Helpful Hints for your Next Trip to India

Never pass up an opportunity to use the toilet (especially if it has walls around it).

A smile is a universally accepted language – use it often!

Never ask what the food you are eating is made of,

Remember that words like ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ are relative terms, very relative.

Never show shock, no matter what you see, hear, taste, smell or step in.

Always keep hand sanitizer, a spoon, mosquito spray, toilet paper and a full water bottle handy.

Don’t ever put your fingers in your mouth, never ever.

Don’t try to drink water in a moving car.

If you are riding in the front seat of a car, close your eyes until you arrive and the engine is turned off. If you are in the back seat only look out the side window!

Pay attention when you pray for God to bless the food you are about to it.  It takes on a whole new meaning in India!

Keep your camera handy at all times,  there’ll be something special to photograph about every 2 seconds (I usually take about 5,000 each trip).

Never pass up an opportunity to use the toilet (especially if it has walls around it).  (this is not a type, it bears repeating often!)

Wash your feet as well as your hands at the end of a day, and wash your hands last!

Pray every time you get in a car, but, train or auto-rickshaw, and don’t stop until you get to your destination.

Be on time, but don’t expect others to be.

Let them serve you by carrying your suitcase, even if it does weigh more than the one carrying it. 

Don’t comment on the dirt in India – they don’t see it.

When crossing a street look both ways at least a dozen times, then run as if your life depends on it (for it does!).

British English spoken by a native Telugu speaker is a language all its own!

Don’t judge India by American standards, you don’t want them judging you by Indian standards.

Write notes during the day and journal at night, every day is a totally new experience and you’ll forget most of it if you don’t write it down.

Take photos of the people, they consider it an honor when you do.  Ask first and show them the picture when done, and you’ll make their day, maybe their week.

The Golden Rule is still the best rule to follow, wherever you are. (Hyderabad, January 26, 2015)

Matthew 7: 2So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Luke 6:31 31Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Are there any relationships in your life where you aren’t living by the Golden Rule?  Confess that sin and do what you can today to correct that.


Sunday, Feb 8, 10 AM: During morning worship some slides and sermon about lessons from this India trip

Wednesday, Feb 11, 7 PM: full set of slides and talk about the India tripSaturday,

Feb 14,2:15 PM: Memorial service for Richard Schmoyer at Phoebe Home (in Moyer Hall), Allentown, PA

Sunday, Feb 15, 10 AM: all the Schmoyers’ at church; ”Godly Grandparents” (Advice for grandparents and those who one day will be grandparents – lessons I’ve learned from my father’s death)


Plans and provisions for Pastor Moses’ June visit to the USA: where to speak, who to visit, what to do.  If you have an opportunity for us to come so he can present the ministry please let me know soon.  We must make plans so we can get his Visa, and that goes very slow in India!

CTO future development, growth – next step in this ministryHelp with CTO ministry, volunteer secretary to help track finances, develop documents, etc. If you can do this even a few hours a week please let me know!

Me: transition at MSBC, what to do with things I must move from MSBC (place to store, give etc)

Time, focus, wisdom for new book(s) requested: Basic Guide for New Believers (“Discipleship”) and How To Study the Bible and Develop Sermons

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