Improving Your Serve

We see many fine examples of servanthood among the Christians in India.  To be honest, we do see a few self-centered, proud people as well, but the majority are humble servants of Jesus and us.  They go out of their way to serve and make our time there easier.  The best part is, they do the most menial tasks for us with joy and a smile.

As Christians we are all challenged to be a servant.  Well, the truth is that we ARE servants already.  God has declared us servants of Him (Isaiah 41:9).   So the question is not if we choose to be a servant or not.  The only question is what kind of a servant we are.  You are a servant, but are you a good or bad servant? 

            What traits make a good servant?  Faithfulness, perseverance, immediate and total obedience, putting personal needs second and anticipating any and every desire of the master defines a good servant.  Does that describe your Christian life?  It should. 

            Unfortunately, as Christians we often focus more on how to get God to serve us instead of how we can serve Him.  How can we get God to answer our prayers?  What can we do to receive more blessing and have a smoother life?  How can we have more joy and peace?  But that isn’t what it’s all about.  We pray “YOUR kingdom come, YOUR will be done,” not “MY kingdom come, MY will be done.” 

            What, or whom do you serve?  What is of the utmost importance in your life?  What comes first in your thoughts and actions?  If it anything other than God it’s an idol.  And we all know what God thinks of idols!  (January 29, 2019  Hyderabad, India)

Isaiah 41:9  I have called you back from the ends of the earth, saying, ‘You are my servant.’  For I have chosen you and will not throw you away.

1 John 5:21  Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.

If God gave you an employer evaluation as to your effectiveness as a loyal servant, what would He say?  What areas need work?  Ask God to help you be a better servant today.  Ask Him to help you get your eyes off yourself and onto Him – and to keep them there.

Jerry Schmoyer

Christian Training Organization 

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