Filling This Empty Vessel

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012, I will be back at Main Street Baptist Church for the 7 PM Bible Study.  I will show slides and talk about my trip to India.  Please come join us for a special time!

(Sunday, Jan 29, 2012, Hyderabad, India) Before coming to India my message and blogs were about being an empty, clean available vessel for God to fill and use.  That is the focus He put on my heart as I prepared for this trip.  I think of it often.  I am empty much of the time.  The constant physical, mental, social and emotional demands drain  battery.  Many times I sit before speaking not knowing how I can again rise and present God’s truth to the people, so I rely on His promise to fill and use an empty vessel.  Each time He gives me words and strength to minister.  Sometimes I sense His empowering and feel great physically and spiritually, other times I continue to feel empty and drained but know He is speaking through me anyway.

            Yet weary as I sometimes am, He enables me to go on each day, to present a good message to those who are open and waiting.  I don’t always feel I’ve done a good job but they assure me God uses what I say anyway.  Like the woman with the empty oil jar which God filled every time she needed some more, God faithfully keeps His promises as I trust Him to provide when I need it.  He doesn’t provide early, but neither is He ever late.

            For me this is over after 3 weeks.  I know for many of you your situations continue, sometimes for years.  You have health problems, financial concern, relationship issues and inner struggles. I don’t claim to have gone through anything near what you do, but I do want to remind and encourage you that His grace IS sufficient!


We are finished – in more ways than one! We drove 6+ hours, preached in 2 churches, then drove 7 ½  hours to Hydrabad and Moses’ home.  God gave me enough energy for what I needed to do, but not a lot extra.  Time to rest and recharge – tie up some loose ends tomorrow and fly home early Tuesday  morning.  See you soon!

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