“The Glorification of the Worm”


At the end of the 2-day conferences, several pastors or wives come to the front and state what they learned new or what they especially liked or were blessed by.  All say they liked my tricks (you realize that is the real reason I got my doctorate!).

Many also are encouraged to hear for the first time the power and authority they have over demons or that the wife is a pastor’s “number one sheep.” They always honor us with words of appreciation and gratitude and are truly glad to receive the seven books.

As we sit smiling and receiving the untranslated Telugu gratitude we are humbled and feel awkwardly embarrassed by such praise.  The events require a lot of prep from Pastor Moses and his huge network of pastors.  They don’t get much recognition but run around like worker bees fixing problems and making arrangements.  Additionally, there are the USA prayer warriors covering our every move and plan.  Those who pray have no idea of the spiritual battles they are fighting for us and providing protection coverage on every level.

Then there are the financial donators, without whom we couldn’t do any of this.  We thank you so much individually, but there is no public group recognition or praise session for you.

So we sit and smile as the pastors focus their blessings and gratitude on us and wish we could pass it on to you all.  Thank you so much from the conference pastors, Pastor Moses, his amazing support team and us.  Thanks from “The Worm”

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