From Nancy

We have been here 1 week now and I’m still trying to get in a pattern. Mostly the pattern is get up, eat quickly-drive 2-3 hrs- then sit and listen to Jerry for 6-8 hrs.-drive back , make dinner then lunches for the next day, shower ,sleep… repeat… So far so good…a tad exhausting, but doin’ ok.

So India is all about form but not function. For example, our nice attractive room.. nice to look at, but the hot water doesn’t work nor does the Internet. (Jerry has a Hot Spot on his phone) The “toy-el-let” paper is scare and is an American request… each and every day. Many things are like that here.I  ndia has everything the West has, but it doesn’t work. LOl!

It makes me think of American life and American’s relationship with God. It looks nice on the outside, but doesn’t work on the inside. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you:- James 4:8. Our relationship to God is definitely NOT a “fake it till you make it” option. He wants to reveal Himself and be real in your life and WORK in your life… and “function” as only He can do for you and In you.

I have to trust his closeness and provision every step of the way here. All of life is on a shoe string and totally unpredictable. (today I have to skirt around a wild pig, wild dog and a goat to get in to a lady’s house.) Once I was in her “English ” bathroom, the flush didn’t work nor the running sink water.  But that is ok because there wasn’t any soap or towel to dry. Fortunately I carry ALL that in my purse. I am getting into a pattern after all !.

Off to bed now.

 When God is your only option, God is all you need. His grace is sufficient, for His power is made perfect in our weakness”  !2 Corth. 12:9

Jerry Schmoyer

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