God’s Mysterious Ways

It’s been said that God works in mysterious ways and we all have examples of that in our own lives – in big things as well as little things. One of the ways I see that in my life is little, but also big.  When I was young my grandfather got me a little magic set.  It didn’t last long but it did start a spark of interest in me which later developed into the ‘magic tricks’ I now do in India.

I know that real communication must speak to several senses at once to really stick.  In India I can’t use Power Point or videos (no electricity).  I can’t even use pictures or flannelgraph – too hard to transport and too small for large audiences.  So what can I use to hammer home a special truth from God’s Word in a way everyone will pay attention and remember?  That’s where these tricks come in very handy.  Surely God knew at the start they would develop into this wonderful too to communicate His truths and they have!

I’m know for my tricks, people expect them and talk about them, and I am remembered from other speakers as the man who does the tricks.  The people applaud and cheer, they beg me to show them how they are done (of course I don’t).  I have a good assortment of tricks that are easy to do, simple to transport, easy to be seen by large groups, understood by all cultures and really nail home the point I am making.  Men remember them from year to year, and the truth they convey.  But therein lies another problem.

This next year many of the men who will be coming have already heard me in the past, some many times.  We are going much deeper in our training of those who have been the main ones to respond in the past.  But that means new tricks to convey new truths!  So I’ve been gathering a whole new assembly of tricks for next year.  Most are using simple, easy-to-find objects.  Others involve chemical reactions which amaze even me.  I’m learned to be creative and innovative in this.  I look forward to using these to emphasize God’s truth to their hearts.  These tricks are a small thing, but they really are big for they made a great difference in ministering to the people in India.

What’s best about this is that I enjoy developing and using these tricks as much as the listeners enjoy them.  And on top of it all I get paid a salary to do this!  What a God!  In what mysterious ways He works!   But aren’t we glad of it?  (Doylestown, PA  April 20, 2015)

Job 11: 7-9 “Can you fathom the mysteries of God?  Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?  They are higher than the heavens—what can you do?   They are deeper than the depths of the grave—what can you know?  Their measure is longer than the earth and wider than the sea.

Can you think of a time and way God did something in your past that has brought fruit in your life today?  Thank Him for it.  Ask Him to make you more aware of His mysterious ways in your life today!

NEWS:  My new good friend, Rev. Dr. Pumza, head of the Gilead Theological Seminary in Bangaluru where I taught for a week last January, spent 2 enjoyable days with me last week.  What a fine, encouraging, uplifting and faithful man of God he is and what an privilege to know and spend time with him!We are in the process of finalizing plans for Rev. Moses to come join us in the USA the end of August and beginning of September.  The purpose is to broaden our prayer and financial support base.  It will be nice to see him! He will spend time in the Doylestown, PA area and then the Tulsa, OK area.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for wisdom and guidance as we make plans for Pastor Moses to visit, and that doors are opened so we can present to work in India to those who may be receptive to help.The latest book, “Bible Overview,” is nearing completion of its translation.  The English copies will soon be printed, followed by the Telegu version later.  Keep praying for accuracy and efficiency in this process.

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