Heathrow and Heaven


We have made it safely to Hyderabad and are in our room now.  The trip was long and tiring but no big surprises.  The highlight was spending 8 hours in Heathrow Airport in London.  I have been to Heathrow Airport 20 plus times on my trips to and from India. I usually stay 5 to 8 hours each time, so I’ve done a lot of walking around the airport and know it quite well and see many changes over the years. It’s a familiar place, but I know it’s not my final destination. My time there is temporary until I move on to my final destination which would be India or the USA. It’s a nice enough place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  It isn’t home.  But in many ways it is like life on earth.  Earth is a nice stopping place, but we are only here temporarily.  This life isn’t our final destination, just a stop on the way there.  It would be strange for someone to be content staying at an airport and not preparing for their next stop, but there are many people who live this life like it’ll never end.  They are content living on this temporary transfer station.  I’m not.  Heathrow is OK, but I count the hours until I can leave and be on my way to where I’m really going.  It’s nice enough for a short stay, but no place I’d want to stay.  How about you?  Are you looking forward to your final destination, or are you living this life like it’ll never end.  Eight hours sitting in an airport seemed like forever, but it wasn’t and life here will soon be over as well.  Are you ready for the flight to your final destination?  (January 13, 2024  Hyderabad, India)


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