Missing God’s Best

(Sunday afternoon, Jan 15, on the road from Hyderabad to Vijayawada)   I like to thoroughly plan ahead, so does Jim who was with me.  We planned in detail what food we would bring, thinking we would be staying in a private home to start and would get breakfast there.  Too late we learned we were staying in a hotel instead.  So I quickly purchased some oatmeal and tea bags.  Making hot water, I drank some tea and used the rest to mix with a cup of oats (to give them some little taste at least).  Jim had some extra beef jerky and he ate a piece for breakfast each day.  Not great, but we were please we were resourceful enough to come up with something anyway.

            Then upon checkout and leaving for church today we found out a free Continental breakfast had been included in our room price.  Various fruits and fruit juices, breads, cheeses, yogurts and a variety of breakfast foods perfect for our American diet were available but we didn’t even know it!   What a shock to find out about it too late! 

            No sooner did I start feeling sorry for myself than God than God gave me a clear spiritual parallel.  What a waste for me to not take advantage of the food that was available, but what an even greater waste when I don’t avail myself of all the spiritual blessings God has made available to me!  An empty stomach is one thing, but an empty soul is far worse.  What resources does He have for me that I am passing up?  How many Christians go spiritually hungry, feeding themselves on scraps that don’t provide proper strength or help for what they face?  What a shame for a Christian to get to heaven and realize all the blessings and helps God had available for them in this life but which they found out about too late!

            What spiritual resources are available of which we often don’t tap into?  What should I be availing myself of which I am not?  One thing which immediately comes to mind is God’s Word. The guidance, encouragement and nourishment available there is limitless.  Take as an example the promises in the Bible which are for us in this life.  How many of them do we know?  How often do we turn to them as a foundation for our faith and trust?   We are quick to ask God to change our circumstances instead of trusting His promises through them.  God’s Word and its promises are definitely an overlooked supply of help in our Christian life today.

            Other untapped means available to us include leaning on His grace, learning to listen to God, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, connecting closely with other believers, and I’m sure many others you could probably think of.  The point is, though, are you passing by God’s free banquet of all you need to better navigate through this life, or do you keep going back to it over and over again.  Try to be aware of the resources God has given you as you face the events and activities of this day.  And pray I won’t miss any of it myself!

        We had a wonderful time with Pastor Moses’ church yesterday and today.  I started teaching about the rapture and what happen after it last night and concluded it this morning.  They honored us with garlands and shawls, a double symbol of their love for us.  It was a most moving and touching time!  We then spent the afternoon driving 7 hours on very difficult roads to get from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.  That’s when I’m writing this blog.  

by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, Christian Training Organization

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