The purpose of our Christian Training Organization is to train and encourage pastors in their ministry.  We help with financial and other needs on a very limited basis, as funds are available.  Recently some have donated water wells and sewing machines for the communities where pastors we support and work closely with are located.  These not only help in a great way but also open the door to share the gospel with people in these communities.  If God is leading you to give for these things that is wonderful, but please remember the great needs of the pastors for training and for books.  I have two books to be translated and printed this year, How To study the Bible and How to Write Sermons.  Please consider donating to our fund so these can go ahead as planned.  Below is an email from Pastor Moses about the new water well.  (22 February, 2016  Doylestown, PA)

By God s grace I was able to reach the place for drilling the water well with some of the Pastors there, So Thank you very much for your help for drilling the water well, It is near the Pacific Ocean, Because of the Ocean, they have no sweet water for drinking, Since they have the salt water, so they hardly have the drinking water, and very limited points, where they have sweet water in that area. There are 1000 people with the children, two Dalit villages, and one major Non Christian communities living, They are people who comes to the Pastors conferences every year, where Pastor Jerry teaches.

The Pastor was praying for the water well since two months, and asked the village head for the water well for several times, he did not do that, but the Pastor started praying for the water well, and when he came to the conference, he asked us to help with water well, so we prayed ,God helped through you all, Praise the Lord.

So all the women walk 1km from their houses for drinking water  ,every day for drinking water, during rainy season ,and hot season, they really faced much difficult to have the drinking water, when they heard they have got a water well ,every one was So Happy with the Pastor, and even Non-Christians appreciated the help from Christians from America, so I have explained the Donors, heart for helping people who do not have drinking water to help ,like Jesus, who gives the Living water. It was good to the Pastors to share the gospel to Non-Christians , because of the good work of the Christian people.  It was good, and now the women children are very happy to have the water well close to them, and they can drink, and give water to Animals.

Ephesians 4:28 Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.

What do you have that you can share with those you know in your family or neighborhood that will help them in life while showing them the love of Jesus?  Pray and listen to any the Lord may put on your heart now or in the days to come. 

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