India Update Jan 2, 2013

This coming Tuesday I leave for India.  Please start praying now, for the week before I go has been very hard on both me and my wife Nancy.  Pray for grace, peace, protection and wisdom.  Pray the final plans and work will go well also.  Pray God will provide the rest of the money needed as well.  Pray for Peter who is going along for the first 2 weeks.  A prayer list for each day, starting Sunday, is attached.  Please download and print it so you can pray regularly.  Or you can receive a copy by emailing me..  Please ask friends and your church to pray as well.  Thanks!


I will send you regular blogs.  You can also find them at  Past blogs can be found at   I will add current pictures as I have time and internet connection.  You can find these at Pictures from past years can be found at  Please feel free to email me whenever you want.  I may not always be able to respond, but hearing from friends back home can be very, very encouraging when I am so far away for so long!



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