God (Job 1:6-12; 2:1-7).  There are several lessons we can learn about spiritual warfare from Job’s conflict with Satan.  Read Job 1:6-12; 2:1-7.

One of the ways Satan attacks God’s kingdom and people is by bringing accusations of sin against believers (Zechariah 3:1-4; Revelation 12:10).  Because God is holy and must judge sin, Satan tries to point out the sins of believers in order to bring God’s wrath upon them.  However we are safe from condemnation because Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross (Romans 8:1).  Still, Satan is forever tattling on us to God.

We don’t know how Satan is allowed in God’s presence, but in some way or form this must happen for he accuses Job to God (Job 1:1-6; 2:1-7).  God allowed Satan to attack Job, but with certain limites which God imposes (Job 1:12; 2:6).

LESSON FOR TODAY 1: All satan’s attacks against us are ‘Father filtered,’ allowed by God for His glory and our good (Romans 8:28).  This painful suffering of Job’s served as an example of faithfulness to all heavenly beings, and to the millions who have read of Job in the Bible.

Satan can only do what God allows.  Satan had to have permission to attack Job, and even then, God limited what he could do (Job 1-2; 1 Kings 22:19-23).  God actually used his evil plan for good (Romans 8:28; Genesis 50:20).  He used the lies the demons gave the false prophets to bring about the destruction God wanted (1 Kings 22:19-23).  He used Satan’s afflictions on Job to be a faithful witness and example to Satan and his forces then, and to untold millions of believers since.  He used all that Joseph went through to save the nation of Israel (Genesis 50:20).  He uses what you and I go through for our growth and for His glory as well.  When you look at nature you see God is a God who never wastes anything, but makes multiple good uses of everything.  He does the same with our pain and suffering as well.  Not one tear, not the slightest struggle is wasted but is used for His plan in our lives (Romans 8:28).

LESSON FOR TODAY 2:  One other item of interest in this account is the way Satan was able to attack Job and his family.  He used evil men (Job1:13-15), nature (lightening, Job 1:16), hostile men (take animals, kill servants, Job 1:17), natural disaster (wind to destroy a house and kill Job’s children, Job 1:18-19), and sickness and pain against Job himself (Job 2:6).    While we aren’t to fear Satan or give him credit for more power than he has, still he clearly has more ability to use nature, people and sickness than we often recognize.  He has many weapons in his warfare against us.

While not every natural disaster, attack by evil people or physical sickness is from Satan, this probably does happen more often than we imagine.  We aren’t to fear him for God is greater (I John 4:4), but we are to recognize the attacks of our enemy so we can properly fight against them (2 Corintihans 2:5-11).  If you are facing some of these right now, follow Job’s example of not sinning by accusing God of wrongdoing (Job 1:22; 2:9-10).  Stay faithful to God and keep your trust in Him no matter what (Job 1:21).  See it as part of your warfare and don’t let Satan defeat you through it.

Does it give you comfort to know that all Satan’s attacks against you are -Father-filtered?  Think of someone going through a really rough time and share this truth with them.  Visit, call, write or email them to remind them that God is still in control of all that happens.


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