Food, Fun, Fellowship (Nancy)

We had bout the smoothest journey here so far  and seemed to go faster than last several time.. All good since I hate sitting like a pretzel in the airplane for 10 1/2 hrs AFTER sitting like a pretzel for 8 hrs  on the first flight.   PTL !!!

Jerry spoke to about 100 Bible College students today and will again tomorrow (Saturday morning) .He did all apologetics today – proofs of why we believe what we believe and then application of why if matters. I took 10 pages of notes !!! All fresh material and really well presented. It seemed like he was 35 yrs old again  – lots of energy in his delivery and very expressive!!! Really good job!

Tonight we got moved into another hotel room because our door wouldn’t lock , and there was not hot water and the internet wouldn’t connect. So that is finally fixed and we are in another room… next to a wedding celebration hall.. so we are listening to India’s version of wedding music… We are hoping it isn’t all night…sigh.. Maybe I’d prefer cold showers and no internet and no lock?…

Moses planned sessions this time very wisely and we are not traveling so far each day ( about 1 hr 10min) That is really nice. Plus I packed an entire suitcase full of food so we don’t have to go out after we return to our room  at night.( around 5pm).

So far all is well.. please keep praying… God is answering !  (January 13, 2017  Hyderabad, India)

Love Nancy

by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, Christian Training Organization

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