We have held 110 Pastor’s Conferences for 4,325 pastors & 1245 wives since we started in 2006.    The pastors who attend our conferences come from the following denominations: Baptist, Pentecostal, Independent, Methodist, Lutheran, Salvation Army, Mennonite, Wesleyan, etc.  Here are some of their comments about what they experienced:


“The spiritual warfare session touched my heart and now I understand how we can fight demons.”

 “I now know how to deliver people from spiritual bondage and demons.  I will go back and share this with my people.  It will greatly help my ministry and my church.”

“The Bible teaching touched me very deeply.” 

“I was touched by the fact that God used the Gadarenes demonized man even though he had no education.  I thought God couldn’t use be because I had no education but I learned that God wants to use me and I want to go home and be a great testimony for Him to my people.”  -Pastor’s Wife

“I now deeply understand the value of the Bible.  Now I want to get Bibles to distribute to others.”

“Marriage and family relations touched my life.”  -Pastor’s Wife  (Many women say they are blessed by this as well.)

“We have never had a conference like this where the Bible is taught systematically.”

“Pastors should please God rather than men by learning what God expects of pastors.”

“The books are very, very good for pastors to plant churches and grow the churches.  The books are the tools for us to grow spiritually.  Thank you very, very much.”

“I really was glad to learn about the authority and importance of the Bible.  I enjoyed learning the technical information about how we know the Bible is God’s inspired Word for us today.  Thank you very much.”

 “I have been very much touched by teachings about the Rapture and Millennium and how we will be Jesus’ bride in heaven forever.  I never heard teaching like this.  Thank you very, very much.” – Pastor’s Wife

“This is the best conference that we have ever had.”  (This is a very common statement made often at every conference.)

“The food was very good, the spiritual teaching was very good and we are thankful to you.  We are satisfied with physical food and also with spiritual food.  The magic tricks really helped me learn.”

Several days after a conference a pastor called to say, “The conference has changed my life.”

“Spiritual warfare has changed the young people who came with me.  Now they want to grow more.  They are eager to read the books we received.”

 “I learned that my church property was under a curse.  Now I know how to pray for my land and church.  There was no growth and no unity in my church and now I know why.  I will go home and pray for this as I have learned to do.”

 “The teaching touched me and other pastors.  We are encouraged to life faithfully and wait for the Second Coming of Jesus.”

 “The marriage teaching is really needed by pastors so they will keep their wife and children before ministry.  Many pastors neglect their wife and family.  Now we have learned we must respect our wives as our #1 sheep.”

“The magic tricks are wonderful and help us understand the teaching so much.  It is great teaching.”

“Everything is wonderful, no one complained about anything, but best of all is that after it is over we get to take these wonderful books home to study and use.  They are more of a blessing than you can ever know.”

“I’m  xxxxx from India. Do you remember me? When you came to India we met in a pastors meet. We had a little chat for a couple of minutes and you gave me your card to write you. I’ve gone through your books. They are good. You brought good idea through your thesis in regard to marriage and the relationship between wife and husband. We often talk about your messages and about the books. They are really helpful to my father and some of our fellow pastors. They are very handy to them. I even gave to some of our relatives to go through. My mom and Dad are very happy to see the depths of the God’s word. The book about end times are good and believers should know about this. I’m planning to teach our Church about the end times.  I have gone through your website and some articles of it. The article of Apologetics are good. Thanks Pastor Jerry visiting us and leaving His Word into our hands. I understand how much you spent to bring these valuable books into our hands. I see your heart for God and your mind in these books. After you leave this earth these books will witness you and His word. God bless you abundantly. I love to see you next time when you come back to India.  My wife said her greetings to you. She is enjoying reading your books.”

Greetings in Jesus name. How are you Uncle and I hope you had good travel and prayer meeting and now you are in home. Praise God. I believe your family and children fine by our God. Daily in our prayer praying for your family and ministry. God helped me and my wife attend your powerful Bible teaching. We are so thankful to God. From that day on God open our eye to read the Bible and pray more. Now we are your student. Now when I pray God speak in my heart to tell about the ministry do in India Slum village.  I come from Hindu Banjara Village and by Jesus blood I am new and I accepted Jesus as my personal God. Glory to God. I got marriage and God given two son. Forty day myself and my wife fast and prayer to God. He put in my heart to name the ministry Life in the Word. Poor children home.  Slum village children.   Please pray India Slum village ministry. Please sent email. My wife and my children and prayer group greet to you. “


As I am typing this blog Moses is on the phone with a pastor who sponsored a conference at his church last week.  He is going on and on about how the pastors are calling and so happy with it, and how they want it again, as soon and as often as possible.  Can Moses provide several days training for them every month?  Unfortunately we don’t have time or resources to even go back one time…. (Vijayawada, January 23, 2015)

You can read or download the books from here or email me and I’ll send you a ecopy.  They are “What God Expects of Pastors,” “Spiritual Warfare,” “Marriage and Ministry,” and “Biblical Prophecy.”  Let me know which ones you want.  More money is needed to reprint books as well as write, translate and print new ones.  Pray for that please!



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