India Update–December2012 report

  Five weeks from today we go to India. (10 weeks from today we will return home from India!)  We’ll be there Jan 8 to Fen 12.  Bob, an elder here at church, will be with me the whole 5 weeks and Peter, another friend, will be with us the first 2 weeks.  We’ll spend 4 weeks in Andhra Pradesh having 18 pastor’s conferences and 25 church services.  Then we’ll spend a week in Matharashtra where the orphans we support live.  We’ll have 6 all day church conferences and 3 church services while there.  We’ll be gone 36 days.  Three days will be spent traveling to and from India as well as 2 days traveling (flying) in India.  We’ll also be driving about 2500 miles while there.  18 days will  be taken up by all day pastors’ conferences and 7 days by all day church conferences.  Plus we’ll have 5 Sundays when we’ll be speaking and ministering there several times a day.


Pray for final preparations and plans as they are made, both here and in India by Pastor Moses.

Pray God would provide the several thousand dollars still needed to cover the anticipated costs.

Pray God would bless and use the meetings and sessions in a very, very special way.

Pray God would give us the energy, wisdom, love and power we need to serve Him there.

Pray God would protect us, the events, and each one there from anything Satan would do to interfere

Pray for each pastor and person we will be speaking to, that God brings all who should hear and that He uses what is said to train, encourage, motivate and equip each one to better love and serve Him.

Before leaving I will send each of you a copy of a daily prayer sheet so you will know where we are and what we are doing each day.  This will contain specific daily prayer requests as well.  In addition I’ll be sending out blogs and updates as often as I can while in India.  Your prayers make all the difference.  They are the key to our success while there.

2 New Books

I have compiled 158 of my best blogs from India and turned them into daily devotionals.  “Lessons Learned in India 2006-2012” is available on the church or India web site under the tab ‘Books.’  I can email you a copy as well.,

I have also finished a second book on spiritual warfare, “Spiritual Warfare in the Bible.”  It contains advanced training in spiritual warfare, building on what I have written in the Spiritual Warfare Handbook.  I go through the Bible explaining and applying each passage that speaks of spiritual warfare.  I even summarize spiritual warfare through the centuries from the end of the New Testament until today.  It, too, is available on the websites under the tab ‘Books’ or from me by email.,

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your prayers and gifts.  Without them this ministry would not exist.  You are greatly appreciated!




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