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Today we were greeted at the conference by the pastor’s 15 year old son who has Downs Syndrome.  He ecstatically greeted us and hurriedly motioned us toward his house.  He wanted to show us his Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoebox.  He painstakingly removed each item (some still unopened) and handed them one by one to me to carefully examine.  When Pastor Moses attempted to put his hand in the shoe box he was quickly reprimanded by the young man.  Every item in the box was of great value and totally cherished by the boy.  He celebrated the moment by opening one of the toys – a simple puzzle.  I helped him put the 10 pieces together.  What a joy this treasure box is to this boy!  Your boxes DO matter.  Thank you to those who generously assemble these annual Christmas boxes (picture below)

“You Know You Are In India When:” Back by popular demand, I have the 2019 version 

You update your life insurance before getting into the car.

You carry Imodium pills in your purse.

You drink Mylanta with your meals.

You have a quart size hand sanitizer.

You cover your head with a scarf every time someone prays (custom).

Everyone wants to take your “photo”.

You carry bottled water – always and only.

Everything is expressed in the present tense: “we do” can mean past, present or future.

You ask for the “American” answer, not the Indian answer.

10 minutes really means 30-60 minutes.

You see motorcycles fro sale at a TV/electronics store.

Women can show their midriffs but not their upper arms.

More coming I’m sure.. there’s just too much material here !  (February 5, 2019  Kurnool, India)

Jerry Schmoyer

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