Update May, 2013

Thanks for your continued prayers and gifts for the pastors and Christians in India.  An elder in the church of a pastor we sponsor read the Spiritual Warfare book and was delivered from many demons.  Many similar accounts keep coming in.  People keep contacting pastors for copies of the book.

Another pastor says he had a call from a tribal village.  A sick person was sent back from the hospital.  The doctors sent him back to his house because his condition was very serious.  He was so sick he couldn’t eat.  The doctors said he would die soon and no medicine could cure him.  So the pastor went to their village and he shared the word of God and asked him to confess his sins.  He did, and the pastor prayed for him and went back to his church. A few hours later the sick man was healed.  He was able to eat and walk.  Praise the Lord!  The whole family wants to come to church now and learn more about Jesus. So the LORD is bringing people to his church.

Another pastor we support had a gospel meeting in the evening among the tribal village, one of the ladies was brought to him, and he prayed for her, the Lord touched her, and she became well, and she called every one in the colony, and had a meeting and witnessed to every one in the village how the Lord healed her and saved her.  He is visiting and encouraging his pastors in different places.

The translation work on the new book on Marriage is moving ahead nicely.  Please keep praying for wisdom for those who translate and work on the book.

Please pray for me as I make plans for my visit in 2014.  Nancy will be coming with me!  I would like to set the dates and get tickets in the next few weeks so please pray for wisdom and direction.


SUPPORT A PASTOR  Here’s how it works: commit to contributing $25 a month (paid monthly or several months at a time) and we’ll give you the name and some information about the pastor you are supporting so you can pray for the family.  This is as important as the money!   We’ll keep you informed about specific needs and events in their lives throughout the year.  We are currently supporting a dozen families and have a list of another 10 we’d like to support.  $25 a month added to the $50 a month these men live on makes it more possible for them to feed their family, travel for ministry and have the basics they and their families need.  Make the check out to Main Street Baptist Church and you’ll receive your tax deductible statement at the end of the year.  Mail it to 252 W. State St, Doylestown, PA  18901. 


If you would like to be on our India Mission email list just email me at Jerry@MainStreetBaptist.org.


Please continue to pray for us as we minister to pastors, support pastors and orphans, provide literature for pastors and offer follow-up and further pastoral training throughout the year.  Thanks again!!!


Jerry Schmoyer


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