In our fast-paced, time efficient micro managed production today we sometimes miss an important ingredient, one for which there is no substitute.  That is time.  Nancy and I have been married for almost 36 years.  We raised a family, buried friends and relatives, pastored a church and built into more lives than we can imagine.  But we did it over time.  Our love for each other continues to grow.  I can’t imagine how it is possible to love another human being more, yet I know tomorrow I will love her more than today.  I know that will happen because it’s been happening daily for all these years.  Young love is new, exciting and overwhelming.  But love that has been simmering awhile has a depth and resilience to it that only time can bring.  Hopefully you know what I am talking about.

            When I look at my relationship with God, and think back over where it has come over the same length of time, I see something very similar happening.  The brand new thrill of a very recent salvation experience is gone, but its replaced by something much stronger, more personal and very deeply gratifying.  Perhaps the mellowness and perspective of age helps, as well as the amount of water we’ve together watched flow under the bridge.  Whatever causes it, its really nice – in marriage and with Jesus. 

The excitement and freshness of first starting was wonderful, but I wouldn’t trade it for the solid oneness I feel with both my wife and my God.  Growing old may have some disadvantages, when one grows over with a long-time relationship with a mate and their God, it is good indeed.  And it gets better all the time.  Yes, some things just take time….


NEWS:  Emails from Pastor Moses

Pastor Babu from Mydukur had given 6 baptisms last month, and Pastor Mark with Pastor Sudhar had given baptisms for 3 people in his church, they are planning to extend the church ,so that they can accommodate more people to sit for worship. The church we went before Sudhakar s church. Please do pray for them. One of the woman had given a wonderful testimony in our church, when she worshiped Idols ,her eyes became blind, and could not able to see anything, but when she prayed to Jesus and asked us to pray for her, she was completely healed able to see and do things. Praise God for that.


Some of the Pastors in Guntur area called me today and said they were blessed by your teachings and by the books. They really like them. One of the Christian leader after he read in Hyderabad,  asked me to give 30 copies of each for distribution to the Telugu Bible school students in his college.  One of the Pastor Leader in Medak called me and said the local Pastors want more teaching ,so that they can be blessed more to reach more people for God. Praise God for that.



Please pray for wisdom as we make plans for Pastor Moses to come to the USA.  We need to know when is best for him to come and where to go when he is here.

Pray for guidance for the men translation the Bible Overview.  Because of its size two men are translating, one the Old and the other the New Testament.

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