An Indian Pastor’s Testimony

I received the following testimony from an Indian pastor who writes to me (see pictures below).  What a blessing it is to read about how God works in their lives!

“I had come from a Hindu family and my parents used to worship, Naga (snake), Trees, Animal, Air, Moon, Sun, Earth, water, Men’s, Idolatry.  They worshipped like 330 millions of god’s.  Mostly my parents worshipped ( snake God ) as their personal God. In 1975 while my father is laboring in a farm a big snake ( Naga ) bite him on his left knee there is no proper medicine and hospitals in our Village for snake bite.  My father was in a dangerous condition and he was in coma.  All my village people around had lost their hopes. I also thought that for sure he is going to die.  Our village people worshipped many Hindu gods, but there was no answer from any of them.

“There is a Church near by village. My Mother rushed into the Church and knelt down and earnestly prayed to Jesus Christ.  God the Lord our all mighty heard her prayer. Soon after her prayer my father slowly got well. At that time my mother made a covenant with God to send her only son to become a Pastor to do God’s Service.  At that time my age was 12 years only.

“From my Childhood I used to Prayerfully attend the Church regularly and take an active part in Sunday School Programms.  After completion of my 10th grade,  after many prayers, our Lord called me through vision. He sought me and saved me and anointed me with His holy fire and God has called me for the full time in 1986. And I left my job opportunity as school drawing teacher. According to the word of God ( 1John1:7-9, Acts.2:38 ) I repented and baptized in 1987. And I was dedicated by Him for full time to do His work at the age of 18 years old. And I have faced numerous hardships but have not turned my back at any kind of situations and etc.,

“After that I wanted to join in the Theological Training in Bible College to become a Pastor to serve our God among the Gospel in unreached areas. I shared my thoughts with my uncle ( Big Father) And he was very much happy and brought an application form the Bible College for me . And he arranged every thing to join in Bible College. But unfortunately my father was not happy about it.  He forcefully made me stop going to Bible College.  10 days after this incident I met Electric Accident very dangerously, all the people around me thought that I was dead, but God did a great miracle and I was alive to serve Him . And my father realized his mistake and he himself took me to continue for Bible College training.

“My parents had worshipped Naga ( Snake ) as their God. But that snake only bite him and tried to kill him. But Jesus came to the earth to save His people from many kind of Sins.  He shed His blood and died on the Calvary to save all the people from sin.  Finally my father came to know that Jesus Christ is the only God who would save His people.

“I have a specific calling and desire to reach Tenali unreached areas. The first day I arrived I faced many persecution I was verbally treated many times by the antichristians.  People there worship Krishna God. This God is very famous for all over India. People where I minister are very strong in Hindu faith. We have started churches and trained pastors, but many Pastors have been beaten for their faith. And they burned our Churches and Bibles and our clothes were torn as well.  People strongly reject Jesus and the Gospel.

“There are so many places in the world where the truth Gospel of Christ has not reached. It is a fact even today in our India, there are areas where the Gospel of Christ was not reached, till today their beliefs are clouded in spiritual darkness only.

“My ministry was started by me with a single person, but today by the grace of God there is Team of 45 Pastor’s and Evangelists who Toil day and night invading the power of devil’s and extending in this area.  We need your prayers and gifts for our ministry to grow.” 


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