India Update August 2014

Good news!  My India trip is Jan 5 thru Feb 5.  A friend is going with me and will help with teaching and other parts of the ministry.  I thank God for that!  We will be in Andhra Pradesh traveling and holding daily pastor’s conference for 3 weeks.  The 4th week we will be in Bangalore ministering and teaching at a seminary.  The rest of the time is travel there and home as well as travel in India.

Also, “Biblical Prophecy” has been translated and is being printed.  I have finished “Bible Overview,” a survey of the whole Bible.  It is lengthy but I feel will be very helpful whoever chooses to use it.  Both these books are available as ebooks.  If you want either or both let me know and I’ll send them as an email attachment.  I have no paper copies of them.


The translation and printing of these books to be accurate and to keep costs down.

God to use these books, and the others, for His glory as they are read and applied to life.

Finances for the pastor’s conferences and our housing and travel while in India.

Pastor Moses and the others in India who are planning when and where to have the conferences.

The pastors we support and regularly work with to be used by God to advance His kingdom.

Me as I work on messages: what to teach and how to teach it.

If God puts it on your heart to give you can send your tax-deductible donation to Christian Training Organization, 252 W. State St., Doylestown, PA 18901.  Or you can donate through PayPal  at   Thank you very much!

God bless and thanks for praying!



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