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The conferences have been going quite well, as they do every year.  We thank God for that – it certainly isn’t something for which we can take credit.  We try to faithfully present His Word, but once the words are out of our mouths (I teach, Moses translates) it’s God’s Spirit Who applies them to the hearts and lives of the listeners. 

Person after person in each conference says the teaching is something they need but have never had.  They call it a “new way of teaching.”  They are referring to the way I teach and apply the Bible using visuals and examples.  They have no way to get good Bible teaching where they live.  They love hearing God’s Word taught in a way they understand.  They say it is practically applied to their lives and situations.  They say we educate them in the Bible, give practical help and motivate them to apply it to their lives.

Many comment on my talk about marks of a healthy church from the example of the church in Antioch.  They identify with the small house churches and are encouraged that God uses small churches.  It’s not church programs or structure that impresses God but faithful witnessing, teaching, praying, helping others and living by His grace that is important.

I show a picture of a frog and talk about how it waits for insects to come to it.  Then I use a lizard to show how we should look everywhere for those we can witness to.  A woman in her testimony said she was convicted that they were all like lazy frogs but needed to become like lizards and go out with the gospel.  That can be true of us as well. 

One man was touched by Barnabas’ example of bringing Paul to Antioch to teach.  He then let Paul take the lead on their journeys.  He said pastors today need to be humble and not proud.  They must let others help with their ministry.

Thomas’ testimony about trusting God and believing His promises instead of doubting touches many of the people.  One said he was really moved by Thomas.  Another said he was so encouraged he cried. 

In Bible Overview I trace redemption throughout the Bible while giving and outline of Bible history from Genesis to Revelation.  The focus is on Jesus and His provision of salvation.  It’s my favorite session (Moses’ also) and I am touched and thrilled by it each time I do it.  The magic really reinforces the main truths and it is not only educational but a great time of worship.  People take notes and there are always those who want a copy of my drawings to teach the people in their church.  Many Christians are ignorant of the flow of truth in the Bible and can’t tell the story from beginning to end.  That’s a shame and a discredit to the teaching ministry of the church today.

Many said, “Bible Overview taught me the entire Bible in a short time. I saw how it is all connected.  Now I can better understand God’s plan in Bible.  I want to teach this to my people so they understand the Bible better.”

Perhaps the most immediate impact is made by the session on husband-wife relationships.  I introduce it the first day, and more attend the second day to hear it developed.  Marriages in India have never been founded on Bible truth.  They more resemble the caste system where one is better than the other.  Love, kindness, sacrificial service and forgiveness as applied to marriage are lacking.  I support everything I say with Bible verses and God convicts them.  Over and over I hear them say they didn’t know these things, they have not been the husband or wife God wants, and they want to change and have the marriages God wants them to have.  One of the 11 books they get is about marriage so they can follow-up by reading and applying what they learn.  (January 29, 2020  Vijayawada, India)

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Do you avail yourself of the excellent Bible teaching you have available in church, in books on the radio and Internet?  Spend some time today reading or listening.  God has given us a great privilege those in other parts of the world don’t have.

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