Changed By India 3: Gods Sovereign Hand In My Life

As I move along in live and am able to look back over the years, I am amazed at how God, in His grace, wove so many things together to make me the person I am today.  Clearly He had a plan from the start, something of which I was totally unaware.  My involvement in India is a perfect example of this.

Humanly speaking, I was the worst choice God could make for someone to minister in India.  I’ve never liked to travel or speak to strangers.  I am fearful, shy and quiet.  I have admired missionaries my whole life but never thought I would in any way do what they do.  Yet that is what God has in mind from the beginning.

God gifted me to be able to communicate His truth to others and allowed me to go to schools where I could learn how to do so.  He gave me a desire to minister to pastors and I’ve studied pastoring and ministry my whole life.  He gave me art ability and a desire (and opportunity) to learn to communicate through Christian ‘magic.’  I had a knack for dramatizing the lives of Bible people and have developed that skill over the years.  All these come together when I minister in India.

In addition I’ve always worked independently as a ‘one man show.’  I’ve had a great variety of experiences and types of ministry over the years.  I’ve had to learn to do a little of everything, to be flexible and adapt to whatever changes occur in my circumstances.

God has given me a hearing in India by being an American that cares enough to come to talk to them.  My doctor’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary carries a lot of weight there.  My gray hair and years of experience as the pastor of a small church also resonates with them.

That’s not all.  I’ve always had a desire to write books but never a reason or opportunity until now.  I’ve written 7 so far and want to write many more.  In addition he has brought the perfect Indian pastor to partner with me.  Pastor Moses is unique in India, yet God brought us together to spend so much time doing such strenuous, stressful, demanding work and to use thousands of dollars given by God’s people.  It takes a lot of mutual trust, respect, flexibility, cooperation and teamwork to have two men who are so opposite work so well together for so long. We have spoken at 650 conference sessions and 175 church services with never any conflict.   Some have said we are like one heart and soul in two separate bodies.  Truly it is a God thing!

All this continues to amaze me.  That God has always had such a wonderful plan for me and has used everything in life for good (Romans 8:28) really deepens my faith and trust.  And the best part is that it isn’t over, His plans for me go on throughout all eternity!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Take a few minutes and make your own list of all God has done in your past to make you the person you now are.  Thank Him for it.  Realize He isn’t done yet but has much more in store for you!

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