India Update 2021 & 2022

INDIA UPDATE: 2021 & 2022

In my last blog I updated you on what is happening in my life.  This blog is an update about CTO and our ministry in India.  Next blog will be Pastor Moses’ evaluation of 2021 and look ahead to 2022.  I want you to know what is happening so you can pray and give to support the ministry.

Even though we have not traveled to India in 2021 and won’t in 2022, CTO is more active than ever.  Since the start of Covid we have sent over $50,000 to buy food for needy pastors.  That has provided a month’s worth of food for about 2,000 poor pastors and their families.  Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers and generous giving!

We continue to provide $25 a month for 18 needy pastors who also help with CTO work in India.  $25 a month is a lot for families living on $50 or $75 a month!  This money is provided by individuals who commit to giving $25 per month for this need.  We could use a few more people willing to give an additional $25 a month for this part of our ministry.  For security purposes we can’t let you know who you are supporting, but we do ask you pray for them regularly.  God knows who they are!

We also assist in other ministries there such as supporting orphans, teaching women to sew, helping children keep up with their school work, drilling water wells, etc.  These are not mainly CTO ministries but we do help in various ways.

Our main focus continues to be pastor training.  My not being there has caused pastor Moses and others to hold their own pastor training conferences.  CTO provides the teaching materials and funding and Pastor Moses does the planning and teaching.  I have had 4 Zoom sessions teaching Indian pastors and more are planned for 2022.  I send a weekly blog training and encouraging pastors in India, Africa, South America, Europe and the USA.  I correspond with several pastors and church leaders in each of these locations, mentoring and training them individually.

The books we have printed and distributed have been invaluable during the last two years.  Pastors continue to read and use them.  There is a growing demand for them by those who haven’t received them.   They are available in English and Telugu on our web site as well as in printed copies.  Translations in Spanish and Hindi are also available on line.  Printing costs in India are skyrocketing with printers closing because of the high cost of ink, paper and labor.  The government has enacted a new 18% tax as well.  It is getting very costly to print books.  Please pry for this part of our ministry and support it financially if God so directs you.

I have many other resources on the web site including articles about the Bible, marriage, men’s issues, spiritual warfare, pastoring and many more.  There are also sermon, Bible study courses and videos of my sessions in India, as well as videos where I talk about India and our work there.

Thanks so very, very much for your faithfulness to God and this ministry.  It is a great encouragement to me and the pastors in India.  Your prayers and financial contributions are very much needed.  Your contributions for food for needy pastors was wonderful.  Thanks so much!  However, since this summer contributions have declined.  The need in India continues.  God gives us in the USA extra money so we can give it back to Him to use for brothers and sisters who are less fortunate.  If we keep that portion for ourselves, we are robbing God (Malachi 3:8-12).  Ask yourself: “If I lived in India, what would I hope those in the USA would do to help me?”  That’s the Golden Rule.  Give as God leads.  He will bless you in many ways.  You can’t outgive God!


Matthew 25:40  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’


PRAYER REQUESTS:  Pray for wisdom, guidance and direction as we move ahead into 2022.  Pray for needed finances for the pastors in India.  Pray for the pastors in Africa, South America and Europe we are also reaching and training.

Please keep praying for God to provide men to help with this important ministry, here in the USA as well as in India.  It is a lot for Pastor Moses and myself.  There is much more that could be done if there was help.  I need to train someone to take over from me when the time comes.  Thanks!

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