Good News Bad News

Good news: India has not changed much

Bad news: India has not changed much

Good news: Some of the people are changing

Bad news: The change isn’t always for the better (persecution of Christians)Good news: Jesus never changes!


Good news: I only had one stomach issue

Bad news: it’s lasted the whole time I’ve been here

Good news: it isn’t nearly as bad as other years

Bad news: I can’t eat Indian food, and I’d really like to

Good news: a month’s worth of stomach medicine here is just two USA dollars


Good news: Nancy misses me lot

Bad news: I can’t be with her

Good news: I miss Nancy a lot

Bad news: she can’t be with me

Good news: soon we’ll be together again


Good news: the trip is almost over

Bad news: the trip is almost over

Good news: I’ll be going home soon

Bad news: I’ll be leaving India

Good news: I’ll see Nancy and everyone at home

Bad news: I won’t see all these wonderful people in India

Good news: I’ll see them all in heaven and NEVER say good-bye to any of them


Good news: We go to a new area and speak to different pastors every year

Bad news: we can’t return to pastors who want us to come back for more training

Good news: all we do, and more, is available on our India web side

Bad news: not even one pastor in a hundred is able to access our web site

Good news: The number of computer-literate pastors is slowly growing


Good news: God blesses me more than I can ever imagine or explain

Bad news: There always I a cost to be in the place where God’s blessings will fall

Good news: The blessing makes the cost seem well worth it

Bad news: the cost comes first, so many believers end up missing it

Good news: God is very patient and gracious, giving us opportunity after opportunity


Good news: We’ve trained about 1200 pastors this year who will impact at least 20 people each  so 25,000 lives have been touched.

Bad news: There are 40,000 times that number that we haven’t touched

Good news: We’ve printed 29,000 books so far to help reach more pastors and churches

Bad news: We’ve still only touched a small portion of Telugu-speaking pastors, and there are 15 other major language groups in India.

Good news: We don’t have to reach India alone, others are doing the same

Bad news: There aren’t nearly enough to reach everyone in a hundred years!

Good news: God will spread His Word and it will be victorious in the end

Proverbs 15: 30  A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.

Proverbs 25:25  Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.

How many “good news” items can you list which are present in your life right now?  Don’t do the ‘bad news’ part, just the good news.  Then thank God for each and every one.

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