I LOVE Teaching God’s Word!

(Monday evening, Jan 16, 2012, Vijayawada, India)  I love teaching God’s Word.  I have since God called me to serve Him in ministry.  There is nothing like feeling His Spirit work within to give me the conviction and even the words to convey His truth to others.  I love it!  I could do it all day!  And here it seems I do!  At home I speak several times a week, but always for limited time periods.  Here I speak an average of 6 times a day, and time isn’t an issue.  What a joy and blessing it is for me to be able to do so much of what I so greatly enjoy!

            Oh I still get nervous before it’s time to speak. I wonder if I am adequately prepared, if I’ve chosen the right passage and the best magic tricks to illustrate the truths I want to present.  I wonder what I could possibly have to say to these people who have experienced so very much in life.  I wonder if I will do a good job representing God and if I will give them something to truly meet their needs.  But then I remember that God’s truth is the best information to pass on, that He will use it as He sees fit, and that He wants me to be here doing this.  I am totally sure of the later, I know this is not my idea or desire but what He has put into me!

            Then once I get started talking, though, I feel alive in a way that doesn’t happen at other times.  That comes from His Presence filling and using me for God’s plan and purpose.  What a joy and a privilege it is to be the instrument, the vessel He forms and uses for His glory!  There is definitely nothing like it!

            But I’m not just talking about myself here.  What’s true of me in teaching is also true of you in using whatever spiritual gifts and abilities God has given you.  It doesn’t have to be teaching the Bible in India, it can be sharing encouragement with a neighbor, giving food to someone in need, praying for extended periods of time, driving a sick friend to a doctor’s appointment or any number of things.  Do you feel that joy when using your gifts to serve Him?  Do you consider it an honor and privilege to be used by Him in such a special way?  Do you thank Him for using you and then blessing you greatly at the same time?  Try to be more aware of that today.  Find ways to use your gifts to serve Him, for He’ll greatly bless you as He uses you.  Remember, you can’t out give God.  But go ahead and try anyway!


The pastor leader’s conference started today and God really blessed it in a very special way. There were so many things I was unsure of, but God took care of them all.  He gave me the right words to say and used them to minister to the people present.  I taught a condensed version of my Old Testament Overview during both morning sessions.   The afternoon consisted of 2 sessions in which I dressed in costume and taught Nehemiah’s story focusing on lessons about leadership.  Tomorrow I will have an overview of the life of Jesus, then the New Testament overview (dramatization of the life of Paul).  In the afternoon I will talk about what God expects of pastors (the session that led to my writing the book by the same name) and then about 10 ways to know if you are growing spiritually.  Tonight I spoke at a gospel service to about 50 people assembled in the middle of a local street.  What a loud, busy time!  Thanks for praying, your prayers are greatly appreciated and much needed!

by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, Christian Training Organization

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