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During the marriage talk I use Joseph as an example of a husband who put Mary first by being willing to take a loss and divorce her quietly to protect her from shame.  I use Abraham as a man who put himself first by saying Sarah was his sister.  I ask them who they are like, then who their wife would say they are like.  After one conference one woman stood up and berated the men for all being like Abraham!  She went on and on.  They took it well, probably because she knew them personally and knew what she was talking about.

A common comment I receive after the session on marriage is that pastors regret not bringing their wives.  They just aren’t considerate of them and realize it after hearing God’s Word.  They say their will honor their wives and treat them better.

Another man bragged he was like Abraham so I asked who his wife would say he was like.  Clearly she wouldn’t agree.  She was sitting on the other side (men and women always sit separately).  He laughed and laughed and so did everyone else in the room.

When I teach about how to study the Bible I emphasize the fact that it must be interpreted accurately.  I use a felt circle and twist it into various hats showing that people often twist the Scriptures to mean what they want.  They admit many pastors make the Bible say what they want.  They say they learned how to study the Bible and develop good sermons that communicate God’s truth in an understandable way.

People say they love what I say and also how I say it.  They say I teach “from the bottom of the book.”  They mean I give the whole picture of a Bible book and make the deep things easy to understand.  I refer to how I teach as an example of what they should do when they teach and they are very motivated to focus on one main idea in a message and explain it with examples and illustrations.

I always close with talking about spiritual warfare (Mark 5:1-13).  It’s a very moving talk with excellent magic tricks and concludes with prayer for freedom for themselves, their family and their church.  They often comment about how they rejoice that we have power over demons in Jesus’ name.  The trick that reinforces this is one they talk about years later.  Pastor after pastor thanks me for teaching them how to have victory over Satan and demons.  The rule through fear and can be quite open in their work in India.  Few Christians know of the victory that is theirs in Jesus.  It’s a joy to make them aware of it.

Reports come back from pastors about how they rebuke demons in Jesus’ name and the demons leave.  Instead of being powerless against Satan’s power, which is overt and strong in India, they can have freedom and victory.  Imagine living in India and not knowing Jesus gives them victory over Satan and his forces.

The stack of books their receive are a real blessing.  It is a library of good teaching and practical help.  They say they read the books and they are very helpful.  Many tell me they preach from the books so the people will learn the information as well.  This also reinforces it in the pastor’s life.  I give each pastor a business card with my email and India web site on it.  The ones who can use English go to the site and many email me.  I receive several emails every day, all thanking me for the conference and the books.  Most mention they are reading and preaching the books.  They all assure me they pray for us daily.  What a blessing that is!  (January 30, 2020  Vijayawada

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