Mute for Half A Day

MUTE FOR HALF A DAY (and counting)

Besides Pastor Moses and myself we have a young, freshly trained Indian Doctor (Moses’ daughter Shekinah) and a mature, experienced USA nurse (Nancy).  Despite the constant care and almost continual ‘treatment’ I am receiving, I lost my voice.  It is slowly returning today, but very weak and soft.  I can quietly speak in a low tone.  I can’t hit the high notes like I used to.   If you know how I used to sing at my best, then you can imagine what I sound like now!

Anyway, my nurse said to rest my voice all day but my doctor said to try a session to see how it goes.  So I taught about studying the Bible and preaching sermon this morning.  Moses then did the sermon on What Does God Expect of Pastors and Nancy did the one on Spiritual Warfare in Mark 5 like yesterday.  Nancy doesn’t want to teach but she reads my manuscripted notes and does great!  I still do the magic but she does the talking for me.  I got the best of both worlds today.  I got to teach this morning, but was silent on voice rest the rest of the day.

Despite all this the conferences are going very well.  It’s God’s truth and He takes what He wants and applies it to whom He wants.  I miss being fully involved in the teaching, bonding with the people and connecting spiritually and emotionally with what is happening.  I am tired, weak and feeling a bit “out of it” so these day pass in a bit of a cloud.  I guess waking up at 3 AM every day despite using sleeping aids that worked other years contributes to that!

Tomorrow I’ll try to do 3 sessions: role play Peter and teach lessons from his life, then do the Bible Overview, Old and New Testaments.  It’s the last day so we close a bit early to give out books, hear testimonies, etc.  Pray I’ll be able to do it (although I guess by the time you get this the day will be almost over).  Saturday we have a day off to do whatever we want then Sunday we go to several churches but it’s still easier than the conferences.  Next week we have a conference ever day but that is still easier than conference days.  Then we begin our final week finally/already.  (January 18, 2018  Vijayawada, India)

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