The Gifts That Keeps On Giving


            I wrote this blog after our 2019 India trip to help us to remember the pastors and their work in India.  It also reminds me that blessings continue long after we are gone.  All you have done for Jesus continues to produce fruit as well.

One pastor told Pastor Moses he put the conference books in his shed and didn’t read them.  He said God convicted him he should read the books so he brought them into his house and read them.  He said what a blessing they were to him.

A pastor told Pastor Moses after a conference he was separated from his wife but the session on marriage convicted him that he was wrong and was going to reconcile with her.

A pastor told Nancy he came to an earlier conference and took the books home.  He read them in 2 nights, then traveled a great distance to another conference to hear it all again.

One man shared the teaching was like a banana: I got through the hard outside and gave them all the good stuff inside!

One of the attendees read the Spiritual Growth, and Discipleship book and was using it to teach others to witness for Christ in his church.

Another Pastor said, he was “so much blessed to learn the story of Redemption in the Bible, and the family and ministry of a Pastor.”

One more Pastor said he was touched by the story of Elijah in costume and how Elijah struggled with depression.  He said he hoped to meet me. As it turned out I went and sat with him after finishing the lesson. He said he knew that was God’s will. He was very appreciative of being able to attend the conference.  He said he was in the ministry for 20 years, but never had such a conference in his life. He is reading the books. He concluded with great gratitude and thanks.

Pastor Moses said the Pastors are happy to have “many books for their library to read and preach in their churches” One Pastor told me he is preaching the Family and Ministry book in his church. One more said he was “studying the Bible Overview book, with lots of information in the books and preaching in his church.”  (January 12, 2020  Doylestown, PA)

Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

The acts you do and words you speak for Jesus continue to affect people long after they are done.  Look for ways you can serve and encourage people in God’s name today.  God will use it for His glory!


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