India Culture & Craziness


As Western thought integrates into the Indian culture, so have blue jeans

Coconut oil effectively smooth’s out the frizzes in ones hair & it smells good, too.

Decorative rugs made of plant leaves are easily hosed down and make excellent flooring

The famous Indian “head bobble” still confuses me.  I think it means a noncommittal “OK” (not yes, no or maybe, just recognizing they heard what was said)

You can’t tell the difference between ancient ruins and abandoned construction

Straight, heterosexual men hold hands or put their arms around each other to walk, but it is not culturally acceptable for a husband and wife to hold hands in public

Very few people smoke cigarettes in India

There are fewer people begging on the main streets of the big cities & towns

There is very little ethnic diversity in India. We still get starred at but nor as much as before

It’s an interesting mix of Telegu and English with a British accent



The hotel room does not have clocks so we use Jerry’s Kindle.  During the night I disabled it so it reverted to Eastern Standard Time,  When I woke up later I thought it was 6:30 AM so I stayed up rather than take a chance of oversleeping.  Turns out it was 5 in the morning

Time is a fluid concept.  There are no clocks in the hotel rooms or in the churches.  Most people don’t wear watches.  So if the sign says the conference starts at 9 then the singing starts at 10 and the speaking starts at 11.  But we always finish on time.



Shekina, Moses’ daughter, is joyful, expressive, mature, confident and articulate.  She leads the other teens.

Jerry’s magic tricks still make me smile.

Goats eat the cotton in the cotton fields

In January its clear blue sides and a perfect 72 degrees.

The villages are green and the cities are tan

Scenic fields of rice and green pastures with herds of rambling goats fill the scenery

A sea of bright white smiling teeth in a crown of dark faced pastors is wonderful to see

There are fewer mosquitoes and bikes, but more motor scooters and cars (February 4, 2016  Vijayawada, India)


Proverbs 1:7  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.


As Americans we tend to think we do everything right, more so than those who do things differently than us.  What can we learn from the wisdom of other cultures?  What foreign cultures have been exposed to?  What can you glean from them to make your life richer?

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