Conferences Update

The internet is problematic despite currently being in a nice hotel ( hot water, no snakes, not even mosquitoes !  Our trip has been reflective of India itself… really wonderful and really bad. Today, Sunday, was suppose to be a less hectic, intense day. Traveling 1 1/2 hr to Moses’s village of origin to preach in a tiny village church  and then another 30 min drive to his father-in-law’s new church plant to preach, then back to the hotel in the afternoon.

Instead when we were ready to leave the first place we realized Jerry had locked the car keys in the trunk. I tried using a wire to pull up the handle thru the window but was unable. The newer Toyotas are really well sealed!  So they called a local mechanic to come. He too came only equipped with  wire !!!( I wonder if he grew up in Phillly?) After about 45 min of trying, they decided to pop the hood to disable the battery to disable the electric locks, thinking that would allow it to open. I was very hesitant to think that would do anything but disable the car in general, but they messed with it anyway. Eventually, after 2 hours, the first man was able to pop the lock thru the window. We were so happy until we tried to drive away and the car would not stay running ! Yes, something was not working under the hood (surprise ?) After working on that for over an hour Moses called  a taxi that drove Jerry &  I – 1/12 hr back to the hotel. Moses, as we speak, is still back with the car, hoping the “Toyota mechanic” will come with tools and fix the car. I am not too hopeful, plus it will be dark in the village at 6 pm. ..sigh   So hopefully Moses will then get  a taxi and come back to the city, hire a car and driver for tomorrows’ conferences and then get another taxi back to the village to get the car or have it towed or????

When problems arise like this, there is no infrastructure to get thing done easily or fast.  Jerry feels terrible about the misshape leaving the keys in the car accidently. We ae praying Moses and the car problem is fixed quickly. We will just have to wait here at the hotel till Moses eventually comes back.

Jerry also lost his voice this morning and that was rough going at the village church, but when he was done I presented a children’s presentation that went very well and captured  the adults as well.

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